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TradingView Review 2023 – A Charting Platform for Active Traders.

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Are you a new stock investor who's a visual thinker and wants to pore over charts before jumping in? Or maybe you're an experienced trader who's sick of paying sky-high prices for expensive stock-scanning software? No matter your level, TradingView wants to help with low-cost analysis and charts.

TradingView Review.

Pricing - 8.

Features - 9.

Broker Integration - 5.

Ease-of-Use - 8.

Customer Support - 6.



While we wish TradingView would support more stock brokerages, we love both the quality and quantity of information you'll find using this app.

TradingView is a cloud-based charting and social-networking software for both beginner and advanced active investment traders. Basic charting, research, and analysis information are available with a free account. Still, most trades must be made outside the platform because only select brokerages are linked to TradingView at this time.

TradingView is available on any desktop and on all iOS devices through the App Store.

We took a close look at TradingView to see how it works. Here's what we found.

TradingView Features.

HTML5 Charts — Depending on your needs, you can create simple charts to track one or two stocks or create multiple dynamic charts that track different markets. You can even draw on your charts. Technical Analysis — Use 100+ pre-built indicators, 50+ smart drawing tools, multi-timeframe analysis tools, and 100,000+ community-built indicators to assist with technical analysis. Financial Analysis — Enjoy 100+ fundamental fields and ratios, financial statements, valuation analysis, and historical company data. Server-Side Alerts — Set up alerts that go to your desktop or phone to notify you when certain conditions go outside your specified criteria. There are 12 different alert conditions that can be applied to indicators or drawing tools. Stock Screener — Find stocks based on your specific criteria. You can use TradingViews' stock, forex, and crypto screeners. Customized Analysis — For advanced users, TradingView offers a programming language called Pine script that allows you to create your own charts and indicators from scratch. Trading — You can practice trading stocks, cryptocurrencies or forex or create portfolios without using real money, with paper trading, so you can hone your skills. TradingView also lets you simulate trading right on its charts so you can test different strategies. Then you can find out if your brokerage is partnered with TradingView. Heatmaps — Get an overview of stock and crypto markets by sector or use your own filters to view different heatmaps. Broad Coverage — Depending on your plan, you can have access to more than 50 worldwide exchanges and extended trading hours. You also get 50+ cryptocurrency markets as well. A Social Community of Active Traders — See what other active traders are doing, gather ideas and collaborate with others in similar markets. Extensive Knowledge Base — TradingView also has interactive drop-down and hover-over information pods throughout the website, in case you come across an item or concept that's new. There's also a wiki page that you can read to learn more about how the tools work.

What Is TradingView?

TradingView is online stock-picking software and screener for both beginners and experienced active traders. It incorporates extensive cloud-based charting tools for research and gives users the ability to share and collaborate with other active traders online. The downside is that most large brokerages are not yet directly integrated with TradingView, so you’ll have to place trades separately with your brokerage of choice.

TradingView was released in June 2012 as a social platform for active traders and featured its own scripting language that allows users to customize charts and indicators. It continues to be a popular choice among active traders and financial software companies because of its versatility.

Users can learn new concepts, research market fluctuations, possible chart outcomes, collaborate with other traders, chat, ask questions, and practice trades with the TradingView platform on any device.

How Does TradingView Work?

TradingView offers a wealth of market information right on the homepage before you even sign up for a free account. At the top is a ticker for the EUR/USD, BTC/USD and ETH/USD currency pairs, as well as the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P 500 markets.

You can search for any stock and filter by Ticker, Trading Ideas, Educational Ideas, Scripts, or People.

Below that, you'll find the newest stories by top authors, up-to-date market summaries, the latest stock news, an economic calendar, and trending charts on the TradingView social media section. Read what other users (including high-profile traders) have to say, and share your trading ideas. The social media aspect of TradingView adds huge educational value.

When you sign up for a free account, you'll have access to the TradingView community and basic charting features where you can create stock alerts and market indicators.

