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The ODNI Office of Strategic Communications is responsible for managing all inquiries and correspondence from the public and the media. Before contacting ODNI, please review to see if we have already posted the information you need.

Contact ODNI by Postal Mail.

Please send your questions, comments, or suggestions to:

Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

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By Fax: 703-275-1225.


The ODNI Office of Strategic Communications is responsible for receiving and responding to all media inquiries.

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The Honorable Avril Haines.

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If you are a mortgage company, creditor, or potential employer, you may submit your request by fax or mail to ODNI.

ODNI does not provide verbal responses, nor itemize pay by overtime, bonuses, and awards. ODNI will not provide pay information that includes employer information.

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The Intelligence Community Inspector General.

In accordance with Title 50 U.S.C.A. Section 3033, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (IC IG) conducts independent and objective audits, investigations, inspections, and reviews to promote economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and integration across the Intelligence Community.

Questions or comments about oversight of the Intelligence Community? Contact the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

Privacy and Civil Liberties.

The Office of Civil Liberties, Privacy and Transparency (CLPT) leads the integration of civil liberties and privacy protections into the policies, procedures, programs and activities of the Intelligence Community (IC). Its overarching goal is to ensure that the IC operates within the full scope of its authorities in a manner that protects civil liberties and privacy, provides appropriate transparency, and earns and retains the trust of the American people.

To report a potential civil liberties and privacy violation or file a complaint, please review the requirements at the CLPT homepage.

Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints.

The Intelligence Community Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity (EEOD) Office is responsible for the overall management of the ODNI EEO and Diversity Program, and provides IC-wide oversight and guidance in developing, implementing, and measuring progress in EEO, diversity, and inclusion.

The IC EEOD Office is committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants based on merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, and physical or mental disability.

Applicants or employees who believe they have been discriminated against on the bases of race, color, religion, sex/gender (sexual orientation and gender identity), national origin, age, disability, genetic information (including family medical history) and/or reprisal for prior participation in the EEO process may raise their concerns to the IC EEOD Office.

Prepublication Classification Review.

If you have worked for the ODNI in a staff or contract capacity and are intending to share intelligence-related information with the public through social media posts, books or television and film productions, you will need to submit the materials for approval.

For guidance and instructions, please email ODNI Prepublication Review at

Freedom of Information Act Requests.

The goal of the ODNI Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act Office is to keep the public better informed about the agency’s efforts and to ensure U.S. security through the release of as much information as possible, consistent with the need to protect classified or sensitive information under the exemption provisions of these laws.

Careers and Employment.

The Intelligence Community provides dynamic careers to talented professionals in almost every career category . The ODNI is a senior-level agency that provides oversight to the Intelligence Community. ODNI is primarily a staff organization that employs subject-matter experts in the areas of collection, analysis, acquisition, policy, human resources, and management.

Conducting Research with the Intelligence Community.

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity tackles some of the most difficult challenges across the intelligence agencies and disciplines, and results from its programs are expected to transition to its IC customers. IARPA does not have an operational mission and does not deploy technologies directly to the field.

If you would like to learn more about engaging with IARPA on their highly innovative work that is already positively impacting the U.S. Intelligence Community and society in general, please follow the link below.

Latest Updates from the ODNI.

Track the latest developments and stories of interest from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence:

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The Old Man: How Jeff Bridges Masters This FX Series.

The beloved actor Jeff Bridges translates his movie skills into his first main role in a TV series, losing none of his charm and talent along the way.

Despite having an easy path to Hollywood, guided by his family Lloyd and Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges paved his way to fame through natural talent. Coached by his father and brother, Bridges developed skills that landed him all kinds of roles. As Alex Pappedemas of Men’s Health comments, Bridges has played “cowboys and country singers, good men and flawed men and men who very badly want to kill Iron Man.” Yet despite portraying so many varied characters, Bridges maintains an essence in all of his work that is so authentically him.

