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Creator of Urpay, which operated Unick Forex payments, has a new company on the market.

Urpay, which gained fame for being associated with Unick Forex, ended its activities in the market after the fall of the group led by Leidimar Lopes. But the owner of the payments company, which has dozens of lawsuits on its back, continues to operate in the segment through Soberano.

It appears on LinkedIn by José André da Costa, former director of global operations at Urpay, that he has served as vice president of Soberano Payments S / A since January this year, in addition to owning Trinity Softwares since March.

Interestingly, Soberano has existed since May 2014, even before Urpay started operating in the market. According to the information provided by this Private Limited Company to the Federal Revenue, there is no name of Costa in the corporate structure. The company's vice president simply does not appear in the list of managers and partners.

The company based in Campinas (SP) is responsible for Mauro Sérgio Lopes de Oliveira (administrator), Izabela Cristina Rodrigues Santos (administrator of the Soberano holding company) and Paulo Hideki Koga (board member).

The main National Classification of Business Activity (CNAE) of Soberano Payments is that of a card administrator, but on the website it appears that the company would be a financial institution.

On the Central Bank's website, however, it was not found as authorized by the agency to function as such. Nothing was found. The search was made both by the name "Sovereign" (as stated in the company name) and by CNPJ 20.339.756 / 0001-77.

Urpay and the poorly resolved story.

Although Costa mentions on his LinkedIn that he is no longer at Urpay, the company remains active, according to information in the IRS. And he still bears the name of André Costa as an administrator.

The story surrounding the company that was used to make Unick Forex payments does not seem very clear. Urpay sold a portfolio of 2 million customers to Suit Bank S / A, deactivated its application and social networks, and removed the service for registering new customers from its website. This fact implied that the company had ended its activities.

At that time, Costa said that this did not mean that Urpay had ceased to exist, and that social networks were disabled after the sale of customer portfolios to Suit Bank.

Curious society.

However, Urpay has another partner, Multiplicar Participações, as a partner. Headquartered in Palmas (TO), this company has only José André da Costa, from Urpay, as a partner.

According to a person who was close to the company but asked not to be identified, Multiplicar was previously managed by the wife of the current vice president of Soberano. Izabela Santos, who is also responsible for the management of Soberano, had her name removed from Multiplicar by André Costa.

In one of the documents sent to the report, he shows that Izabela Santos has already made up the Corporate Structure of this company, which is a partner at Urpay.

No reply.

O Bitcoin Portal got in touch with José André Costa to talk about this subject. However, he did not respond until the matter was closed.