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Trader Coaching with Cory Mitchell, CMT.

Trader coaching involves periodic review of trades, strategies, and mistakes with the goal of improving trading performance.

Trader Coaching with Cory Mitchell, CMT.

April 8, 2022 Posted by Cory Mitchell, CMT Swing Trading Stocks Info 7 Comments.

Are you confused about your trading? Not getting the results you want? Don’t know where to start or what to do next? Need some clarity?

Trader coaching involves the periodic review of trades, strategies, mistakes, and answering your questions with the goal of improving trading performance, and ideally providing a better overall quality of life (less stress, enough money, less work time, more enjoyment).

It may be just one or two zoom or email sessions to answer some questions you have or gain some insight on a particular topic, or it could be a regularly scheduled call where we review your trades and make sure you’re on track with your goals.

Cory Mitchell has more than 16 years of experience as a full-time trader.

Consultations may cover:

Trading plan review Developing your own method for trading Finding and working on problem areas Trade review: making sure you’re sticking to your plan as well as addressing problems that occur while trading Answering specific questions you have related to your trading.

You determine your schedule and your level of commitment. You may just want one session for a second opinion on your trading plan, ideas on overcoming a trading problem, or you may wish to set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions for periodic reviews/feedback on your trading.

Start, restart, or discontinue your consultation at any time.

If you’re self-employed or have trading income, your coaching may be a tax-deductible expense, meaning you could get a portion of the coaching fee back when you file your taxes. Consult an accountant or tax law in your area.

How To Apply.

Shoot me an email via the Contact Us page explaining what you’re looking for. I’ll let you know if it’s something I feel I can help with, or possibly point you to some other resources if I’m unable to help.

I primarily only work with day traders and swing traders interested in stocks or forex.

The Process.

After you have contacted me, we’ll discuss how we want to proceed. You can come back to this page and pay for the number of hours of coaching you would like to receive, or you can pay as you go.

Setting up an initial one or two video meetings is common. Quite often, this is all traders need to gain some insight and things to work on, and then they proceed to do that work on their own. Others prefer more sessions to get feedback on their trades or to be held accountable to their goals, for example.

We can also exchange emails, with you sending me questions or trades to review. For most emails, I record a video response and then email you that private video so you can watch it any time you want.

The rate is US$180/hour . Paying in advance for multiple sessions reduces the fee (click on links to pay through Stripe).

I can also invoice after our sessions if you prefer to proceed with one session at a time.

I don’t bill for any prep time or reading your emails. I only bill for time spent responding to emails or on the video call.

Sessions are pre-paid (or pay as you go), and the time used is deducted from the paid amount. For example, if you purchase 3 hours and we spend 1.25 hours on a video call, there are 1.75 hours left.

Some people opt to send me their trades, or questions, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, or just when issues arise.

Other people choose to send in trades daily for several days in a row, looking for a lot of input quickly.

This can all be discussed prior to deciding to work together, and will depend on both our schedules.

Reviewing trades and providing email/video feedback usually takes about 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on how many trades/questions there are and the level of feedback required.

A video meeting is typically scheduled for 1 hour, but I leave time to go longer if needed. And we can cut it shorter if you desire.

If you wish to limit feedback to a certain time limit to control your costs, such as 1 hour per week, let me know in our communications and I will respect that.

At the bottom of any emails, I put down how much time was spent on the response.

Cory Mitchell, CMT.

About Cory.

Cory is a Charted Market Technician (CMT), a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts (CSTA), and has been making his living off the markets since 2005.

In 2005, Cory began his trading journey with a proprietary day trading firm. They provided capital, and his only job was to trade it and make money. In exchange, the firm took a cut of his profits. No salary, no benefits, no job security…make money or hit the road.

​In an industry with less than a 4% success rate, Cory was making a living from his trading within six months.

​In 2011, Cory left the firm to trade on his own, continuing to day trade but also swing trading. He has extensive experience day trading stocks, ETFs, forex, and futures, as well as swing trading stocks, ETFs, and forex. Cory still actively trades and writes articles for TradeThatSwing and a select group of other prominent financial sites.

He ran a Forex channel on TheStreet from 2022 – 2022. He is an Investopedia contributor since 2008. He was the DayTrading expert on TheBalance for three years. Cory has appeared on radio programs across the US and has spoken at multiple trading events including the 2022 and 2022 Canadian Society of Technical Analysts’ National Conferences.

​He is an avid golfer (currently a 3 handicap), rock climber, and obstacle course racer, and enjoys healthy eating (most of the time), hiking, camping, and spending time with his family.


About Cory Mitchell, CMT.

Cory is a professional trader since 2005. In between trading stocks and forex he consults for a number of prominent financial websites and enjoys an active lifestyle. He runs TradeThatSwing and coaches individual clients.


