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We are thrilled to unveil the VIP Program, a brand-new program to reward traders, developed by MyForexFunds.

Dionsius Fredi Nainggolan.

I will be here some day.

Mohamed Hisham.

I want the link for the challenge again.

My Forex Funds.

Mohamed Hisham You can register using the link below: https:// /

Cesar Maradiaga.

So basically can't trade scalping in 1m and 5m ?

My Forex Funds.

Cesar Maradiaga We don’t restrict your trading. However, Please remember consistency and risk management is the key to being a profitable trader.

Umair Rajput.

This VIP status is applicable to a specific account number or trader? For example if I have 3 funded account and taken 5 withdrawals from those accounts collectively, am I eligible? Or a specific account have reached 3 months and 5 withdrawals is eligible only?

My Forex Funds.

Umair Rajput Hello, it should be a single account that should be minimum 3 months and received 5 withdrawals.

Full focus in on My Forex Funds , can't wait to be among that 1% �� ��

Unruly Smith.

When is MFF going to let us trade Crypto on weekend to make our trading day 30 days instead of 22 days where MFF closed on weekend?

My Forex Funds.

Unruly Smith We allow you to trade cryptocurrency only during the weekdays. Although the cryptocurrency market is open 24/ 7, all instruments on our server are disabled for trading on the weekends, that includes cryptocurrency. This is because our liquidity providers follow the same market schedule for cryptocurrency.

Ishola Abd'azeez.

Thank you My Forex Funds.

Naveed Imtiaz.

How it works.

My Forex Funds.

Naveed Imtiaz Traders who have been paid out at least 5 times and have traded with MyForexFunds for a minimum of 3 months are eligible for the VIP program. HOWEVER, if your trading style is considered all in, or high risk, you will not be eligible unless your trading style reverts to a tolerable risk threshold for a 3-month period and of course a trader must not have violated any of our rules up until this point (including copy trading). Traders must have traded normally during all payout periods to be eligible. Traders who attempt to game the system in any way will not be eligible.

Please visit the link provided to know more in full detail about our VIP program: https:// /vip/

Barano Fx Trading.

Magnifique opportunité pour les traders profitable et constant sur le long terme. Toujours du lourd.

Nguyễn Văn Duy.

I payout lastweek and have not receive money. Please check to me.

My Forex Funds.

Nguyễn Văn Duy Sure. We sent you a DM to get your account details and check.

Ahmed Bakhsh Sindhi.

Open registration for Pakistan.

My Forex Funds.

Ahmed Bakhsh Sindhi You will be allowed to register after we open registrations back on December 31, 2022.

Недавняя публикация Страницы.

My Forex Funds.

Join us online on Tuesday, October 25, 11:00 AM (EST) where Murtuza Kazmi, CEO of MyForexFunds and Josh, Head of Risk and trading, will discuss the latest news around MFF and prop trading. They will also go through upcoming news that is sure to make our journey ahead exciting.

Stay tuned for more ��

Ẫddü Ẫhmḝd Ẫddü.

looking forward to it. especially lower prices for the bigger accounts before the New year .

Zamiir Takilo.

Any News for somalian users.

why my account suspend. I didn't break the rules.

Mowlid Abdullahi Dhi.

Jeremiah Ojochenemi.

I’ll love to be part of it ��

Kendrick KB Barker.

John Nworah.

Beto Pommier.

Ahmed Bakhsh Sindhi.

In this meeting open it for Pakistan as well.

Ibrahim Muhammad Habib.

Can't miss this exciting program.

Tom Inskip.

C trader please sir ����

Donald Doninioh.

Excellent news waiting for the meeting….

Sagheer Ul Shams.

Any News For Pakistan Users??

My Forex Funds.

Bîã Rañä Unfortunately, temporarily, it has been on hold for all Pakistani citizens. You will be able to register after we open registrations back on December 31, 2022.

Any special news for pak user?

Azharudheen S.

Am waiting.

Orestis Serke.

Abdullahi Ahmett Jaguug.

Emmanuel Obinna OJ.

Kou GT Lee.

Very excited to see this.

Supply and Demand Forex Snipper.

Eze ChïBöy.

You guys should fix it so that Nigerians can pay with card I want pay but it not working �� �� �� ��

My Forex Funds.

Eze ChïBöy If you are from Nigeria, the country has recently imposed a limit for USD transactions of up to 20$ only.

The only other option is you would have to pay using crypto if you wish to purchase an account with us.

Abimbola Idowu Apapa.

My Forex Funds Can I change the login password of a purchased account??

Please reduce first payout time to 15 days �� ��

Luis A Ramirez Diaz.

Trading view plataform please ����

Living Peter.

Am expecting lower price for account purchase. ��

Ch Ahmad Hassan Panjutah.

request to open account for pakistani traders.

Fareast Freedom.

can we trade 2 accounts from my spouse and me use same computer and trade same time?

My Forex Funds.

Fareast Freedom You can use the same computer as long as you are trading your accounts seperately.

My Forex Funds.

It’s time for a real treat! ��

Halloween is around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway contest? Follow the link to learn how you will enter in 3 simple steps

�� The top 2 will get a $200,000 Evaluation Standard account �� 3 more will get a $100,000 Evaluation Standard account.

