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Leaf Your Worries Behind with this Exclusive Outdoor Scrapbook Layout.

During the autumn season, it’s hard to walk anywhere without having to side-step peppy pinecones and scattered branches. And whether you’re raking leaves in the yard or strolling the sidewalks to see their changing hues, the Pinecone Punch and Branch Border Punch are perfect for creating an arboretum of autumn scrapbook layouts. They’re available only through a limited-time promotion, so check out today’s ideas using these two exclusive punches and then head over to your CM site and make qualifying purchases to earn them!

Layout created by Krislyn Mattei – CM Independent Advisor.

To create this layout you’ll need:

Harvest Delight Paper Pack or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia) Harvest Delight Stickers or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia) Pinecone Punch or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia) Branch Border Punch or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia) 12-inch Trimmer with Straight and Wave Blades or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia) Tape Runner or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia) Repositionable Tape Runner Refill or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia) Foam Squares or (Shop Canada | Shop Australia)

Step 1: Use a sheet of white floral patterned paper as the base for this layout.

Step 2: For the border, use the 12-inch Trimmer with the Wave Blade and cut a 2-1/2″ x 12″ strip of light blue patterned paper. Cut a 1/2″ x 12″ strip of blue chevron patterned paper and adhere it 1/4″ below the top edge of the border. Cut a 1-1/2″ x 12″ strip of gold leaf patterned paper and adhere it 1/4″ above the bottom edge of the border.

Layout created by Krislyn Mattei – CM Independent Advisor.

Step 3: Using the Branch Border Punch, punch a border from the teal patterned paper and adhere it along the seam between the blue chevron patterned strip and the gold leaf patterned strip. Using the Pinecone Punch, punch pinecones out of each of the gold, light blue and teal patterned papers, as shown. Using the Tape Runner and Repositionable adhesive, attach all but two of the pinecones to branches, alternating as you go.

Step 4: Using the 12-inch Trimmer with the Wave Blade, cut two 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ pieces of light blue patterned paper. Mount them on the layout, as shown. Switch to the 12-inch Trimmer Straight Blade and cut two 4″ x 6″ pieces of green floral patterned paper. Mount them onto the light blue pieces and mount two 3-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ photos on top.

Layout created by Krislyn Mattei – CM Independent Advisor.

Step 5: Adhere the remaining pinecones to the lower left corner of the layout. Add the tag, flower, leaves, “Memories” and “So Fun!” stickers, as shown. Journal as desired.

Love this outdoor scrapbook layout and hungry for more ideas? Enjoy these “outside the box” ideas Advisors Lara Carlson, Melissa Albers, Shelly Norris and Belinda Bowen came up with!

What will you create with these new punches? Let us know in the comments below!

Learn more about how to earn these exclusive punches — they’re only available for a limited time!

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17 thoughts on “ Leaf Your Worries Behind with this Exclusive Outdoor Scrapbook Layout ”


Jumped right on to buy both punches, very sad you can’t buy them….just one more set i won’t have. :-(

Cocojohn says:

Please make the punches available to buy! Some of us can only spend smaller amounts at a time.

patricia scholl says:

Please do make these available to all. Some how I missed this. Love the pinecone punch!

Nancy Israelson says:

Really disappointing they will not be available to purchase.

Jose says:

Wish there was some way you could let us buy them without the promotion.

L Starr says:

Would have bought both of these punches in a heartbeat. I really dislike these promotions. Prices me right out of consideration. Would really be miffed if I opted in and got alternate items.

D. Abdennour says:

Yes, I agree…it is a lot to spend for anyone at one time if you wish to purchase both punches. I think at one point as the holidays approach they may decide to release the punches to buy individually just because the pine cones can remind you of the holidays. The company probably has some excess of certain items they want to get rid of so they use these punches as a way to get you the consumer to buy more products. Just a thought.

D. Abdennour says:

By the way, the construction of the above scrapbook pages and pinecone animals are very creative and cute. Love them.

Therese says:

How was the body of the peacock made please.

Kathleen says:

i would love to know too.

K. Blair says:

I love the Kitty Cat with the bone image cut from the new leaf border cartridge.

Maggie says:

Such a tease! Would love to purchase them but can’t really spend the $$ to qualify right now :(


I jumped right on to buy both punches when the pictures showed up, to find out that i have to spend 250.00 to get them is crazy. All i buy now from Creative memories is every punch they make(because i have everything else), but this isn’t fare for those who just made an order or don’t need books right now….really big slap in the face for those of us who have been fans and big ordering customers for 15+ years….doesn’t pay to be a loyal customer anymore.

Gwen Cooper says:

Absolutely love the punches. Very disappointed that we cannot purchase them. Just not financially equipment to place orders to get the 2 punches. Just placed an order the week before. I just don’t have the finances like that. If you can make them for a promotion, why can’t they be made for purchase. Just don’t get it. Oh well.

Rosemarie says:

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