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Cory is a very profound and knowledgeable coach and active trader himself. I originally came to Cory after over 10 years of failure. I searched everywhere and paid for numerous trading courses and mentors in the past and somehow stumbled upon one of his articles on day trading. I immediately read all of his free blog posts on his site then purchased his EURUSD day trading course and Forex Introduction course. They were very straightforward and to the point which I appreciated. The content is so honest and transparent that I took his private coaching shortly after completing the course. I have been doing private coaching sessions weekly with Cory for the past couple of months and seen an astronomical improvement in my trading performance and overall quality of life. I now have a deeper understanding of the real “Market Structure” and the importance of trader psychology and discipline. I am currently still training with him and highly recommend his coaching to anyone interested. Cory is a legendary trader in the making and I appreciate coming across this anomaly.

Cory is a consummate professional. Great to work with, patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him if you’re looking to not only understand the ‘stuff’ but also get a handle on the mindset of trading. He helped me get a different and deeper understanding of what makes markets work as well as strategies that are proven over time. His materials and courses are excellent and his coaching really helps take you to the next level in your trading. I highly recommend Cory to anyone looking to get better at trading and growing in this discipline. He is a man of integrity and that really counts when you want to learn from someone that isn’t just knowledgeable but also does it the right way.

Mathew Veselcic.

I first came across Cory when I was working on my own personal trading psychology. Straight away I was fascinated by his articles that he shares on the Trade That Swing webpage. After more digging I was extremely impressed by his day trading results on a 1 minute time frame as I had previously had negative programming from other so called traders who said that trading on smaller time frames is not a profitable approach to the markets. Fast forward 10 months and I am now a profitable day trader thanks to Cory. He was able to work around my time zone difference being in Australia to set up zoom calls to work through issues I was having psychology and trading wise. When we did not have a scheduled zoom and I had multiple questions Cory was always available via email to send back detailed responses in no time. He also took the time to do trade reviews and send a recorded video of him reviewing my trades for when I was unavailable to attend a zoom. If you are confused/ lost/ stuck in a rut with your trading and don’t know what to do to fix things I would definitely recommend reaching out to Cory for some guidance as a Mentor. Thanks again Cory., Mathew.

Cory is a marvelous coach. His approach is sensible, practical, and clear-headed. He is wonderful about focusing on the procedures or the “process” — absolutely crucial components in a sound approach to trading. What’s especially helpful is the pragmatic way in which he assists you in establishing a “trader identity” and pre-trade routines, which lay an essential foundation for successful trading. Very sensible and lucid when it comes to formulating specific strategies.

I have been working with Cory for 3 months now. I swing trade US stocks, and day trade currencies. When we started working together I was a directionless new trader with aspirations of being a full-time trader, but no clue how to get there. Now, I am focused and confident and have a solid platform and knowledge base to go on and achieve my goal of becoming a full time trader. I would not be here without Cory’s support. He has been incredibly generous with his time, and is flexible, tailoring his coaching methods to suit my needs each week. Sometimes we have long zoom conversations. Sometimes we have email exchanges. Cory is also willing to review my day trades, everyday, which has given me a 24 hour feedback loop that has accelerated my learning and performance beyond my expectations. He has also helped me develop solid trading plans, and develop my mental game. I couldn’t recommend Cory and his coaching highly enough. He is incredibly knowledgable and experienced in a great many trading styles. And importantly, he is highly successful trader himself, although you might not know it as he demonstrates a high degree of humility so often lacking in successful traders!

I connected with Cory after reading several of his articles I found insightful, inspiring but at the same time straight to the point. I came with my strategy defined, but looking for improving consistence and getting some feedback on my overall approach. To mention just a few concrete improvements I get after a few sessions: 1. I became more patience to wait for my set up. Cory pointed out a few examples and make the point in a simple and candid way that it finally became an strength in my trading. 2. Small but critical twists in my strategy – after rich interchange of ideas . 3. I learnt to focus on the right stocks. Avoid moving all over the place and fine tune my scanner. 4. When to play and when to wait. A wider view of the market landscape with simple advices. The approach Cory deployed is simple. I made all the process thru mail, and the feedback coming over my notes put me to think and re-work. The fact that he promptly answer is another valuable thing to keep momentum during the learning process. I personally trade during some weeks and from time to time reconnect to continue growing. Cory is a great partner in my learning process and I know I can connect everytime.

Sam Lerner.

Having trained with Cory for just over a month, I’m astounded by his ability to explain new concepts and help me understand my own trading mistakes (so I don’t keep repeating them). He’s not only a knowledgable and patient teacher, but also a very good listener — even when I don’t quite know how to phrase a question, Cory gets to the heart of what I’m asking and provides a clear answer. The video explanations/analysis have been particularly helpful, combined with a lot of practice, and I’ve seen my trading improve significantly.