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Forex Robot Nation Reviews.

I am usually do not write reviews but this service is beyond my expectation and I cannot understand those 1 star reviews (must be competitor trolls). However I back tested their signals back to April and It was more than 400% up, let’s say 300% because of TP1 and TP2 but still amazing. I have a small account, around 2000€ and for me it pays itself. Keep the good work up, I will definitely buy the lifetime access soon.

Date of experience : January 08, 2023.


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Its clearly one of the best thing that…

Its clearly one of the best thing that can happen to you if you decide to jump with Pat. His explanation and the support that he gives are top class and also the EAs are just a blessing. Well done keep on the good work.

Date of experience : December 28, 2022.

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Thank you Johnson!

3 hours ago.

Excellent forex signals.

The free signals he puts on his channel are more than 90% correct. After a week of trial, I want to buy his VIP channel subscription.

Date of experience : January 08, 2023.

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Much Love Mohammad! I hope that we can keep the hot streak going in the free room as well.

Dec 27, 2022.

Excellent and fastest service I had ever seen in my life.

I didn't saw this much transparent person or team in my life, what a wonderful service and response. I can't say his genuineness in words. Golden or Diamond or Platinum letters need for writing a review about this man and his team.

Signal Service - Excellent - 100 out of 100 Support - Excellent - 100 out of 100 Response to request - Excellent - 100 out of 100 Strategies - Excellent - 100 out of 100.

Date of experience : December 26, 2022.

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Wow thanks so much Naushad, much love!

Dec 16, 2022.

The best FX signals channel.

As a newbie I joined the team a year back I have been back testing and trading on demo on the signal and the startegy it offers and I have to confess that it really widen my horizon, hopefully with time I will buy my own copy of the "forex fury" Shout out to FRN for the educative newsletters and update. My 5 star �� goes to TWT ☮️.

Date of experience : December 01, 2022.


Dec 29, 2022.

Personal expérience with Forex Robot Nation.

Hello, I am writing on this space to share with you my review of my experience with Forex Robot Nation. I first got into it by finding pat's chanel and I remember the very first video I saw was the one where he bought the most profitable swing strategy. From that moment, I could notice that he put a real effort on his videos, the way he presented them and I felt a real desire to help his community and the people consulting his channel. What I also liked a lot is the transparency that Pat and his team share on the way they proceed, we feel that there is a real management and configuration behind all this and that it's pure work. There is also a benevolent side throughout because I have been warned many times against possible scams of which there are thousands on the internet or even on the risk that trading can involve quite simply. For having searched for a long time, I had the impression that this place is a favorable place for my development and the vision of pat and his team sticks with mine and that is why my review today can only end with a positive note emphasizing the professionalism, determinism and humility that represents forex robot nation.

Date of experience : December 29, 2022.

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Wow Cherif, made my day with this review. Much love to you!

Dec 5, 2022.

I would like to thank you for your…

I would like to thank you for your software, it is very accurate and gives an awesome analysis for my trading signals. I started trading less than 4 months ago and it was very useful. Thank you as well for your client support service.

Date of experience : September 14, 2022.

Nov 18, 2022.

Mixed bad.

For my first 3 weeks the vip signals were mixed bad. November is not a good month so far. But what that guy Alex wrote is totally bullsh*t. I will stay to the vip for several months and come back with a higher score. Also I'm gone buy Fury and will test that an several demo's so I can write a review of that one. Keep up the good work. I believe in you and your team.

Date of experience : November 18, 2022.

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Thanks Bruno, we're focused and ready for a big run up to Christmas.

Nov 8, 2022.

Indeed one of the best signal provider…

Indeed one of the best signal provider in the market. I have been in this forex trading for more than a decade and I am really impressed with how they manage to have trades with the copier and the signals. The amount of signals received are good, usage of TP1 and TP2 is good. Trade copier executes trades and work with the setting at the very best time needed. No flaws at all !!

Date of experience : September 28, 2022.


Oct 24, 2022.

I have been using the signal service…

I have been using the signal service for well over 5 months and I am well satisfied with the results I got. At least 6-8% monthly returns :) Trade copier played a vital role for me as it automatically Placed orders for me with the settings I put in. Signals are frequent in NY and london sessions. I stick to TP1 but I will try to work on TP2 as well from now on and will see how things go. Look forward to gain more :)

Date of experience : May 16, 2022.

Oct 27, 2022.

Using VIP robot nation signals as a…

Using VIP robot nation signals as a newbie and I am loving it. Your videos are really helpful and the charts you provide. Analysis is good, support is good, and telegram works perfectly to get me the signals on time. Trade copier plays a vital role and makes it easy for me to place orders. I am making at least 7-10% monthly with almost nothing to risk. That is a huge up for me. I have been reading reviews about the Forex fury and interested to try the bot as well. Hopefully some day I will :) Love you Coach Pat !

