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Is Orion Partner a pyramid? Learn everything before investing.

There is no central account and transactions are carried out between members of the Orion Partner community , the company is very suspicious on the internet. This article is for you to learn more about Orion investments and how it works.

What is Orion Partner?

Orion Partner is a multinational community of decentralized mutual aid that carries out all transactions without the intervention of a central account, being legally recognized as donations.

According to the Brazilian Civil Code, donations made voluntarily and spontaneously are allowed in the country, that is, they are legalized and supported by Brazilian law.

This platform model was created by Fabricio Ramos, a Brazilian man and resident of the state of Minas Gerais, together with a partner. Orion Partner's intention is not to pay anyone, but to broker participants who donate and receive and vice versa.

However, a very important detail to note is that the company's website is not registered in Brazil, but is hosted in Russia.

According to an Orion Partner blog, the company was trying to use cryptocurrency Bitcoin to promote itself, as it is the most common and most used cryptocurrency today. According to the post, Orion would be the “only financial community in the world with blockchain technology.”

Orion Partner investments: how did it work?

The business model presented on the website basically consisted of donating money to the network, and receiving it back with an increase of a certain percentage.

On the Orion Partner platform website, the big and innovative business is presented as a social financial platform designed for communities to donate money directly to each other, where a large community of people donates money to each other, to help them achieve personal projects. After making this donation, a participant can receive up to 100% bonus for any amount they donate every ten days.

The logic behind the Orion Partner platform is a quote from the bible where it says: “it is giving that one receives”.

The company presents itself as a multinational mutual aid platform. Some videos show the potential for gains allowed by this system, but many of them were taken down after the company started a police investigation. Many people have published testimonials showing the achievement of large profits, but most of the reports and testimonials found on the internet are negative, exposing fraud, delays and negligence on the part of the company.

The idea behind the Orion Partner platform would be to raise money by donating investments.

The scheme of the pair of Brazilians may have raised several million in Bitcoins, where in a certain period there was a balance in accounts about R $ 5 million reais.

Orion Partner login: how to enter?

The site is currently down, but login was done through the site itself, via Gmail email and a password.

Orion Partner broke?

It is not known for certain what happened to the platform, but the fact is that the platform is completely offline and some videos have been excluded from the internet video platforms. It is also worth mentioning that there are many complaints from participants who have not received and are unable to contact the platform.

Orion Partner registration: how was the registration done?

An account was created using your Gmail email through the link sent by your sponsor. After accessing the link, he filled in the registration data.

Step by step to register in the Orion Partner community:

Open a virtual bank account URPAY or a Bitcoin virtual wallet. It is worth mentioning that the documents must be very legible, clear to speed up the biometric validation; Access the Orion Partner link, remembering that it is only possible to use an email and a WhatsApp number for each registration; In the Mi Bank account option, you must enter a sequence of 0000; After creating your login with Orion Partner, choose a package according to your financial income, remembering that after 10 days, you must donate an equal amount as a repayment. Therefore, you start the sequence of re-commitments and refunds every 10 days, called cycles; After choosing the dollar package, wait for the system to locate one or more donors so that you can then make your donation within 24 hours, and thus be able to receive earnings through members of the Orion Partner community. Under “Provide Help”, click on the “little eye” icon to open details about donations. You should check if there are one or more donations and make them according to your financial availability in the Urpay or Bitcoin wallets;

Make sure to copy and paste the address of Urpay or Bitcoin wallet so as not to make a wrong transfer to another person;

You must convert the amounts to reais, transferring the equivalent amount;

If you do not make the donation in 24 hours, the system will block the login and find another participant to make such donation, so as not to interrupt the cycle;

You must make the donation (s), and then attach the proof (s) of it (s), and wait for the recipient to give the release, or if the recipient does not do so within a period of 24 hours, the system will effect the release automatically.

Note: this was how the registration was done and the recommendations were suggested by members of the community.

Steps to effect the repurchase at Orion.

To make the re-commitment, go to “Get Help” and click on “Make GH request”. After your order is 'matured' (which can occur in a few minutes or a few hours after the time provided), a window opens where you can click and the list with all packages appears, where you must choose the same package corresponding to the value of the your initial investment and click on: 'Order Now'. If you want to upgrade to a larger package, choose the new package, and it will generate a request for donation at this new value; It is worth remembering that when a particular package is chosen, it is not possible to cancel, as the order to find recipients of your donation will already be in effect, even outside your re-commitment period, if you click on any package, it will generate a duplicate package that may lock your login if you are not paid; therefore, be smart not to click on any package by mistake; You can open the URPAY account and register with Orion, without having chosen a package, as it is only when you click on the package that the 24-hour period starts to make your donation. Wait for it to be released by the recipients of donations and immediately go to “Get Help”, click on “Place your order for GH” and “Request GH”; The deadline for receiving GH is up to 10 days after the request, which must be paid before your next re-commitment; Your GH request will be visible in the lower right corner of the home screen, and after the system finds donors compatible with your date and amounts receivable, a field will open for you to see who was the person who made the donation. After checking the amount in your URPAY or Bitcoin wallet, you must confirm receipt; if the value is lower than the stipulated, you must inform so that the difference is paid.

Network bonus payment.