In 2022, The Big Lebowski and Crazy Heart star was diagnosed with cancer. Shortly after overcoming his lymphoma, Bridges contracted COVID and, as he told Men’s Health, “faced [his] mortality." Bridges’ dance with death encouraged him to experiment and continue his career with his new FX project The Old Man . At first, the actor was concerned about working in television. He told Derek Lawrence of Vanity Fair that he always saw a big difference in quality between films and TV, and he felt a show would be “rushed or whatever.” He realized though that there are many “quality” shows today and felt it was “worth the experiment.”


The Old Man is based upon the 2022 novel by Thomas Perry and follows a retired CIA agent, Dan Chase, who has resided off-grid for three decades. After killing a trespasser, Chase is tracked by his former enemy, the FBI’s Harold Harper, played by John Lithgow. Here is how Jeff Bridges takes his talents to The Old Man .

Jeff Bridges Was Taught to Do More Than Just Say Lines.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

Before The Old Man , Bridges had only appeared on two TV shows, his father’s 60s project Sea Hunt in addition to The Lloyd Bridges Show . In a discussion with Marc and Melissa Hunt of Smashing Interviews, Bridges explains that his father told him not “just to say the lines” but to hear them too. Bridges also came to understand that being “relaxed” during the work allowed “the good stuff” to come through, a skill he also collected from Lloyd Bridges. These talents have translated over to The Old Man .

Bridges delivers his lines the way an ex-CIA operative would, with tiredness but also a sureness of who he is, a combination of fatigue and confidence that perfectly suits the character. Adrian Horton of The Guardian calls Jeff Bridges' performance as Chase “standout” and impressive seeing as he “[toggles] between fight, flight, and retirement modes.”

Jeff Bridges Connects With His Character in The Old Man.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

Seeing as Bridges faced health challenges going into The Old Man , his character’s retirement and then abrupt return to work made sense to him; plus, as a septuagenarian himself, he came to better understand a show about getting older. Bridges told Vanity Fair that he was also drawn to the “theme of [life’s] consequences” and facing challenges that have been pending. In an article by Daily Actor, Bridges reveals that he “starts with himself and sees what lines up with [his current] character.” He gives the example of his performance in the Oscar-nominated Hell or Highwater , where he “magnified” his teasing qualities of himself to increase the believability of his character.

When watching The Old Man , you can see Jeff Bridges mining his own life for the difficult emotions Dan Chase feels. This is the skill that makes all of Bridges’ work so engaging. Mike Hale of The New York Times describes Bridges performance in The Old Man as “absolutely convincing in every moment” and conveys Chase’s “lethality and frailty” with ease.

Jeff Bridges' Spirituality Adds to the FX Series.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

Although Jeff Bridges has always harbored a spiritual side, his experiences over the last two years have improved his approaches to acting even more. His tussle with mortality taught him major, unexpected, life lessons, just as ex-CIA agent Dan Chase also has. On The Old Man set, Bridges is assisted by a real CIA operative, Christopher Huddleston. Huddleston introduced Bridges to Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy which really resonated with the actor (and his Buddhist studies) and his current character. In an article by Theresa Gambacorta of SPIN, Bridges explains that Stoicism is “leaning into what you think is a problem rather than trying to avoid it."

Dan Chase stands very much in this mindset. He is a tired old man, and yet he is not resisting the disturbances that come into his life. Although Jeff Bridges is facing new challenges and unforeseen lessons, these obstacles are only enhancing his abilities as an actor.

In an article by CBS Morning News, Jeff Bridges is called a “leading man with the soul of a character actor. He can be a hero, a villain, statesman, or a stoner,” mastering whatever comes his way. Like the Stoics, Bridges rolls with the punches. His new show, The Old Man , is currently airing its seven episodes on Thursday nights at 10pm on FX, and is available for streaming on Hulu; it's already been renewed for a second season.

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Trading Strategy Tester.

Test and optimize your trading robot before you use it for real trading.