Date of experience : May 11, 2022.

Oct 14, 2022.

Using the VIP subscription is far the…

Using the VIP subscription is far the most authenticated and trustable signal service for me. It's been almost 6 months and I am steadily growing my account with the copy trader and guidance of pat. Videos are awesome and helpful as well for learning purpose. Recently I had a hiccup with the results one week but the next covered all. It is up, down but in the end profitable :) TP1 and TP2 both works great. However, I stick to TP1 more, lol. I actually, play safe. :) I must say I am getting at least 7-10% monthly gain and that is way to good for me.

Date of experience : December 07, 2021.

Nov 2, 2022.

Using this signal service for well over…

Using this signal service for well over 5 months and results are up to the mark as they said. Here are the results for my last 5 months:

I am satisfied with the growth of my account and look forward to buy the forex fury as well. Heard lot of good things about there bot as well and I will use two of my accounts there. However, signals are very good and trade copier is very helpful in case of having signals at a different time when I am not around. Sometimes I do manual trades as well and results are same so I look forward to do some testing on demo accounts as well. Let's see what results I get. :) SO FAR SO GOOD!

Date of experience : May 18, 2022.


Sep 14, 2022.

Great products with a real person behind!

During the last 2 years I faced many scams, especially in the forex world. Anyway, FRN and especially Pat is definitely not a scam. I already bought the his EA a few months ago and following him on the telegram free signal channel. He is honest, always replies - even if its the 10th question. Performance of his products is realistic, steady and real! Me as a German knows when it comes to quality - here it comes :-)

Date of experience : September 14, 2022.

Sep 29, 2022.

Glad to be in the VIP community for…

Glad to be in the VIP community for almost an year. The new software called trade copier is something that highlights the VIP group from other signal providers. It is smooth, easy to use and copies signals perfectly as well as place trades nice and smooth. Obviously we have to make some settings to use it properly. However, I am able to earn a good and steady amount every month from the FRN VIP group and look forward to buy the Forex fury as I have seen and heard good things about it as well. As of now, it is going just the way I wanted. :)

Date of experience : October 06, 2021.

Oct 7, 2022.

FRN is one of the best bots and signal…

FRN is one of the best bots and signal provider I have used. There results are legit and the settings they offer are easy to follow. I have been using the signals for more than 5 months now and my account is already grown 36%.. Also, Forex fury is rocking for me at this time. I am using a different account there and the growth is awesome. I have already grown my second account 59% in 3 months of live trading. I worked on demo accounts for 2 months and pull out the setting that worked best for me. I had some loses but my profits covered them easily. I will definitely be recommending the FRN to my friends and family.

Date of experience : April 19, 2022.

Oct 20, 2022.

They are are the best signal provider…

They are are the best signal provider at this time in the market. Love the videos Pat makes which are really helpful for trading and learning steadily. The copy trader induction just made things more easier for us. It will do everything for you, you just have to put the proper settings. I have been making at least 7-10% monthly with the FRN and just following the steps that PAT provides. Here are my results for last 4 months:

June: 7.3% Gain July: 8.4% Gain Aug: 10.6% Gain Sep: 9.1% Gain Oct: 7.5% Gain as of now.

The results are awesome as I am doing nothing extravagant at this point, and even not thinking to try something out, lol. I love how it is going on right now and will follow the same way.

Date of experience : March 22, 2022.


Nov 14, 2022.

Using Forex signals from VIP group and…

Using Forex signals from VIP group and the results are very good. Trade copier makes it easy for a newbie like me. I am still learning and making some money as well :)

Date of experience : October 19, 2022.

Aug 12, 2022.

Pat has really been a great motivation…

Pat has really been a great motivation to my trading journey, i love his transparency and how he carries us along on all his posted trades, from how he found the trade to why he takes the trade. and for those of us who aren't financially stable to opt-in for his vip group, he sends out free trades on his free telegram group. I definitely will recommend even the free telegram channel to anyone looking for a great trading community and wants to earn while they learn.

Date of experience : August 12, 2022.

Sep 6, 2022.

Forex robot nation is one of the…

Forex robot nation is one of the profitable signal provider in the market. It is simple to use and there copy trading software make it best in the market. I have been trading for more than 6 years and I haven't found such impressive and simplest way of using the signals for trade. The copy trader is a top notch software that uses the signals automatically from the telegram and runs a trade. My account has already gone up by 50% in last 6 months and that is really good as far as the performance is concerned. Some months were low in profit but other covered them up.

Date of experience : September 06, 2022.

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