Unick forex 2022

Unick Forex planned to do Metallica and AC / DC shows in Brazil to launder money.

Unick Forex's tentacles, power and money even hit the international concert market – if only to launder money. The dialogues captured by the Federal Police show a conversation in which the technology director Israel Nogueira tries to convince Leidimar Lopes to launder money with Metallica and AC / DC shows.

According to the conversation recorded on May 23, 2022, Unick Forex partners planned to launder money by promoting rock concerts, according to an investigation by the PF and the Public Ministry to which the Bitcoin Portal had access.

The money laundering tactic has even been applied in Brazil, by the bankrupt Telexfree. In 2014, partners Carlos Wanzeler and Carlos Costa reportedly played a Paul McCartney concert. The ex-Beatle's fee at the time would have been R $ 8 million.

In the case of Unick, the "investment would be R $ 3.5 million and the return could reach R $ 120 million, of which R $ 60 million at the box office and R $ 60 million in bar".

The text says that the idea for the shows came from Israel itself, which is a partner of the company Feats Comunicação Criativa Ltda. and linked to Boom Invest S / A, in addition to being one of the founders of Unick alongside Leidimar.

Unick, Metallica and AC / DC.

According to the description of the conversation, after dealing with a Unick task force to back up the company's currency, Israel enters the subject of the shows.

According to him, days earlier he would have spoken to the “boys of the events” and wanted to pass the idea on to Leidimar, who replied, but agreed to talk about it.

See the dialogues.

ISRAEL: Another thing, the second situation is the boys' bidding at the events, I talked to them yesterday-yesterday, I wish I passed you yesterday.

LEIDIMAR: Bah man this is a pain in the ass this type of business there.

ISRAEL: Just to give you an idea, with the first investment, people with about 3 months, more or less, can already put in your pocket some 60 million, to be in your hand as a guarantee, I wanted to have some time to explain to you, but it’s cool, man.

LEIDIMAR: But explain it to me man.

Israel then summarizes the plan. He tells Leidimar that such a show, announced six to seven months in advance, in the second month, tickets are sold out.

"You are going to pull an ACDC, Metallica show, man, the second month no longer has a ticket to sell", he explains, adding that the event can result in R $ 60 million, with an investment of R $ 3.5 million.

The conversation continues …

LEIDIMAR: Okay, but how much will be spent on those 60 million?

ISRAEL: About 3 months, more or less.

LEIDIMAR: How much will be spent? How much will be spent?

ISRAEL: With that first investment of 3 and a half million. If with 3 and a half million people we enter the rent of the place, which is the stadium in this case, or the place where the event will be held, the signal is given to the band, the signal that in the case does not even go to their hand, is in a joint bank account, this deposit can only be debited to them, they can only withdraw.

after the signed contract. Pay the insurance that is if the band has diarrhea, cannot come, or they cancel the contract, they are fucked, the contract is very well signed, so we don't have any losses.

LEIDIMAR: If you put 3, put 4 and take 15, 20, it's already in the profit, it's already worth it.

Unick wanted to back the currency.

The conversation, however, was guided by a task force of Unick leaders to back the currency. Among those involved in the task, in addition to Leidimar and Israel, was a person identified with Hugo and another called only 'cryptocurrency lawyer'.

To address the issue, Israel said that Leidimar needed to speak to Hugo, which the Unick boss disavows – probably due to an old problem between the two.

"Then I will tear your neck out, I already told you that I will never sit with HUGO", said Leidimar.

– Israel then says it does not know how to proceed, given that Hugo was ahead of the possibilities.

To resolve the impasse, Leidimar says he will appoint a lawyer to accompany Israel in his place, that the person would be in Portugal, but would soon return to Brazil.

Watch the conversation.

LEIDIMAR: No need, you will find out everything, I can put a lawyer with you, but now, man, you don't.

be crazy about saying my name to him, i already told you, i already told you that.

ISRAEL: No, he knows he has someone, but he doesn't know it's you, he threw a green a while ago, but I denied it until death.

LEIDIMAR: I know that, you told me.

ISRAEL: But yeah, they already wanted to book the plane next week so they can come and talk, because now the lawyer needs to sit down to see the documentation and travel to Switzerland the next week, if I'm not mistaken.


ISRAEL: So I need a lawyer who will know the whole process, how these actions are, how the ballast works, how it is, on behalf of whoever is, how it works, everything so I can talk for you here.

LEIDIMAR: Okay, but I'm seeing it here if there is a possibility, if I will be able to make this ballast or not.

ISRAEL: So, this ballast if you make it available and you can make it available, he said that there are several ways to do this. So it's very quiet according to HUGO.

LEIDIMAR: Okay, okay, just let me tell you, next week I think I can't, the person I'm going to put… listen, listen, oh fagot?

ISRAEL: Your voice was low.

LEIDIMAR: That shit phone of yours there. Do you hear?

ISRAEL: I'm listening, but it seems …

LEIDIMAR: The person I am going to talk to you to help with this part there she is not in Brazil, she is in Portugal taking care of business for us and I do not know if until next week she will be back.

ISRAEL: Understand.