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Forex station.

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The trust score of forex-station is fair. Why? is probably not a scam but legit. We analysed the website and came with a review of of 76%. This trust score are given to websites with a medium to low risk. Our trust score is crawling the web for information to automatically determine a rating. We look at where the website is hosted, where the domain was registered, which technologies are used and 37 other facts. As the review of is done automatically we cannot guarantee that the rating is perfect. We always recommend you to do a manual check of new websites where you intend to shop or leave your personal data.

Positive highlights.

Tranco is ranking this website high based on the traffic volume ()

The average review score for this site is mediocre.

We found a valid SSL certificate.

The site has been set-up several years ago.

DNSFilter labels this site as safe.

Checked for malware and phishing by Flashstart.

This website is trusted by Trend Micro.

Negative highlights.

The registrar of this website is popular amongst scammers.

High risk financial services or content seems to be offered.

The reviews are either very positive or negative.

This website looks to be hosted by a shady service provider.


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Scamadviser: 3.7/5 stars, 3 reviews Trustpilot: 3.3/5 stars, 3 reviews. Owners with Ilegal and Abusive conduct use Forum to Retaliate Forex Sellers! forex forum /website Owners and Administrators with Ilegal and Abusive conduct use Forum to Retaliate Forex Sellers againts companies, persons and paid products. One complaint that needs to be highlighted and brought to everyone on the internet is that the Forum managed by Jimmy, Mrtools, banzai and other owners is being used to report and defame Forex sellers who sell their products as Indicators and Expert Advisors. Probably this website fórum have the Owner with name Jimmy. We encourage all sellers who work in the Forex Niche, who in case they suffer retaliation or unfair competition attempt to leave their testimonial in this topic or share the contect Some details of illegal activity that forum owners and administrators do and perform: - The administrators manipulate the content of the Topics of the forums that must be open (in a democratic way) to all users who want to leave their comments and opinions. To satisfy their own interests, the Administrators of this forum manipulate information from certain topics created on the website, so that only negative information about the software, indicator or Expert Advisor appears, so that this content is indexed in google, harming Sellers of Forex Products. -This is probably a clear proof that the Forum Administrators have products on other sites to sell on Forex. - In this way, they perform an unfair and illegal activity on the Forum, as a forum should not have manipulated content. (The history of editions of this forum within its administration and edition tool can prove all this manipulation). - The fact that these guys control content to defame the images of Forex products, software and companies characterizes an extremely illegal activity. In the case of a serious complaint, this content must be considered by everyone interested and involved in this type of issue and taken to as many people as possible through sharing this post on social networks and other forums. Another point that points to a manipulated retaliation is to pay attention in the forum: when a post title seems to have a negative intention, notice that all posts in the topic will only have negative posts and there will never be the opposite part of the subject with any positive comment or with compliments. This is a clear situation of content manipulation. This content will be taken to as many places as possible on the internet and little by little more detailed information will be added on all the abusive activities that the owner Jimmy is carrying out through this forum.