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Is Unick Forex a scam? Be sure to read before investing.

A Unick Forex was a company based in São Leopoldo (RS), she was the target of investigations in 2022 by the federal police.

A U nick broke for 2 reasons, first, the company was a financial pyramid and also did not have authorization from the CVM to trade bitcoin and forex in Brazil .

The company handled R $ 9 billion in more than 14 countries worldwide. This is one of the biggest financial frauds involving cryptocurrencies and forex .

This analysis was made by an independent author, and does not reflect the opinion of Investing in complex assets and assets carries risks, and investors must act at their own risk.

nick Forex what is it?

A nick Forex promised gains through bitcoin mining, trades on the market forex and in the cryptocurrency market. The trades would yield about 1,5% of the capital invested in the plans of the nick Forex .

The company was denounced to CVM for the first time. And name nick Forex passed to Unick Forex Academy , the new name was a way to disguise the company's lies . After all, the company said it sold content related to education.

However, Unick Forex Academy it was a lie, in fact a facade so that the previous pyramid scheme would not break.

It didn't help to change the name, with time nick Forex Academy started receiving thousands of complaints on the Reclame Aqui website. The scheme gradually revealed itself on the internet through the testimonials.

How it worked ?

Company he did multilevel marketing, the techniques and commercial strategies disguised the financial pyramid. The company always recruited new members to nurture the pyramid by offering a quick return on invested capital. The money would fall into your customers' accounts monthly. See Unick's plans :

How did the registration work?

Registration on the platform usually took place via affiliate links, the person filled out a simple form and an account was created at nick Forex virtual office . Currently it is no longer possible to enter the company's website, as it it's unavaliable.

O office da empresa doesn't work, but it is common for people to search for: nick Forex login or nick Forex Login. Justice decreed an immediate block of the site after the fraud was investigated.

Login enter my account.

But we got some pictures of how the site worked, it was possible watch:

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When it was founded ?

A nick Forex is an older company, it was founded in 2013. The company presented itself as an intermediary for financial transactions in bitcoin, forex and cryptocurrencies. THE Operação performed by Federal Police in 2022 put an end to one of the largest pyramid schemes in Brazil.

A Unick Forex owes over R $ 12 billion to its customers. THE Federal Police operation arrested the main partners of the in Brazil, they are:

Leidymar Bernard dante Navigate Fernando Tree.

More than 13 people directly linked to the company were indicted by the pyramid scheme . The nick Forex was adored by its base members, and pyramid base investors signed a petition with more than 12 signatures to free the leaders of the nick Forex .

The justification is that the CVM and the Federal Police were responsible for interrupting the company's activities.

The point is that the market Forex in Brazil it is not regulated by the CVM and no type of company or company in the Brazilian territory can offer investments and attract clients in the Brazilian territory to the market Forex .

This is an irregular practice by the CVM and closing the nick Forex it was a consequence. Another problem with nick was that the investment scheme structured in the form of a financial pyramid.

nick Forex it's trustable?

No, the company has tried several times to disguise its financial pyramid scheme. THE nick Forex he said he operated investments in Brazil, but in fact he used strategies to attract new customers to nurture an affiliate system.

Truth or lie?

A lie, because the main argument of the nick Forex so as not to pass as a financial pyramid, it was saying: “pyramids do not sell products, courses and do not have a CNPJ”.

That is why nick , gave an image of initial authority, as it had a great structure, headquarters, offered courses, products and recruited members. This was called multilevel marketing by them, but it really was scheme Ponzi .

The scheme Ponzi they are pyramid operations that involve investment promises with high profitability. However, profit is not generated by the main product. But for the money of new investors who pay that is on top of pyramid .

Complain here.

A nick Forex is one of the record holders in the claim here. Many users are unresponsive by the company. In the month of August the nick received more than 4.064 complaints. This number is much higher than the main leading complaint companies in Brazil, such as: cell phone companies, banking services and credit card.

The main complaints are about the reversal of the invested capital, it is possible to observe people who invested heavily in nick Forex and who wish to recover their capital even without the appreciation promised by nick .

Withdrawals are suspended because the platform is down. THE nick stopped all their systems and customers do not have online support to recover their investments.

One of our advice for trying to communicate with the company is through the judicial sphere, this is one of the most efficient ways at the moment to try to recover your investment in nick Forex .

Federal police.

Currently, about 10 directors of nick were indicted. The founder Leidymar Lopes is responsible for crimes against the financial system and criminal activity. THE nick reached a turnover of 28 million reais in the last year and owes approximately 12 billion reais to its customers.

Leidymar Lopes was arrested on October 17, 2022 by Operação Lamanai Federal Police . The arrest of the President of nick Forex decreed the end of its activities in Brazil.

How to recover money from nick Forex ?

It is possible that the victims resort to the Criminal Sphere through the Public Ministry to recover the money stolen by the nick Forex . Justice can also be done in the civil sphere. However, investigations within the nick Forex , because the Federal Police has already informed that there is no good in the name of the company.

However, through the help of IT professionals, the Federal Police tracked a bitcoin account linked to Leidymar Lopes. The current value of the president's portfolio nick is 66 million reais.

The interesting thing is that Leidymar Lopes, 2 days before his arrest by the Federal Police (PF) operation, created a bitcoin wallet and transferred 1.564 bitcoins. In other words, he had privileged information and knew he would be arrested, tried to mask money from nick in this bitcoin wallet.

Partnership with E stácio University.

Before decreeing the end of the company, nick Forex Academy tried a partnership with Estácio Universidade Estácio, to disguise its pyramid image again. dante Navigate da Silva, director of digital marketing at nick , made a call to the president of Estácio. This conversation was publicized on social networks and would have been tapped by the PF.

In the conversation between dante and the president of Estácio, the marketing director of nick , presents a franchise association project with Estácio's customer base.

In the intercepted call it is possible to hear that they were talking about the possible largest franchise in Brazil. The idea was to transform all Estácio associates into micro franchisees. Teachers would give classes and degrees within franchises to build a career plan within franchises. But it didn't work.

Cousin Rico and nick Forex.

One of the most famous videos talking about nick in Brazil it was the video of Primo Rico. Rich cousin has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube, he is known as Thiago Nigro.

Thiago Nigro is one of the leading educators in Brazil on finance and investments, in 2022 he posted a video on nick and other companies. He reported that some companies similar to nick , but did not disclose the name nick explicitly in the video, they would be linking their image to promote the scam on social media.

She had posted another video on her channel youtube warning about the pyramid of nick , but quickly erased. Thiago Nigro when asked on social media about the reason, declared: I put my life at risk talking about the company At that time.


So far more than 15 leaders of the nick Forex Academy were arrested by the federal police. Justice estimates that billions of reais have been raised in bitcoin.

The main leaders of the nick Forex took advantage of the pandemic to ask for house arrest in 2022. Currently Leidymar Lopes is under house arrest in quarantine.

The portfolio of Leidymar has over 66 million reais in bitcoin, that money could serve as compensation for victims of nick Forex Academy .


Do not make investments that promise quick gains in the financial market. You can choose trusted platforms and learn about cryptocurrency investments.