Now, perhaps the biggest downside to TradingView is that it's likely you won't be able to trade from within the platform. Currently, the app can connect with 30+ brokers, but if you're not using one that's supported, you're out of luck. Some brokers TradingView supports include:

Alor Ally Invest FTX Gemini Interactive Brokers Merrill (through the CQG API) Modalmais.

In addition, the platform supports some futures and forex brokers. You can find the complete list here.

TradingView Pricing.

TradingView has four account plans: one free and three paid. Billing options are offered as monthly, yearly and every two years. Each paid plan comes with a 30-day free trial. We find that TradingView's charges are considerably less than some of its competitors'. You also get a 16% discount if you pay upfront annually instead of monthly.

Here's how each TradingView plan compares in terms of monthly price and features :

Basic Pro Pro+ Premium Monthly Price Free $14.95 $29.95 $59.95 Charts Per Tab 1 2 4 8 Saved Chart Layouts 1 5 10 Unlimited Custom Time Intervals No Yes Yes Yes Export Chart Data No No Yes Yes Indicators Per Chart 3 5 10 25 Active Alert Limit 1 20 100 400 Strategy Backtesting Yes Yes Yes Yes Broker Trading Supported Yes Yes Yes Yes Customer Support No Regular Priority First Priority.

— Basic — Free.

If you're a beginner or if you just want to see how TradingView works, the basic account can get you started. Features are limited. You get one chart per layout and one alert with three indicators to use on one device. But you still have access to the social community, global data and economic earnings calendar. You just don't have access to any customer support.

— Pro — $9.95–14.95/month.

The pro account gives you a little more to manage your stock research, but you still get only one chart per layout and can use only one device at the same time.

The pro pricing gives you ten alerts and five indicators per chart but not regular access to customer service or SMS notifications. You do, however, get an ad-free experience and access to the social media community.

If you choose to buy a month-to-month membership, you'll pay $14.95 per month. If you want a one-year subscription, the cost is $155.40 (this works out to $12.95 per month). For a two-year subscription, you'll pay $238.80 every 24 months ($9.95 per month).

— Pro+ — $19.95–29.95/month : $24.95/mo for one-year plan; $19.95/mo for two-year plan Pro+ bumps up the pricing and adds faster customer service and more alerts and allows you to use up to four chart layouts, connect on two devices at the same time and save up to 10 chart layouts. However, you still don't get SMS notifications with this pricing plan.

With this plan, you do get access to Intraday Renko, Kagi, Line Break, Point, and Figure charts. Intraday spread charts, extended trading hours, and the ability to create custom chats.

As with the Pro plan, you can decide whether to subscribe to monthly, annually, or biennially. If you want to pay on a month-to-month basis, the charge will be $29.95 per month. A one-year subscription will be billed annually at $299.40 ($24.95 per month), and a two-year subscription costs $478.80 ($19.95 per month).

— Premium — $39.95–59.95/month : $49.95/mo for one-year plan; $39.95/mo for two-year plan.

The premium plan gives you access to all TradingView features. You can get eight charts per layout, use up to five devices at one time, set up to 200 alerts and 25 indicators per chart, and have unlimited access to indicator templates, enhanced watch lists, and saved chart layouts. And you get priority customer support.

The price tag here is $59.95 per month on a month-to-month basis, $599.40 ($49.95 per month) for a 12-month subscription and $958.80 ($39.95 per month) for two years.

Pros & Cons.


Large database of indicators to help with technical analysis A free plan is available to test out the platform Advanced stock, crypto, and forex screeners Active online community Backtest trading strategies and paper trade to practice.


Limited stock broker support.

Don't want to be tied up to TradingView? Here are Our Recommended Online Brokers to Use:

TradingView is one of the best charting platforms and stock screening tools out there. But its main downside is the fact it only integrates with about 30 brokers at the time of writing to actually let you trade. This makes it an excellent research tool for active traders. However, you can also stick with other online brokers and rely on their in-house trading tools while also using data from TradingView.