The built-in MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester facilitates the testing of automated robot performance in trading. This powerful tool not only allows testing the efficiency of an Expert Advisor, but also allows detecting the best input parameters before you run the EA on your real account.

The entire operation of the Strategy Tester is based on historical quotes of currencies, stocks and other assets. During testing, the Expert Advisor goes through the accumulated quotes and performs virtual transactions according to its algorithm. This procedure allows an evaluation of how the EA would have traded in the past.

The MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester allows testing Expert Advisors on multiple currencies. Trading robots have access to all the financial instruments in the tester and can perform trading transactions with any of them. This feature allows you to test even more sophisticated Expert Advisors that are capable of analyzing multiple currencies and identify the correlation between them.

The main advantage of the testing procedure is the possibility to evaluate a robot performance prior to trading on a real account. In addition, it takes only a few minutes in the tester rather than days, weeks or months needed to test an EA in the real market. This is an indisputable advantage of the Strategy Tester, but not all of its capabilities.

Testing modes.

MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester offers several testing modes to achieve the optimal speed/quality ratio based on trader's needs. "Every tick" is used to ensure the best testing accuracy. Simulated conditions are the most realistic in this mode. "1 minute OHLC" is introduced for traders who want to test a strategy quickly but also accurately at the same time. Select "Open prices only" if you need very quick and rough estimation based on bars' open prices.

The Strategy Tester is not only used for the testing of the trading robots, but it is also used to solve many mathematical problems involving parameter optimization. In this case trading history is not used and the market environment is not simulated giving way to math calculations implemented in the Expert Advisor.

With stress testing, the testing of trading robots can be even more realistic. Random Delay mode simulates network delays when transferring and processing trading requests, as well as delays of requests execution by dealers in real trading.

Graphical display of test results.

Display of Expert Advisors' test results is one of the most notable features of the Strategy Tester. The results are shown in figures displaying an Expert Advisor's profit during a test. Additionally, they are also represented by a great amount of statistical data including profit/loss percentage ratio, number of profitable/loss-making deals, risk factor, expected payoff and much more.

Strategies testing results can be presented in charts for more convenient analysis.

Visual testing.

Visual testing makes it possible to track an Expert Advisor's operations on historical price data in real time:

All performed deals are visualized on a chart, which makes the analysis more convenient. The testing process can be slowed down or stopped to observe how trading is performed at any particular time interval.

The visualization mode allows the trader not only to monitor the trading robot's operation in real time, but it additionally allows the testing of custom technical indicators. For example, you can evaluate an indicator's behavior on historical data before buying it from the Market.


Another important utility of the Strategy Tester is the function of optimization, which allows choosing the best input parameters for a specific trading robot. For instance, with optimization, you can modify the parameters to achieve maximum profitability and stability, minimum risk and so forth.

During the optimization process, one trading robot is tested multiple times with different sets of parameters. After the optimization, you can compare the results to select the parameters that provide the best performance for your robot.

The number of combinations of input parameters in the optimization can be overwhelming: you can have up to hundreds or even thousands of such combinations. As a result, the optimization can turn into a very extensive process, but still can be significantly shortened through the use of genetic algorithms. This feature disables the serial search of all combinations of input parameters and selects only those that best meet the optimization criteria set. In subsequent phases, the "optimal" combinations are crossed until the best possible result is achieved. The genetic algorithms help to considerably reduce the number of combinations and the total optimization time.

Graphical display of optimization results.

The Strategy Tester provides powerful 2D and 3D tools for visual analysis of optimization results. For example, you can analyze correlation of a final result with two parameters in 2D, while 3D allows you to view the entire process of the optimal result search during optimization.

In addition to the built-in features, you can use custom visualization methods. There is no need to prepare data in some specific way, export it or process in a third-party application. Results can be reviewed during the optimization process.

Forward testing.

