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Questions are queries are not attended to. Instead employees try to deviate from what your question or issue may be and speak about something completely unrelated to what the problem is. Happened with the account manager Thulani as well as the trading team via email.

Date of experience : December 17, 2022.

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed.

Dec 27, 2022.

I'm sad 3 weeks waiting verification. Contact support no benefit.

Heard about them from Ahmad Danial. Created an account on HFM global submitted documents and was verified next day. Because I stay in Dubai their system notified me to create an account on the .ae domain to cover dubai regulation. I contacted support and asked to be switched to .ae but support told me they will have to close my account so I should create new on .ae domain, I did as instructed. .ae took a week pending verification so I asked support I want back to global as I cant wait to trade. Support said you cannot be reactivated create a new account. I created a new aaccount and submitted the same documents they verified before, its been 3 weeks pending verification. I'm pushed to deposit again with a broker I dont want to use.

Date of experience : December 26, 2022.

Dec 30, 2022.

more than great Thank you to all the…

more than great Thank you to all the staff and supervisors for this excellent work.

Date of experience : November 29, 2022.

Dec 15, 2022.

I like this broker for its honesty.

I like this broker for its honesty. In fact, everything is precise as it is written on the official website. There are no pitfalls or exceptions to the rules.

Date of experience : December 14, 2022.

Nov 28, 2022.

They have some master level analysis…

They have some master level analysis and research. I ran into their analysis page, it is packed with valuable information to get on top of everything there is to know about in financial markets and create room for you to maneuver your assets with excessive money flows in the market.

Date of experience : November 28, 2022.

Nov 24, 2022.


At first I start trading via Metatrader 4 platform because I had an experience using it. But HFM mobile app surprise me with its efficiency. Platform is very user-friendly and has a smooth interface. That can be a nice alternative for the desktop platforms especially if you are always trade on the go.

Date of experience : October 30, 2022.

Oct 27, 2022.

This is surely a top broker offering…

This is surely a top broker offering some of the best tools in the market to its clients. What is even more mind-blowing is that these tools are available for free to the broker's clients. Some of the tools we enjoy as clients include: 1. the user-configurable news and market data 2. the autochartist tool 3. the hf analysis4. one-click trading for scalping traders.

Date of experience : October 27, 2022.

Dec 13, 2022.

The main thing that matters for me is that HFM is a very reliable broker.

Date of experience : December 12, 2022.

Sep 21, 2022.

It is a very good site.

It is a very good site. Supports live chat. Trade on the go with any device. Instant deposit and withdrawal. I am working on it for 3 months. Articles in the blog section should be more please increase the number of articles.

Date of experience : September 21, 2022.

Oct 5, 2022.

Don't trust them.

Don't trust them, weather they r regulated or not. I opened new account here in Dubai with a regulated HFM, there minimum deposit was $100 so I deposited $110. Then I came to know that they don't offer any leaverag or copy trading option in my country due to regulations. So I requested for refund. It's 16 days now but there is no sign of that. But they say we already sent on second day of request which I never received. Once u deposit than forget Ur money. It's totally a scam. after refund I was planning for HFM Global so and open a $1000 account for copy trading, but thanks God they showed me their true colours on right time, now I m going to report them with a written complaint at Dubai financial industry. Let's see how they treat their scam regulated broker.

Date of experience : September 20, 2022.

Jul 19, 2022.

hot forex.

This broker used to provide services to Iran, who unexpectedly informed us in an email that he wants to stop cooperating with Iran, that this email is available and that all Iranian customers of this broker have received the Hot Forex email.

My question is, why did it provide services to Iran and why did it act against the sanctions laws against Iran and caused us to suffer a lot of losses due to the operation of Hot Forex against international laws?

At present, from whom should I receive my right?

Why is no one responding? I lost a lot of money because of this operator's violation.

Please someone help.

Date of experience : July 19, 2022.

Dec 9, 2021.

From Jan till Dec 2021 im start using…

From Jan till Dec 2021 im start using Hot Forex Broker. I have made USD5k++ profit with HF.

Talk about HotForex team support. Very Excellent. U not clear? u can ask till u clear n understand.

Talk About Withdrawal. So fast So Furious. SUperrbb..Start withdrawal profit from June till now. No problem.even u all have an issues with the WD.just LIVE CHAT.

Supppp Sapppp Supppp Sappppp..Fast n then. Finishhh. settle :D hahahhaa..

Regards from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Date of experience : December 09, 2021.

Apr 13, 2021.

Hotforex- They rip off winning traders.

Hotforex's platform - MT5 started behaving strangely once my profit started increasing. Order execution got delayed and there were messages like " order is in queue" or "off quotes"

When i withdrew the fund there was 10% exchange rate difference(USDINR - market rate was 74.75 and i was given at 69.75)

However they transferred the funds next day. Therefore 3 stars.

Date of experience : April 13, 2021.

Sep 10, 2022.

I am trading with this broker for a…

I am trading with this broker for a long time now and I can say it’s a genuine as it’s also regulated by FCA. I also withdraw my profits from hotforex to my skrill account which is processed within two days. I never get any problem with my payouts except when my Id card was expired. It was processed immediately right after i uploaded picture of my new Id.

Date of experience : September 10, 2022.

Aug 5, 2022.

I honest opinion.

just pasted the 1 year mark trading this broker, to be honest forex trading in general is not easy, but the broker is genuinely good, they do cater a set of good services for the trader, but I suggest sticking to the basics, I do not use any bonuses and would suggest understanding them first. but over all the broker delivers on a timely manner fastest withdrawals and very helpful support team. well done.

Date of experience : August 05, 2022.

Aug 26, 2022.

Trusted broker.

I’ve been trading with this broker for 3 months and everything is great. They fill orders instantly at low cost and process withdrawals fast. I trade news with them and speed matters for me. They deliver quality service and I’m going to continue to trade with them. I rate this broker 4.5 from 5. The minor drawback is that their spreads widen during rollover times and I have to be careful trading during this time.

Date of experience : August 26, 2022.

Dec 20, 2021.

Overall very satisfied with hotforex.

Overall very satisfied with hotforex. The only disantavtrange is the missing of their own platform but since most of people prefer mt4 and mt5 i understand that this is a strategic decision. Would be nice to see them at some point with their own platform. Just an idea.

Date of experience : December 20, 2021.

Jan 28, 2022.

For anyone trying to open a HotForex…

For anyone trying to open a HotForex account for investing in a PAMM account or opening a HFCopy account please be aware they do not allow you to do so if you are in the UK.

I am shocked that HFMarkets UK are not open about this as this was the only reason for me to open an account with them. I was originally told over the phone that I could open a HFCopy account.

Really appalling lack of transparency and misinformation.

Date of experience : January 28, 2022.

Dec 5, 2022.

Actually this is my second active…

Actually this is my second active broker with whom i am trading for quite sometime now. They have a lot of products to trade and the spreads are much reasonable especially on EURUSD. The future orders can easily be stored using the tabs in MT4 and i use them by mentioning stop loss and take profit. I am using the micro account with 1:1000 leverage and i recommend using this account to all who are new in trading field.

Date of experience : December 05, 2022.

Dec 20, 2022.

The experience with this broker is…Simply Great!

The experience with this broker is pleasant with no hurtiest feelings ever. They have a great support team too which is still helpful in every manner.

The new mobile app seems great however i haven't downloaded it for the announced contest purposes but to check it and it is good too. I place my trades using MT4 anyway. The conditions are fairly competitive and spreads are also competitive too. I can safely say that this broker is simply great.

Date of experience : December 20, 2022.

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