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Markets move in seconds when economic data and corporate news surfaces. Lightning fast access to accurate analysis - this is the edge that keeps professional traders ahead of the curve. It's our edge!

The first Speed Depth of Coverage Diverse Platform Offerings Unbiased Insight Confidence.

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The First.

To provide audio news squawks in 1998. Entering our second decade of market moving analysis.

Depth of Coverage.

Professional analysts broadcasting 24 hrs for American, European and Asian markets.


Analyst teams are recognized globally as the fastest source for market intelligence.

Diverse Platform Offerings.

Audio, text headlines, calendars and ability to ask questions to analysts live through platform.

Unbiased Insight.

Completely independent - Unlike other services, Trade The News is not backed by any trading firm.


Extensive 10+ year proprietary databases that allow analysts to back check news instantly to prevent errors.

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Top Stories.

Trade The News Local Coverage.

Trade The News Local Coverage.

Top Stories.

Trade The News Local Coverage.

Top Stories.

These are the stories moving the markets now. Don't miss out. Try a FREE TRIAL.

Equity News.

An edge for Institutional Cash and Equity Derivative Traders, Sales Traders/Brokers, Hedge-funds, Prop Shops and Special Situation desks who focus on short term, momentum and intra-day move stock strategies. Choose from our Premium or Standard Packages that include audio or text headlines only.

Fixed Income/Currency/Commodities News.

Covering worldwide breaking news and instant analysis 24-hours-a-day for currency, bond, treasury, fixed income, futures and FOREX traders.

Ask The Newsdesk.

Live 24-hour access to the Trade The News News Desk. Seeing strange movements in a stock or a currency pair - ask us "What just happened" live..

EventWatch Daily Briefing.

Complete view of all financial events including - Broker Meetings, Washington Events, Industry Conferences, Broker Field Trips, Annual Meetings, Deals, Analyst Meetings, Overnight Newspaper Summary and Much More.

Giving equity sales traders and research sales an edge through 13F filing analysis, portfolio management, news/event reporting tools and prospecting by region and industry sector.

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Free Market Analysis.

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