Also note that you can supplement your trading with research services like The Motley Fool or Seeking Alpha. Between the stock picks and reports these services offer plus TradingViews' charting capabilities, investors have way more information to work with.


Whether you’re into active trading or just curious about what the market is doing from time to time, TradingView is an excellent tool to use for researching, charting and screening your favorite stocks. You get a ton of research tools for free right on the home page, and with a basic account, the avid beginner can practice charting and mock trading for free before placing trades at their favorite brokerage.

With all the free tools available on TradingView, I think this software is worth the try.

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Christine C. Renee July 18, 2022.

13 6 minute read.

Christine C. Renee.

Christine is a freelance money blogger who is passionate about helping fellow solopreneurs do better with their time and money. Her love for freelance blogging shows in her work where her clients get results! Want to learn more? Follow her on social media or visit her little corner of the internet.

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Joe says:

Back in 2022 I purchased the pro+ package for $89 a year. The data was not live and they wanted even more money for a live data feed. The chats are annoying and not intuitive in how it connects with the charts. The only thing I liked about tradingview was that I could draw pretty charts to post on my website. That’s it. It was useless for trading since they did not provide live data or link to my broker even though many other such programs do. When my subscription ran out it would not automatically give me the price I originally signed up for. They had changed their pricing and subscription scheme. They wanted $599 a year for their premium package which was what used to be the pro+ package that I had. Um no. Even with the discount, there really is no value in what they provide. I have the ThinkorSwim platform through my brokerage. This is a professional platform that is way better than tradingview and it does not cost me anything. There is a much better community with ToS that will help with scripting. I can actually trade live with TOS. I cannot live with tradingview through my broker. TD offers their API and it is very easy to use. I am not sure why the folks at tradingview cannot link to TD? They either suck as programmers or they are just more interested in making money on people who want to draw pretty charts rather than functionally trade for a living like I do.

Drip says:

Don’t buy that crap. The charts and quotes are 2 minutes slow. The moderators in chat allow: political trolls, shilling penny stocks; begging for “coins”, etc. You can report away, but they only ban people who curse! Then they refuse to cancel your membership or refund you after 30 days. I upgraded to pro Plus and it definitely wasn’t worth it.

D Miller says:

I’m writing this review to warn anyone who may be considering TradingView a heads-up so you don’t get completely screwed over like I have post the 30-day trial. I had signed up for the trial to check out all the bells and whistles. At the end of the period, I hadn’t really used it much, so intended to cancel. With 30 days being a long time, I forgot to cancel before being charged for the full year ($600) and, when I received the email from their accounting team with the invoice, I immediately tried to contact them. I checked their refund policy and they said that if you requested a refund within 14 days of an annual charge, they would honor the request. So I replied back to the accounting email I received requesting this. I also sent them another email to a different email address I found requesting the same. I searched everywhere for a phone number thinking it would be easiest to call, but didn’t find one anywhere – not even for customer support (found out later that they have an online ticket support system, but it’s pretty buried and there was nothing that clearly pointed me to it). After a time, I hadn’t received any response from their accounting team or the main email I had sent a message to (both emails went through with no issue – I never received a reply – automated, undeliverable, or otherwise) so I filed a dispute on the charge with my bank. Completed the dispute form showing that I had requested a refund the only way I knew how to and within the timeframe their policy had said. The dispute was then denied and they said the company refused to comply. I finally found the online help desk submission and uploaded screenshots and other things to show that I had requested the refund within their time, etc. only to have them inform me that I had done it incorrectly and, because I had submitted a dispute with my bank card, that apparently nullified my ability to request a refund at all. In an age where we have a crazy amount of options available, I can’t fathom a company that is so challenging to work with and so unclear in their communication and so unreachable to then take this a step further and actually punish their users rather than to be accommodating is just unfathomable to me. They may be great in terms of functionality for charts, trading/market info, etc. but frankly I don’t have any interest in doing business with a company as unforgiving and inflexible with their user base as they clearly are. It says a lot about who they are as a business – it’s obviously far more interested in making money than they are in serving the people who keep them in business. Anyhow, just wish someone had told me this prior to getting stuck with the trial and a full subscription payment of no small amount so felt like it would be a good thing to share with others. I definitely will not EVER use them again.