The built-in forward testing option helps avoid the problem of "over-optimization" or parameter fitting. This option divides the database of currency and stock quotes for optimization into two separate parts. The optimization is performed for the first part, while the second part is used to confirm the obtained results. If a trading robot is equally efficient on both segments, this is the proof that the trading system has the best parameters, and parameter fitting is practically impossible.

MQL5 Cloud Network.

Distributed testing and optimization allows the connection of additional computing resources in order to enhance these processes. For example, you can use additional computers in your local network to accelerate the optimization process. But that is not all.

MQL5 Cloud Network is a cloud computing network that unites thousands of computers from all over the world. The Strategy Tester can connect to the network benefiting from almost unlimited computing power. With the MQL5 Cloud Network, the optimization of trading applications, which would normally take months to compute if using only one computer, can now be completed within a few hours.

MQL5 Cloud Network can be enabled through the MetaTrader 5 trading platform in just a couple of clicks. Learn more about how MQL5 Cloud Network can accelerate calculations >>

In addition to using the distributed computing network, you can provide your CPU computing power and earn money. You should launch the MetaTester component included into the MetaTrader 5 trading platform and your computer will be connected to the MQL5 Cloud Network.

The Strategy Tester is an extraordinary powerful tool crafted for developers of trading robots. Without the use of the tester, the creation of an efficient and reliable robot is practically impossible. The Strategy Tester saves you lots of time and allows creating a truly optimal trading robot!

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Jeff Bridges to Star in FX CIA Drama ‘The Old Man’

Oscar winner Jeff Bridges is making his series-regular debut and will star in the FX drama 'The Old Man,' which has been ordered to pilot at the now-Disney-owned cable network.

Lesley Goldberg.

July 25, 2022 11:30am.

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Courtesy of FX.

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The Dude is going primetime.

Oscar winner Jeff Bridges is making his TV series-regular debut and will star in the FX drama The Old Man , which has been ordered to pilot at the now-Disney-owned cable network.

Based on Thomas Perry’s best-selling book of the same name, The Old Man will see Bridges play Dan Chase, a retired CIA officer who absconded from the CIA decades ago and has been living off the grid since. When an assassin arrives and tries to take Chase out, the seasoned operative learns that to ensure his future, he now must reconcile his past.

Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine ( Black Sails ) will pen the script and executive produce the drama, which hails from Fox 21 Television Studios-based Warren Littlefield. Dan Shotz, Bridges and David Schiff will also exec produce. Production on the pilot is set to begin in the fall.

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“Jeff Bridges is an iconic, extraordinary actor, and to have him as the star of this series is an incredible moment for FX,” FX president of originals Nick Grad said Thursday in a statement. “Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine have delivered an amazing pilot script, and Jeff is perfect for the role of Dan Chase. We’re also happy to be working with Warren Littlefield, with whom we’ve had such a terrific partnership on Fargo , along with our partners at Fox 21.”

The Old Man marks Bridges’ first series-regular role following a long feature film career that has included The Big Lebowski , Tron , Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Crazy Heart , the latter of which earned him an Oscar and Golden Globe for lead actor.

Steinberg, Shotz and Levine reteam on The Old Man after their four-season run on Starz’s pirate drama Black Sails. The FX pilot stems from a new overall deal Steinberg and Shotz recently inked with Fox 21.

The Old Man joins an FX slate that also includes Fargo , Mayans , Pose , Fosse/Verdon , Atlanta , What We Do in the Shadows , Snowfall and the highly anticipated take on Brian K. Vaughan’s beloved comics Y: The Last Man.

The cable network has been ramping up originals under new parent company Disney. Like FX, Fox 21 is now also part of the Disney fold, so The Old Man is technically produced in-house. Fox 21 is behind the FX series American Crime Story , Fosse/Verdon and Mayans , as well as Showtime’s Homeland and USA Network’s Queen of the South.

Bridges is repped by CAA, MGMT Entertainment and Hirsch Wallerstein.

July 25, 1:00 p.m. A previous version of this story noted that The Old Man was picked up straight to series. It has in fact only been ordered to pilot.

