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The Growth and Future of the Forex Market.

The forex market has grown steadily ever since exchange rates began to float in the 1970s, from a value of $5 billion in 1977 to $5.5trillion in 2022. But can this trend continue?

Looking at the value of the market over the past 40 years it is clear that it has continued to increase in value at a fairly steady rate.

Even during periods where other financial markets were in a state of flux, such as the 2008 financial crisis, the forex markets continued to grow undaunted.

So, what drives the forex market towards this bullish growth year on year?

Variables for Forex Market Growth.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the stable Forex market growth we can see since the 1970s.

These factors include:

Communication- The introduction of the internet has made an industry that was once the domain of businesses that specialized in forex trading, accessible to individuals by making all the live information needed to trade freely available.

Volatility- Foreign exchange rates fluctuate regularly, and this volatility means more opportunities for investment and trading.

Technological Advancements- Through computer advancements, trading has become infinitely easier. Trading systems can now be automated and traders can have easy and immediate access to live market updates on all their devices. Furthermore, with the extent of information on the internet, learning the key skills for forex trading is widely available.

Globalization- As the volume of cross-border trade has increased, so has the amount of foreign currency exchange transactions. The diversity and volume of this trade have benefited forex markets which have had to grow exponentially to accommodate the increased demand.

International Investments- Increased global trade has also brought global connections and international investment. With investors always looking to diversify and take advantage of investment opportunities, the forex market has posed a potentially lucrative way to get involved and potentially benefit from the increased growth.

Risk Management- Companies around the globe have increasingly become aware of the effects that foreign exchange moves can have on their bottom line. This has increased the demand to limit potential losses brought about by negative currency movements by hedging foreign exchange rates at fixed amounts. A whole ecosystem of forex futures, forwards, and other derivatives has grown up around this.

The Forex Market in 2021.

In 2021 the forex market is valued at $2.049 quadrillion, with the daily market turnover at around $6.6 trillion . In terms of currency pairs and which currencies are most traded in 2021, USD comes out on top with it being one-half of all trade in 88% of all forex trades, a 29% increase since 2022.

The top seven currency pairs in 2021 are:

In terms of which countries hold the largest share of global OTC forex turnover, the rankings are:

What Can We Expect for the Future?

The IMARC Group predicts the global forex market will grow by 7.5% CAGR between 2021-2026, so the 40-year growth trajectory that the forex market has been on is unlikely to stop any time soon. In fact, the rate of growth could even increase as new factors, such as 24/7 trading, high transactional transparency and huge trading volumes begin to show an effect.

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