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Calculate automatically the parameters of your trades with our handy i nvestment calculator. Simply enter the details of a position and click Calculate to obtain your calculation results.

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What is the Investment Calculator?

A handy and simple tool, the Exness Investment Calculator helps you to automatically calculate the basics of your trading position, which include pip value, margin, swap long and swap short.

This all-in-one calculator is particularly useful when you wish to determine the above values for multiple open positions on various instrument types.

How do I use it?

At the calculator:

Select the type of Exness trading account you are performing the trade on (Standard, Standard Cent, Pro, Raw Spread or Zero account). Enter the leverage and account currency that you set for your trading account. The leverage field will be disabled when you select trading instruments with fixed margin requirements. Choose your trading instrument from the list of available forex currency pairs, metals, stocks, indices, energies and cryptocurrencies. Set the lot size of your trade, then click the ‘Calculate’ button.

You will be able to view the calculation results for the required margin, swap short and long, and pip value of the position.

What do the terms of the calculation results mean?

There are currently 4 values that will be shown by the i nvestment calculator:

Margin - This the required capital, or balance, that is needed to maintain your open position. Swap short and long - Swap is the interest applied to trading positions that are left open overnight, and can be long or short depending on the trade. Swap short is the rate for Sell positions while long is for Buy positions. Pip value - This determines the value of 1 pip, which helps to calculate how much money a trader will earn, or lose, if the price of a trade were to move by a pip. The pip value is calculated in quote currency with the formula, Lots x Contract size x Pip Size.

Why is Leverage disabled for some instruments?

Leverage is greyed out for certain instruments as they have a preset leverage. In such instances the leverage is fixed, it cannot be changed and is not affected by the leverage in your trading account.

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