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Safer Transactions, Faster Payments, More Profit.

Global business is fast on its feet. Things change rapidly. Opportunities can be fleeting. When they appear, you need to be nimble enough to seize them.

Traditional foreign exchange can all too easily get in the way. It's often slow, unpredictable and complex. We know, we've been handling safe, compliant international trade payments for over quite some time now. In that time we've established an unmatched network of trade partners.

It's this network that's allowed us to develop a new, sleeker way of handling multi-currency transactions.

Important: COVID-19.

How we're responding to Corona Virus.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, all Choice Group divisions endeavour and expect to continue with an absolute minimum of disruption. We have taken responsible measures in home-working and other infection-mitigation techniques, and put systems in place to ensure our customers - and their customers - can be properly serviced.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us by clicking here.

Service Bureau Customers.

Choice handles international payments for many money service bureaux. You can send money safely to its destination by clicking here.

A Global Exchange Network.

Choice Forex brings you the fastest, easiest and most dependable foreign exchange, thanks to two pillars that support a uniquely capable, multi-currency trade payment system.

The first pillar is our global exchange network, built over more than a decade of successful international transactions. Almost cetainly the most advanced, purpose-built association of trusted partners, it's made up of established cross-border trade businesses for whom we provide currency exchanges. As a Choice Forex customer, you become part of that network.

Rather than exchange currencies via the traditional forex route, we match transactions within the network. So, for example, a vendor in Uganda can sell to a buyer in Italy, and be paid in Ugandan shillings within 24 hours. We simply match the euro to Ugandan shilling transaction to a corresponding Ugandan shilling to euro conversion.

Thanks to the size and reach of our network, we provide ready availability and rapid, cost-competitive exchange in more than 100 currencies, with speed and complete end-to-end security.

If that sounds complicated, that's because it is, but not for you. You issue your invoice, and your money is in your bank, in your chosen currency, within 24 hours of your customer paying.

Best-of-Breed Compliance.

The second pillar that enables our international trade payment system is the better-than-bank due diligence process that covers every aspect of the funds transfer. Developed by our parent company, Choice International, it has evolved over fourteen years of constant innovation to its current state of class-leading capability. It begins with both buyer and seller entering basic KYC information, and uploading associated documents such as passports and business incorporation papers. So far, so simple.

Our system then goes to work finding all sorts of background information, using a mix of its own, purpose-built modules alongside tightly integrated third-party services from industry leaders such as ComplyAdvantage, plus relevant sector-specific sources, such as Mineralcare for mining operations.

From this we build an exceptionally detailed picture of every person and organisation associated with the transaction. And all this happens with lightning speed. Nothing should hold up your deal or your payment, so that's how we set things up.


Streamlined but thorough due diligence and same-day clearance of funds bring you super-fast settlement.


Better-than-bank compliance is applied to every party involved, assuring you of a safe, compliant outcome.


Immediate liquidity in more than 100 currencies, including exotics, assuring you of fast, dependable payments.


A dedicated, expert team, with experience and ready advice at your disposal, irrespective of time zones. We're here when you need us.


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