All direct referral and residual bonus earnings up to the tenth level follow a few criteria:

Minimum payment request limit is $ 100; As long as there is no first rebate regarding the bonus generator login, the amounts are pending; Bonuses are released into the system on a weekly basis, from Monday to Tuesday night; To view and / or request network bonuses, you must go to the icon: "References", click on "Request Payment" and accept all terms; After requesting payment, a donation request will be generated, which will be visible in the bottom corner of the initial screen, the system will have a period of up to 10 days to make the payment through one or more donors in the community; After checking the amounts received in your URPAY or Bitcoin wallet, confirm the release in the system.

Orion Partner at Reclame Aqui.

On the Reclame Aqui website, the company has many complaints. As none of the complaints were answered, the Reclame Aqui website classifies the company Orion Partner as not recommended e unreliable .

Most of the complaints exposed on the Reclame Aqui website are made by investors who did not receive the amount invested, and problems with the withdrawal of the values ​​in the accounts.

Example of a complaint found on the Reclame Aqui website, as we can see the complaint refers to investments that have not been paid and that have not yielded anything and the community participant has lost all the money invested. Look:

How does the Orion Partner work?

Initially you must choose a donation package. After choosing the package, every 10 days, called a cycle, you get a 50% profit. To keep receiving the profits, you must renew your package every 10 days.

You also receive percentages if someone joins the Orion Partner community through your referral, so that person becomes a member of your team. You can receive up to 10% of the amount purchased in the package by the person and in all renewals made.

You receive in up to 10 levels, with the percentage differentiated for each level:

1st level: you receive 10% of all transactions carried out by the new member; 2nd level: you receive 5% of transactions 3nd level: you receive 4% of transactions 4nd level: you receive 3% of transactions 5nd level: you receive 2% of transactions 6th to 10th levels: you receive 1% of transactions.

There are some criteria that must be followed in order to receive the referral bonus, that is, it is not simply going out referring, but you must fulfill the referral rules.

1st level equivalent to 10%: the person must purchase a personal package with a minimum of U $ 150; 2nd and 3rd levels are equivalent to 5 and 4% respectively: the personal package must have a minimum of U $ 250 and 2 and 3 direct referrals from the same package respectively; 4th and 5th levels are equivalent to 3 and 2% respectively: the package must have a minimum of U $ 550 and 4 and 5 direct referrals from the same package respectively; 6th to 9th levels are equivalent to 1%: in all these levels the package has a minimum value of US $ 1.000 and must have at least 6,7,8 and 9 direct referrals from the same US $ 1.000 package; 10th level is also equivalent to 1%, but it has the minimum package of US $ 10.000 and must have at least 10 direct referrals from the same package of US $ 10.000.

Regarding the guarantee, it is important to highlight that one person only receives donations and that the sustainability of the platform comes from inviting new people and continuing with donations.

Does the Orion Partner platform work yet?

No, it was a Orion Partner platform designed for community participants to donate money directly to each other. Orion Partner is not a bank, it does not collect your money. Instead, users are paired with other users on the platform and donate to each other directly, voluntarily and spontaneously.

Orion Partner is a pyramid?

Orion Partner is not considered a financial pyramid, since there is no central account to take care of investments. The platform only promises to broker registered donors and recipients.

Orion Partner plans (investment plans)

Orion Partner had some packages or investment plans that should be purchased after registering with your account. Some of the existing packages were:

Package 1: $ 150 value and $ 75 profit every 10 days Package 2: $ 250 value and $ 125 profit every 10 days Package 3: $ 550 value and $ 275 profit every 10 days Package 4: $ 700 value and $ 350 profit every 10 days Package 5: $ 1.000 value and profits starting at $ 500 every 10 days Package 6: $ 1.500 value and profits starting at $ 750 every 10 days Package 7: $ 2.000 value and profits starting at $ 1.000 every 10 days Package 8: $ 3.500 value and profits starting at $ 1.750 every 10 days Package 9: $ 5.000 value and profits starting at $ 2.500 every 10 days Package 10: $ 10.000 value and profits starting at $ 5.000 every 10 days Package 11: $ 50.000 value and profits starting at $ 25.000 every 10 days.

The platform promises to pay the amounts earned by URPAY (Brazilian Real) or by Bitcoin (international) virtual wallet. For Bitcoin withdrawals, the company charges 0,001 BTC plus the blockchain fee.

Orion Partner Community.

The Orion Partner community has some rules to be followed such as:

All users must fill in the mandatory bank details with the URPAY or BITCOIN virtual wallets and, if the accounts do not fill in these details, they will be blocked until their correct correction. The donation order cannot be canceled after it is issued. The maximum payment term is 24 hours and if it is not paid within that period the account will be blocked from 3 to 7 days. A donation can only be made every 10 days and there may be punishment if more donations occur in a short period of time. The maximum deadline for payment of an aid request is up to 10 days after the request. Bonuses related to the plan / package will be released every Monday at 23 pm. It is possible to create multiple Orion Partner accounts with the same user, but each must have a different registration email. The deadline for assistance and response from the Technology and Information sector is up to 72 hours. Support Orion's office hours are Monday through Friday from 09:00 am to 18:00 pm.

It was a series of rules for members, but everything fell apart after the company was accused of financial pyramid.

The company also gained prominence due to the tragic outcome where leader Fabrício Ramos shot Edivalvo da Silva, an investor who camped in front of Fabrício's house after losing everything he had in Bitcoin. Edivalvo wanted the money invested in Orion Partner , he went to the president's house to collect the debt, but unfortunately it didn't work.