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On this page, you can find videos dedicated to trading in the financial markets. This section will be helpful for Forex trading beginners.

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Key concepts: currencies, quotes, spread.

This video will introduce you to the key concepts of the forex market, such as a currency, quote, and spread. You are going to face these instruments at the initial stages of operating on the foreign currency market. Thanks to the video lesson, you will be able to understand ins and outs of the forex performance and set about trading with the essential scope of knowledge.

Margin trading.

This video is devoted to the basic principles of the margin trading which is one of the fundamentals of operating on the forex market. The video lesson will facilitate to understand how trading involving a private investor is actually fulfilled. You will also learn how to choose the right leverage ratio in order to ensure the most beneficial and profitable trading.


This video concerns swaps, an important aspect of foreign currency trading. If you do not understand thoroughly how to work with swaps, or you come across such an issue for the first time, the video lesson will help you get an insight into working with swaps. Besides, it will teach you carry trade strategy.

Technical analysis.

In the course of developing the financial markets, forex wizards have created different methods of analysis that enable traders to forecast the market movement. This video is devoted to the technical analysis’ fundamentals. You will learn what exactly the technical analysis’ methods are based on, and what features and data are used. Besides, you will be able to decide if the technical analysis suits your operation on the foreign currency market.


This video concerns working with futures contracts. Watching the video, you will find out what way contracts for difference are made, what designations are used for various kinds of futures, and what futures stock markets are the most popular.

Currency pairs.

Each currency pair has its distinctive features. So, if you want to operate successfully on the forex market, you should know and understand driving forces that are able to influence currency rates fluctuations. This video tells about the most traded currency pairs. Watching the video, you will find out what events exert the most influence on currency rates movements, what you should fear about, and what you should use to gain good trading results.

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Señal de negociación del ORO (XAU/USD) del 9 al 10 de enero de 2023: venda si retrocede a $1,875 -1,881 (8/8 Murray - sobrecompra)

GBP/USD: análisis técnico intradía y niveles claves significativos para el 9 de enero de 2023.

Señal de negociación del GBP/USD para el 9 y 10 de enero de 2023: venda por debajo de 1,2175-1,2207 (6/8 Murray - fuerte resistencia)

Análisis técnico del EUR/USD para el 9 al 14 de enero de 2023.

¿Cuáles son las buenas inversiones en 2023?

EUR/USD: análisis técnico intradía y plan de negociación para el 9 de enero de 2023.

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