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Whether you’re new to investing or a pro, our independent and unbiased analysts offer a wide spectrum of publications to meet all of your needs. Here’s a small sample of the topics we cover:

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Agora Financial has been a leading innovator in the financial publishing industry for nearly two decades — correctly predicting some of Wall Street and Washington’s biggest moves.

Predicted a gold rally was imminent. By 2003, gold was up 50% from its lows.

Warned of the coming real estate collapse Helped readers secure their wealth and prepare.

Announced it was time to act on vulnerable housing companies. Our strategy led to gains of up to 462%.

Reported Greece faced “increasing social conflict” from debt problems. Greeks rioted less than a year later.

Told readers the market had turned the corner and would rally. That year the S&P 500 delivered its best performance in 16 years.

Wrote Federal Reserve would stall rate cuts as long as possible. The Fed didn’t act on rates until December 2022.

Correctly called the Brexit and Trump’s election. Their victories surprised everyone but us.

Our Story.

We trace our roots to three groundbreaking financial publications: Strategic Investment (1984)… Plague of the Black Debt (1992)… and The Daily Reckoning (1999) — one of the first free daily financial e-letters (that still exists today). We had racked up a long list of uncannily accurate economic forecasts by the time Agora Financial became an independent LLC in 2004.

Throughout our history, we’ve consistently beaten the mainstream financial media to the punch . Our readers were aware of the tech bubble, the housing bubble, the credit bubble, the excesses underlying the Panic of ’08 , the pending collapse of Lehman Bros. and the rise of cryptocurrency well before they happened — and in many cases, were able to prosper while other investors got blindsided .

To this day, Executive Publisher Addison Wiggin and the editorial teams from our Imprint businesses continue to challenge traditional publishing outlets by offering irreverent, insightful commentary where others fear to tread .