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‘The Old Man’: Jeff Bridges Shows True Grit as an Ex-CIA Agent on the Run.

The title of FX’s The Old Man doesn’t really tell you what kind of show it is. It could be a wacky multicamera sitcom about an ill-behaving senior citizen who gets kicked out of his retirement home and has to move in with his hipster grandson. It could be a whimsical dramedy about a retiree figuring out how to fill his days. Or it could be what it actually is: a thriller starring Jeff Bridges as a renegade former CIA operative who has to kill a lot of people when the fugitive identity he’s lived under for decades is discovered. Even the show’s poster image is relatively nondescript, with Bridges’ giant head floating behind the concerned body of co-star John Lithgow as his former handler. It tells you that The Old Man stars two revered, award-winning actors, and not much else.

But even if FX had opted to change the title from that of the Thomas Perry novel on which the show is based — maybe to The Dude Abides Murder ? — The Old Man would still feel somewhat generic. It offers exactly what the poster promises, in two excellent performances from Bridges and Lithgow (plus strong supporting ones from Amy Brenneman, Alia Shawkat, and Gbenga Akinnagbe), and offers a bonus in some gripping close-quarters combat sequences. But the story itself feels like an afterthought, and the energy level tends to droop whenever Bridges is not getting his homicide on.

Bridges plays Dan Chase, who once upon a time was a hotshot agent working in Afghanistan in the Eighties. Then he betrayed both his chief asset and the Agency and disappeared, building a happy and lucrative life, alongside a wife and daughter, under an assumed name. When the series begins, he is a widower whose only remaining family appears to be his two Rottweilers, who seem adorably docile until their master’s life is threatened, at which point they become his cold-blooded, highly-skilled bodyguards. The dogs come in handy, as does Chase’s own rusty but formidable aptitude for violence, when the government catches up to him and dispatches an assassin to his lovely suburban home. Soon, he’s on the run from ex-colleague Harold Harper (Lithgow), now an assistant FBI director, and Harper’s protégé Angela Adams (Shawkat). He poses as the guest-house tenant of lonely divorcée Zoe McDonald (Brenneman) while trying to evade the deadly Julian Carson (Akinnagbe), whom Harper engages on the side because he is better off with his old colleague dead rather than captured.

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The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

The 100 Best Albums of 2022.

This is a perfectly fine thriller setup. And the pragmatic, utterly ruthless Chase is a good showcase role for Bridges at the more taciturn end of his late-career range. (Think Hell or High Water more than True Grit .) The first two episodes are directed by Jon Watts, and the next two by Greg Yaitanes ( Banshee , Quarry ), and all are periodically elevated by bursts of violent combat that are remarkably staged and shot. Watts’ Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland do not feature memorable action, even by the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s oddly lax standards in this area. But those set pieces tend to be huge in scale with lots of special effects, where these work precisely because of how intimate they are. Rather than battling robotic drones atop London Bridge or the Green Goblin on Liberty Island, Dan Chase is often wrestling on kitchen floors with hitmen in dark clothing, and Watts and Yaitanes both do impressive work making the septuagenarian, cancer-surviving Bridges seem like the man who would of course win each of these fights(*).

(*) In general, it’s a great-looking show, with vivid colors and beautiful compositions.

John Lithgow as Harold Harper. Prashant Gupta/FX.

It’s when the knives and dog fangs aren’t flying that The Old Man starts to show the age of its component parts. As adapted from Perry’s book by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, the plot feels warmed-over, the twists — particularly the one the show clearly thinks will drop audience members’ jaws — telegraphed well in advance, the characters brought to life more by those fine actors than by the material they’re given. And the flashbacks to Chase’s earlier years in Afghanistan are extremely nap-inducing, despite featuring a good actor in Bill Heck ( The Ballad of Buster Scruggs ) as the young Chase.

