Oanda forex 9

Oanda (Forex Trading Platform): Up To $5,000 Bonus.

$500 bonus is the only one worth considering, this requires a $500 deposit and $50,000 in Minimum Notional Trade Volume Requirements. Shawntheshawn explains how to do this in some detail here. Similar to the IG trading bonus.

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I signed up using link in doc page…so no bonus. i see we need to register somewhere first.

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January 7, 2023, 21:51 9:51 pm.


PSA: it is best to do initial funding through a linked bank account instead of a debit card. Your withdrawal amount to a debit card is limited to your initial deposit amount. When you withdraw the rest through a wire transfer, you may be charged a $20 withdrawal fee. It was my first withdrawal in January, but I was still charged $20, although I received it on the same day. I guess it was because the money was not considered “deposits by debit card and ACH.” If you used ACH to fund your account and then transfer all money in one wire transfer, the $20 fee may be waived, as mothman69, newguy, and payyoutuesday have reported.

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January 7, 2023, 11:23 11:23 am.

Anthony Paganini.


Those of us already funded with debit card, is our best strategy to withdraw first using debit card, then ACH to OANDA a small amount, then withdraw the balance?

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January 7, 2023, 15:12 3:12 pm.


You have to withdraw your debit card funding amount to the debit card first, per their rules. Then you can add a bank account to do wire transfer. Choose one that does not charge a fee for incoming wire transfer. Yes, given my experience, you should try adding a small amount to OANDA via ACH first and then withdraw all via wire transfer, in the hope that this may help waive the $20 fee as the withdrawal amount now includes deposits by ACH (no guarantee that this may work). Also, to be safe, it is best to make sure that the debit card withdrawal and the wire transfer withdrawal are in different months so that the wire transfer withdrawal would be your first withdrawal in a month. Anthony Paganini.

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January 7, 2023, 15:49 3:49 pm.


For those of us who funded with a debit card, I guess we’re screwed? Lol ShawntheShawn.

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January 9, 2023, 22:05 10:05 pm.


Well, hope making a small ACH deposit before the wire transfer withdrawal will help get the $20 fee waived. But even if does not, it is still an easy and good amount of bonus.

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January 9, 2023, 23:09 11:09 pm.


Bizarre experience with a chat rep who directed me to this page, stating that I needed to complete it before being eligible for the promo (despite the fact that this page, and the landing page DoC posted, both just tell you to open a Live account): https://pages.oanda.com/2022-welcome-bonus-us.html?division=oc.

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January 6, 2023, 01:00 1:00 am.


The terms on that link do state it’s necessary to register for the promotion first: https://pages.oanda.com/rs/686-YQF-621/images/Welcome bonus-OC OCAN 2022.pdf.

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January 6, 2023, 01:01 1:01 am.


Crap. Not sure if I signed up via that page or not.

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January 6, 2023, 15:25 3:25 pm.

Anthony Paganini.


I also don’t remember, hope they give it to us. As their landing page includes “If you already have a live account, simply log in,” there seems to be enough vagueness to make a strong case.