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Show us your skill, trade our capital, keep the profit!

Trade Forex, Metals & Indices up to 4 million USD.

Choose your funding journey.

Instant Funding.

Trade Live from day 1, with no trials and get paid from the first target.

Starting from – €235.

Bootcamp Program.

Complete the 3 challenge phases and get a 6-figure funded account.

Entry cost – €95.

Day Trading 12000 Stocks.

Are you a stock trader? Our new brand gives you all the buying power you can handle!

choose your instant funding account model.

low risk.

Apply risk measures in your trading to receive a low target for more funding.


Take the freedom to trade your style with no restrictions. Trade with high leverage and no mandatory stop orders.


Profit target is determined by the profit goal for the current stage, from which The5ers will increase your trading capital responsibility.

Profit is the sum of all realized and unrealized positions including commission and swap charges. Once the target is hit, the trader is requested to close all running trades, and report the achievement to the fund.

It is only for the first stage of the program, the profit target is lower, 6-7% for the low-risk plans, and 12% for the aggressive programs. With all the rest of the stages, the profit target is 10% for the low risk, and 25% for the aggressive programs.

The equity stop-out level is the lowest value of the account allowed. Once the account equity value is below this level, the fund will close all running trades, and disable trading and access.

*The stop-out level is set to 6% on Levels 1 and 2, and 4% on Levels 3 and above. The stopout level is a fixed value of loss allowance measured from the starting balance account of each level. As much the trader profit in the account, so his/hers loss allowance increases. Example: The starting balance is $10,000, the account is with $200 profit, the equity stopout level is $9,400; this gives the trader $800 loss allowance, if the profit increases to $500, the loss allowance is now $1,100.

Setting a stop-loss on trades is not required when participating in the Instant funding programs.

We do emphasize that having a stop-loss and correct risk management is a critical part of trading and we always recommend our traders to practice good risk management when trading Funded accounts.

The leverage applied for the trading account. The trader is allowed to utilize the full leverage applied for the account with no further enforcement.

Aggressive programs are set to 1:30 leverage, powers by 30 times the market buying allowance. Low risk programs are set at 1:10 leverage, powers by 10 times the market buying required.

The maximum time required to complete the profit target for the first level of the program. To be clear, the maximum Expiry time is applied ONLY for the very FIRST stage of the program. In all other progressed levels, there will be NO Expiration time limit for active traders.

The maximum number of calendar days is set for 180 for the Low Risk Plans, and 60 Calendar Days for the Aggressive plans.

The deal with The5ers is that you bring the trading and we bring all the trading capital, we take the full risk for trading loss - but the profits will be shared with you. We will pay you a commission of 50% of the trading profits.

From level 2, every funded trader can withdraw their profit-share on a bi-weekly basis, with a minimum of $150 to be paid. Just use the “Profit Payout” button on your trader’s dashboard.

Good to know, receiving payouts is never being deducted from your forward progression toward the next milestone. With The5ers you get both the growth and the payouts. No need to decide.

A thought about percentage. Some may say a better percentage offer could be found elsewhere. We say, don’t judge by the percentage - judge by the potential money you actually receive. With our fast growth plan, you are increasing your actual money profit potential much faster than anywhere else.

Once hitting the profit target alone with the rest of the qualification objectives, The5ers will increase your capital responsibility, with all the objectives increased proportionally.

At the first stage accomplishment, you will be receiving 4 times greater from initial capital of your first account. For every other steps (but the first one) the growth upscaling is twice of the last initial capital.

The5ers guarantees maximum trading capital in funding, which is currently a 4 million dollars real funded account.

4 million is a big account to manage, however, this is not our final offer for you. Once you accomplish your goal on the 4 M account, we will discuss with you further growth and targets.

See the growth details here.

By signing up for The5ers programs you receive an instant funded account right away, with trading access to the fund’s pool account. We give a fair opportunity for every trader to present his/her trading skills on a real-capital-funded account. We take full responsibility to handle potential trading losses, which should be secured by a one-time participation fee.

Your participation fee is not trading securities. We are not a broker, not representing any financial institutes. Your once-off fee is paying you into the most rewarding funding program experience in the industry.

The fee is not refundable once you had made your first action in the funded account. Remember, you are being assigned to a real funded account from the very beginning. Any profits you will be making will be shared with you eventually.

Of course, we provide much more than just funded accounts. Trading with The5ers is a whole trading experience, including Funding, Accelerated growth with extreme income potential, full dedicated team of professionals ready to cater to your professional and administrative requirements, we provide education, and trading events, a live trading room, and extensive performance statistics dashboard.