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Forex Mobile App For iOS, Android Devices.

Our forex mobile app is ready for download. This unique forex mobile app will send traders an immediate push notification to their Ios or Android device when the forex market starts a new, consistent movement across any of the 8 currencies we follow. This includes the USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD and NZD. A total of 28 pairs.

The app scans the market every 5 minutes for consistent readings on the currencies. When the reading are sonsistent on one currency, the push alert notifications are sent. It is the only app of its kind available to forex traders. All push alerts that are send have a local date and time stamp. The app works on a large number of iOs and Android mobile devices, like Iphone, Ipad, Apple Watch and Samsung phones.

Forex traders can now be notified during almost any trading situation when strong, consistent movements are starting in the forex market across 8 currencies. Push alerts are sent for all possible situations, like price breakouts, news calendar related movements, unexpected news or world events, reversals, trend based trades, intraday day trades, and swing trade entry points. You be notified via push alert in all situations, many times before news is disseminated.

App Download And Set Up Instructions.

To download the mobile app you must first setup an account at pushed, with a username (email) and password.

Then download the app using the download links to either your Android or iOS device. Then email us at our admin@ email box and we will send you the further instructions as to how to set up our “Forexearlywarning Market Scanner” channel. Once installed, the app will be a yellow icon on your mobile device screen. See the image below. After you download the app tap on the upper right icon. Search for “Forexearlywarning Market Scanner”. Make sure you are subscribed to the market scanner feed on the “subscriptions tab”. The subscriptions can be accessed on the upper left menu, which is three horizontal bars. The whole process to download and subscribe takes under 10 minutes.

App User Functionality and Tips.

App users can compare the push alert notifications they receive to our desktop forex market scanner to make sure the app is functioning correctly. Expect about 20-25 push alerts per week. Our forex mobile app can be turned off for 24 hours using the do not disturb button.

App Customization With Your Phone settings – On most phones, additional customization is possible. Tap on the “settings” icon or “settings” menu in your phone. End users of the app can adjust the general settings on their phone so that the “do not disturb” settings can customized. This way, your phone will not vibrate or ring during those times of day that you designate.

Also, when you get a push alert, set your phone to vibrate and/or ring. On most phones you can go into the “settings” menu again to customize the type of audio, ringtones, and/or vibration you get with each push alert. Audio can be also distributed to a remote speaker if app users enable the blue tooth feature. Consult the documentation for your phone to see what options are available.

This is what the app notifications will look like on your phone or mobile device.

Forex Mobile App Screen.

You will see the date and time stamp in local time, and the most recent notifications for what currencies are strong or weak.

What To Do When You Get A Push Alert.

Our forex mobile app will alert traders when to check the market conditions. When you get a push alert, login to the Forexearlywarning.com website and check the market conditions to see if the conditions are right for a trade. Check the signals from The Forex Heatmap® , the trends on the higher time frames, and support and resistance levels, depending on the direction of the trade. Our trading plans will also be of great help in considering any trade, because you will know what pairs are in identified to be in clear trends.

Example: Look at the push alerts in the image above. If the app send a push alert that indicates CHF (Swiss Franc) weakness, as a trader you know that pairs like the CHF/JPY might be dropping or the EUR/CHF and USD/CHF might be rising. Also, since the NZD strength push alert was also sent, the NZD/CHF might be moving up strong and also be a buy candidate. Then check the heatmap signals and market trends on these pairs to verify your trade entry. You would use the same procedurefor all 8 currencies and 28 pairs we follow.

Forex Mobile App CHF Weakness.

Forex Mobile App NZD/CHF Price Movement.

A Unique Forex Mobile App.

When searching the web for a unique forex mobile app, traders find that almost all of the apps they see are built by brokers. So the app features might include a quote screen, some basic charts, and a buy and sell button for trade execution. This is fine, but if you don’t know what pair to trade and in which direction you will wind up with a losing trade. Executing trades from a mobile app is worthless unless you know what pair to trade and in which direction. Our app is the best forex mobile app for traders because it directs traders where to look for pairs that are starting new and consistent movements. Our forex mobile app will be widely recognized as one of the top apps available to forex traders to notify then of consistent market movemets and volatility.

Desktop Push Alerts App.

If you like these mobile app push alerts you can have the same alerts sent to your desktop computer or laptop web browser. You can set these push alerts up for the Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers also. Here is the setup guide and information for the desktop push alerts . All of our professional alert systems like news calendar alerts, push alerts and audible price alerts are listed in Lesson 16 of our 35 forex lessons . Always know when the forex market is moving !