Unick forex novo hamburgo

Proceedings against Unick partners will resume in January.

Shortly after the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) scheduled for December the judgment of Unick Forex and its partners, the hearings of the process will resume in January 2021.

In the new hearings, prosecution witnesses listed by the Public Prosecutor's Office will be heard. More specifically, hearings will take place on January 26 and 27, by videoconference.

Eight witnesses to go.

According to Jornal VS, the rescheduling of hearings in the lawsuit against Unick Sociedade de Investimentos was made by the judge of the 7th Federal Court of Porto Alegre, Karine da Silva Cordeiro.

The Novo Hamburgo company is accused of operating a financial pyramid scheme that has injured thousands of people. In all, the loss is estimated at over R $ 12 billion.

At hearings scheduled by the judge, the last eight of a total of 11 prosecution witnesses will be heard.

Although these testimonies were scheduled for March this year, they were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, so far – more than a year after the operation that dismantled the scheme was launched – only three prosecution witnesses have been heard.

The 15 defendants in the Unick case and their lawyers were also summoned to participate. Everyone is free.

Defense witnesses and defendants without a hearing.

Justice, however, did not schedule hearings to hear defense witnesses and defendants.

The number of defense witnesses is high, considering the total of 15 defendants. Thus, the testimonies are likely to occur on different dates.

Finally, the accused will be questioned. It is worth noting that they account for criminal types of crimes against the financial system, criminal organization and money laundering.

For the offenses, the sentences can go from 7 to 22 years in prison.

Victims go on without receiving.

As CriptoFácil recently reported, the thousands of victims of the scheme are still unpaid.

And although the loss is R $ 12 billion, only R $ 257 million was found in cash and goods.

In addition, as the company also owes the Union, it is not clear where the money seized is going. In other words, the indemnity and compensation to injured investors is still uncertain.

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