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Economic Calendar.

Keep track of high-impact news, key market-moving economic events and data releases with our Economic Calendar. Bookmark this page and refer to the calendar regularly to stay up-to-date with the happenings in the financial markets.

About the Economic Calendar.

The Economic Calendar is a tool that helps traders to monitor and analyze market-moving events, and predict further price movements. It highlights upcoming national and international news around the world in chronological order by date.

These major events can have a high impact on the financial markets and are usually announced or released in reports. Examples of such events include monetary policy decisions, economic indicators, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) announcements, Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) numbers, interest rate decisions, and more.

Exness traders are notified 45 minutes before a news release to inform them of the time and instruments that will be affected by the news. The notification is sent via an email to the ‘Mailbox’ tab in their trading platform.

Why you should use the Economic Calendar.

The Economic Calendar is indispensable if you want to keep track of upcoming news, reports and announcements at a glance.

The events may highly impact the volatility of forex currency pairs, stocks and other markets. Thus, traders often use the calendar to plan their trades and stay informed on chart patterns and indicators that may be affected by the events.

Since the events could significantly drive price movements during the time of publication, it’s a good practice to refer to the calendar before the trading day.

How to use the Economic Calendar.

You can choose multiple currencies and stocks from the dropdown list. By default, all will be selected. After making your selection, you can view the upcoming events in the table below the dropdown menu.

It should be noted that the number of trading instruments in the calendar changes dynamically, and depends on the number of upcoming events and news.

How to read the Economic Calendar.

After selecting your desired instruments, you will see a list of events displayed in the calendar.

Important news that will cause higher margin requirements are marked with a red icon under the ‘Impact’ column.

There are two key figures in the table, which are the ‘Actual’ and ‘Forecast’ numbers. A significant difference between the two numbers indicates that there might be some volatility in the chart of the related trading instruments. Generally, volatility rises 15 minutes before the event and calms down 15 minutes after the event.

Frequently asked questions.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Exness Economic Calendar.

What is the use of the Economic Calendar?

The Economic Calendar highlights key events from national and international economics and politics, which may have a high effect on the price movements of trading instruments.

Updated automatically, the calendar allows traders to be aware and stay updated on upcoming events that might impact their trades.

What are some of the events listed on the Economic Calendar?

The events in the Economic Calendar are major drivers of market volatility, and are often scheduled releases and reports, such as:

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Unemployment rate GDP announcements Central Banks’ interest rate decision Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) data.

How important is the Economic Calendar?

The calendar lists upcoming events that may influence the movements of financial instruments. Hence, traders find it important to use the calendar to stay updated on the latest news and happenings in countries across the globe.

These events are often scheduled and predictable, allowing traders to know their likely impact on the instruments. They can also use them as indicators to maximize trading potentials and opportunities.

The Economic Calendar is considered vital for traders trading through fundamental analysis. However, it is equally important for all traders to closely watch out for high market volatility and avoid surprises.

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