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A survey conducted in 2022 by the National Confederation of Logistic Managers (CNDL) in partnership with the Credit Protection Service (SPC), found that 46% of internet users in Brazil suffered financial fraud. Of these, half reported having suffered some type of financial loss, with a total estimate of approximately R $ 1.8 billion in the 12 months preceding the study.

This survey also pointed out that the criminal actions took place from the loss of personal documents (24%), theft, assault or theft (21%), loss of bank cards (18%) and the wrong supply of personal data to third parties, by email, WhatsApp, telephone or filling out forms on websites (13%).

Information like this demonstrates the risks to which individuals and organizations are exposed and the importance of creating strategies that minimize vulnerabilities and bring security.

That's exactly what we're going to talk about in this post. Follow along to learn about the most common scams and learn how they affect victims if the right actions are not taken.

Financial fraud: learn more about it.

Financial fraud refers to situations such as scams, cheating, theft and deception. In other words, they are acts practiced by people with bad intentions, which end up harming third parties financially and in other aspects.

When it comes to money, scammers need to create strategies to persuade individuals to provide their personal details, make deposits and false investments, among other actions in exchange for something promising or very advantageous.

In practice, criminals offer services or products, offer gifts, make job offers and other advantages that make the offer almost irrefutable. Or, they steal personal information in the physical and virtual environments, the latter being even more and more common.

Therefore, it is essential to have knowledge about the main risks and ways to minimize them to avoid serious damage.

What are the main types of financial fraud?

As we mentioned, financial fraud is increasing considerably. But after all, what it is necessary to protect yourself? See the main types of strokes applied in recent years and protect your personal data and your business:

Transaction with bitcoins.

Bitcoins are no longer unknown and today they are an option for investment in consolidation in Brazil. According to one study of the CointraderMonitor website, the country moved from January to December 2022, an additional $ 10 million in criptomoedas.

With an eye on the possibilities of gain, scammers have been creating financial fraud involving virtual currencies, which have already caused millionaire losses. A recent case is that of InDeal Investimento, which would have moved R $ 700 million through a promise of profits of 15% per month.

Financial pyramid.

Financial pyramids are based on the promise of making money quick and easy. Whether out of necessity or greed, many fall into the trap. A financial fraud that occurred in Rio de Janeiro was that of the alleged company JJ Invest, which became known for offering 10% per month of gains.

Famous artists, football players and other personalities have already been victims. To get an idea of the coup's perspicacity, JJ Invest even sponsored the Vasco da Gama football team with the aim of gaining notoriety and credibility.

Unick Forex Case.

Unick Forex sold courses on the Forex financial application, which bets on the appreciation or fall of one currency related to the other and is not regulated in Brazil. The company promised investors high commissions for participation in sales of educational packages.

As a result, it attracted many people to the coup, until payments were paralyzed and Federal Police discovered fundraising of R $ 40 million in one day.

Multi-level marketing.

Among the financial frauds to watch out for is Multilevel Marketing, which works in a pyramid scheme and aims to convince people to make an initial investment and attract other individuals with great earning potential. However, in this case, the gains are low and the pressure is enormous.

Fake investment professionals.

In the universe of financial scams are false professionals, who promise highly advantageous gains for a select group of investors. To avoid losses due to this type of action, it is important to always check the CVM records of those who bring investment opportunities.

Learn how to prevent financial fraud.

As you can see, there are different financial fraud schemes to be avoided by individuals and companies. Although not just be an action to eliminate this kind of situation, some precautions can help.

Among them are always researching the history of the company or consultant that may offer business, as well as being suspicious of above-normal earnings or crazy profit promises. In addition, it is important to look for serious market sources to find references, such as the CVM or the Central Bank, avoiding being a victim of lack of knowledge.

Another key strategy to avoid scams on the internet is to invest in technological solutions that offer data protection and minimize loopholes for the invasion of cybercriminals.

2RP understands its customers' market and business. So developed the Case Platform, focused on analysis of information and real-time decision. Among the functionalities are solutions in financial fraud, which can help organizations avoid scams, data leaks and their consequent losses.

Our article was useful for you? Do you have any experience to share? Do you want to rely on 2RP's expertise to protect yourself from financial fraud? Get in touch with us.