Ricky says:

I have been using TradingView (TV) since 2022. I hope the below my thoughts about TV could help you from spending money on things that you shouldn’t need to. 1. If you are an author who posts frequently, you can request for a premium subscription for FREE. 2. If you are not an author, you can wait for Black Friday (around end of the year) for a massive discount. Or, if you are a existing user who needs to renew your subscription, you can click on the Deactivate auto renewal and it will ask you the reasons why you want to discontinue the renewal. Click on the various reasons and see which one gives you the best discount. 3. The alerts function does NOT work every time. This is one of the main reasons that I use TV as I trade many assets, including stocks, commodities, forex, crypto. Three times the alerts didn’t work as it supposed to. If it happens to you as well, you can request TV for a partial refund, although you will not be able to use the features anymore if you decide to do so. 4. Customer service – inadequate and slow response. Being a premium member, it takes an average of 1-2 days for TV to respond, sometimes 5+ days. If there is an issue that the support needs to take time to sort it out (for eg, alert issue), TV will close the ticket automatically when there is no new response for days. Unfortunately, usually the support team does not contact you directly once the issue is resolved and, as a result, you will need to create a ticket again asking for an update on the issue. What’s worse is that the support team does not remember what the issue was and you will have to explain the issue again. 5. If you need more indicators per chart – do not waste your money. There are many free indicators, such as Multiple moving averages, which combine multiple moving averages so that you don’t need to have 3+ indicators on the chart just for EMA50, 100, 200 as an example. 6. TV does not have enough chart data for crypto currencies – CoinTrader.Pro gives much more chart data 7. Quality of the posts on TV has dropped significantly in the past year – due to TV has changed the algorithms significantly. The previous algorithms used to focus on the number of views and likes. But now it’s completely different and very complex, where authors with limited followers and likes can be on the very first of TV’s homepage occasionally. Another problem of the current algorithms is that even if an analysis receives huge amount of likes and views, it won’t stay on the top for long. Why is this a problem you wonder? The problem is that it discourages authors to spend the time on writing an analysis which leads to poor quality. Think about it, most professional traders use TV to promote their business. They want to have as much exposure as possible. But if their posts won’t stay on the first page of TV for long enough, do you think they are willing to spend hours on each analysis? Certainly not. 8. Very few professional traders actually post analysis on TV – other than the point mentioned above, the stringent house rules are pushing people away from using TV. You cannot mention your website, other social media accounts, or not even the word ‘private/vip channel’ in the analysis. The only place you can advertise is in your bio or in the sections below each analysis (in which not many people see it as it’s not very obvious). I have made TV aware that they should make the sections more stand out so the paid users are more willing to continue paying for the Premium subscriptions. Unfortunately, I was told it was deliberately formatted the way it is as TV doesn’t want it to look too much like advertising (how funny is that?) Why would professional traders pay hundreds of dollars to advertise on TV when they can advertise on YouTube, Twitter etc for free and without those stringent house rules? 9. TV does not take copy/plagiarism seriously – several times my analysis have been copied with almost identical ideas/thoughts but I was told there is nothing similar between my ideas and the other author’s.

Nandkumar Rashinkar says:

Hi, I am not able to see the cryptocurrency prices for the real time. Do I need to buy a package for the same.

Kevin says:

I tried Trading View, but their support is so terrible (non-existent). I am using TC2000 right now, but it is laggy (because I am on a Mac and TC2000 has a remote-desktop solution, which is inherently laggy).