Have a killer Halloween! �� # MyForexFunds.


Giveaway Contest – The Halloween Edition | My Forex Funds.

It’s time for a real treat!

Siti Siti Saidah.

God place to trade.

Bright Light.

Wonderful and lovely.

Ismael Herrera.

Yvan Daly Nana.

Gréat Deal.

Mikaheel Muyhideen.

I just passed My mff evaluation account phase 1 but have not been given phase 2 account.. please help.

Ashfaq Sangrasi Ashfaq Sangrasi.

Dine Bbazooka.

Bonne chance à tous.

Jamaal Saeed Fatin Amin.

Ignatia Karg.

Johnny Avalos.

Hagan un concurso como Rocket21 mejor.

Jeremiah Ojochenemi.

I pray am among the top 5 ✊ �� ❤️‍�� ❤️ ❤️‍��

Aw Jaama Cadaawe.

What about your customer that don't have Halloween culture, we loved to be part of this though we now nothing about Halloween.

Shaun Bradley.

So much awesome!!

This is really good.

Suresh Kumar.

I am really excited MFF. The only Prop firm I believed in, this prop firm has easy rules, low fees, and a great support team.

Dom Vincent.

วัชรพงษ์ กันยารอง.

Muhammad Hasril.

We love My Forex Funds.

Tʌŋvɩʀ Mʌʜɱʋɗ.

⚠️ my religion and culture don't allow this type of celebration, sorry !

L'iftpy Ats.

I have entered the contest. �� ��

Edwin Garcia Lozano.

Mi.momento lleguo. Pero si ya soy financiado. Igual puedo aplicar?

My Forex Funds.

Edwin Garcia Lozano Aunque tengas una cuenta financiada, puedes unirte al concurso.

James Promise Daniel.

Sad I don't do Halloween shit of a thing huh �� ��

Vilxama Donaldson.

Let’s get do it.

Rodgers Mchome.

My Forex Funds is it allowed for two people in different Cities same country to trade same Account? The IP address issue ?

Anos Voldi Goad.


Do you allow trading in US stocks after passing the test?

Abbas Amin.

I wish i won ��

Sampson Awo official.

Don't know anything about this Halloween. But I've entered the contest.

วัชรพงษ์ กันยารอง.

Salomão Raúl.

Lets try one more time.

My Forex Funds.

We don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk! Our payouts speak for themselves, and they are our most solid proof that # YourSuccessIsOurBusiness ! Join us now ☑

Смотреть видео.


Total Payouts from June to October.

Ambrocio Alvarez.

Axel Donovanh Micki Gp 55 millones, nosotros vamos por al menos 2 millones de ahí ✔️ ��

Iglesias Ruben.

Solo sirve la cuenta de evaluación el resto mucho apalancamiento para que pierdas la cuenta rápido.

Ahmed Bakhsh Sindhi.

Can you guys show an external audit report/proof for this huge claim?

John Walton.

Just moved from FTMO to you let's goo!

Jamaal Saeed Fatin Amin.

Almost done. Will be official tomorrow ��

Joyce Kimani.

and how how much profit have you made on your end? ��

Zeta Rafferty.

Información amigos, information please.

My Forex Funds.

Our company is interested in assisting traders, helping them grow so that we can grow with them. We strive to provide programs, services and information that assists people interested in the FOREX, CFD’s or commodities markets to become more profitable, self-sustainabl e and efficient when trading.

We offer 3 different programs.

Rapid: In the Rapid program, you will be starting with a demo account where you will be paid 12% of all profits and the payment schedule is every 2 to 4 weeks. You will be paid bi-weekly if you have the CEA account or every 4 weeks if you have the NCA account. When you reach the live account you will be paid 50% to 80% of all profits while receiving 12% of all profits on the demo account. It will take a minimum of 3 months to reach the live account. This program has two drawdown rules; daily drawdown and overall drawdown. The daily drawdown is 5% and the overall drawdown is 12%.

Evaluation: In the Evaluation program, you will undergo 2 testing phases. Phase 1 is the evaluation and Phase 2 is the verification. Your evaluation will start on the day you place your first trade. You will have 30 Calendar days to complete Phase 1 and 60 Calendar days to complete Phase 2. To complete the phases, you will need to reach the profit target and complete the minimum requirement of 5 trading days. (Does not need to be consecutive). The profit target is 8% for Phase 1 and 5% for Phase 2. This program has two drawdown rules; daily drawdown and overall drawdown. The daily drawdown is 5% and the overall drawdown is 12%. After you pass both phases, you will receive the live account where you will be paid 75% to 85% of all profits every 2 to 4 weeks.

Accelerated: In the Accelerated program, you will receive a live account right away. You will be paid 50% of all profits every 5 days or when you scale up. You can also scale up your account when you reach the profit target. The profit target is 10% on the Conventional and 20% on the Emphatic. This program only has the overall drawdown rule. The overall drawdown limit is 5% on the Conventional and 10% on the Emphatic.

You can check the rules of each on our website to choose the most suitable program for you. https:// /

You can also contact our support team if you need any clarification.