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The technical support is weak at best and difficult to even find a number to call when you need support. Oanda sends out emails that have a link and the link does not work. Updates don't give SPECIFIC steps to follow and the user is left to try and figure it out. Obviously written by the technical staff and never tried out by someone who doesn't have the technical expertise to navigate their system.

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed.

12 hours ago.


Well, it all remains to be seen, but I have never had any real issues with the company. They always respond in a human way. Oanda seems to have pride in it's business, while KuCoin does not. I've even spoken to a human before, which was nice. Any issues I have are little technical things with the platform, but it's been a very good experience for me.

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

11 hours ago.


You guys were the only company at the time that allowed me to trade whatever I wanted … meaning if I want to trade $1 dollar you guys allow it. I am still trying to figure out Forex trading and it is taking me a very long time, maybe into my next life but I will say this, I do appreciate how I can still stay in the game with real money even when I am trading with one dollar, I can still open a trade and continue my learning. So thank you for that, I am grateful. Tom.

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

11 hours ago.

Generally good, should work for a prepared retail trader.

The lot sizes (the lack thereof, actually) is nice. For the approach that I take to trading, the interfaces are good. Deposit and withdrawal, pretty smooth. Order execution is good, but of course you have to understand that bid/ask spreads can "flare" at times, so that you won't be shocked when it happens to you.

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

11 hours ago.

The Oanda platform is friendly to the…User.

The Oanda platform is friendly to the user with a verity of tools, news and information. I especially like the ability to program the MQ5 programs and find useful trading programs to upload to the charts. I wish we could also trade futures markets on the oanda platform.

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

6 hours ago.

I dislike the spreads on forex pairs.

I dislike the spreads on forex pairs. The best I've able to expect are 1.4 pips (AUDUSD, EURUSD) Other USD pairs hover near 2.0 pip spreads. What size ($) account would I need to maintain to get spreads below 1.0 pip? Is this possible for me to obtain?

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

9 hours ago.

bland and underwhelming.

The only two platforms they offer are not great. I hate the look of MT4. I had multiple times where my stop loss was not honored (in fact one went 20 pips past). You can't add to a position with the same dollar figure, which makes zero sense (yes, I know it's a weird glitch with the FIFO rule, but it's still weird and dumb), just overall it's very bland and I don't feel like they were ever about my success. Despite the lawsuits and I'm sure facts about FXCM in the past, I actually really enjoyed the platform, did not have bad runs through my stop losses or anything. More companies should use or develop a platform like Tradestation.

Date of experience : January 03, 2023.

16 hours ago.

Broker to scam newbies out of their…

Broker to scam newbies out of their money: - High spreads compared to other brokers - 20€ withdrawal fee.

Date of experience : January 08, 2023.

7 hours ago.

The agent was helpful up to a point.

The agent was helpful up to a point. But I still don't have an answer to my question/problem.

Date of experience : January 05, 2023.

8 hours ago.

AML KYC money stuck.

AML KYC money stuck, no recent response, interest spreads over holidays insanely high.

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

10 hours ago.

I love the platform.

I love the platform and the ability to backtest months in advance.

Date of experience : January 06, 2023.

Dec 16, 2022.

Highly recommended.

It's been over a month since I began working with OANDA. I have had a positive experience. Reliable candlesticks, competitive spreads, and good customer service are good things to mention, among others. I want to thank OANDA, especially Bradley, for the help and support they gave me during registration and setup. You can connect your OANDA account to TradingView so you can analyze the market and send your orders seamlessly.

Date of experience : December 15, 2022.

Reply from OANDA.

Hi Behman, Thank you for your 5-star review. It's always great to hear about our client's experience with our services and team. All the best!

11 hours ago.


Honest, transparent, easy to use Mobile app.

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

12 hours ago.

Oanda gets back to me if I have a…

Oanda gets back to me if I have a question.

Date of experience : January 02, 2023.

12 hours ago.

Been scammed too many times.

Been scammed too many times. Oanda rules!

Date of experience : January 09, 2023.

Updated 13 hours ago.

Disappointed and distraught with OANDA.

I’ve been a long time client of OANDA and I’ve contemplated writing this review. It’s been 4 days since my account was locked due to a ACH issue, I’ve contacted OANDA several times in reference to having my account unlocked and even made a deposit to show I have funds. I feel like I keep getting the runaround about the compliance/funding department needing to review my account or investigate. I find it hard to believe that this issue should take 4 days and disrupt my schedule as an active trader. Tomorrow will not only make the 5th day without resolution but I haven’t been assured of any resolution in the very near future. I write this review not to bash OANDA but to speak on my current dissatisfaction with the customer service and resolving my issue in a timely manner. As a full time trader this has been my first and last time using ACH as a deposit and I hope any trader considering it as a funding option knows how it operates in relation to a broker.

Update: 1/4/23 Going on day 6 of having my account locked followed by a delay in my withdrawal of funds.

Update: Finally received withdrawal funds, account still locked and I’m prohibited from trading.

Update: 1/9/23 I made a call to OANDA this morning, my account is still locked without any updates. It’s going on 3 weeks that my issue has not been resolved. I receive the same answer over and over again without any resolution to my issue which in my opinion is highly unacceptable.

Date of experience : December 27, 2022.