The caliber of the performers and performances is better able to elevate the material in the present day, particularly in scenes pairing Bridges and Brenneman. Their relationship starts out as something of a rehash of her dynamic with Robert De Niro in Heat , where she’s drawn to a charismatic stranger without realizing he’s a wanted man. But the actors’ chemistry is strong, and as the season moves along and Zoe begins to understand more about the situation she is trapped in, her role in things becomes more compelling than the cat-and-mouse games with Harper, or the ongoing threat of Carson.

Anytime you put this many great actors in one show, shoot it this well, and feature action this strong, you’re going to have something interesting. But just as Harold Harper still doesn’t quite understand why his old friend threw his whole career away to go rogue, it’s not hard to look at all the talent assembled for The Old Man and wish that the show lived up to its full potential.

The Old Man premieres June 16 on FX, with episodes releasing weekly and streaming the next day on Hulu. I’ve seen the first four of seven episodes.

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Savings on Auto Loans.

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EJ Bonilla on working with Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow in FX spy series ‘The Old Man’

Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission.

June 19, 2022 2:23pm.

June 21, 2022 10:46am.

More From: Michael Starr.

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There’s a moment in “The Old Man” when FBI agent Angela Adams (Alia Shawkat) refers to confrontational CIA operative Raymond Waters (E.J. Bonilla) as “The nosiest motherf—er in the history of the CIA.”

“They wrote Raymond to be the kind of guy who is so willing to stick to his morals and his view of the world that he’s willing to turn in his bosses,” Bonilla, 33, told The Post about his role in “The Old Man,” a gripping FX spy drama starring Jeff Bridges. “He’s unafraid to question anyone regardless of status or stature or role.”

Waters needs to embody that mindset, since he’s tasked with finding Dan Chase (Bridges) in the seven-episode series airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. (and streaming on Hulu) adapted from Thomas Perry’s 2022 novel.

Chase, a rogue CIA operative who vanished in 1987, is living quietly as a small-town widower under an assumed name while dealing with the aches and pains of aging (including an enlarged prostate). He suddenly finds himself on the run after being flushed out of hiding by his onetime ally, Afghani warlord Faraz Hamzad, on whose side he fought after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Now, 30 years later, he’s being chased by Waters and by top-tier FBI chief Harold Harper (John Lithgow) — his ex-boss — and Harold’s loyal FBI protege, Angela, she of the pithy quote about Waters.

E.J. Bonilla as Raymond Waters in “The Old Man,” airing Sundays at 10 p.m. on FX. photo: Prashant Gupta / FX Netwo Alia Shawkat in “The Old Man” as FBI agent Angela Adams. kurt iswarienko.

“There’s something about [Waters] that’s extremely endearing to me,” said the Brooklyn-born-and-raised Bonilla (“Bull,” “The Long Road Home,” “Unforgettable”). “The creators … absolutely gave me the freedom to do with him as I chose. [His qualities] are so necessary in a world of espionage and lies where you have to be willing to look under any rock to find an answer. I’m in love with how inquisitive and curious Raymond is and that he’s unafraid to be quiet … and to look like a fool.”

Bonilla and Lithgow share a lot of screen time; from the get-go, Waters suspects Harper of hiding something about Chase (he’s right) — and confronts him despite the much-older FBI assistant director’s bona fides.

“There’s an amazing scene between Harper and Ray Waters where Harper says something along the lines of, ‘You know, I used to do that when I was an agent,’ ” Bonilla said. ” ‘Sometimes I’d ask a question to hear the answer, sometimes just to hear what they didn’t say.’ I tried to ingrain that into Waters; there’s a lot more going on than words, which are what we choose to say. [Words] are empty vessels filled with meaning, and what’s not being said is far more interesting and often more important.

Bonilla revealed he was a “huge fan” of John Lithgow long before they met each other. photo: Prashant Gupta / FX Netwo Bonilla’s character is tasked with finding Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges, pictured) in the seven-episode series airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. photo: Prashant Gupta / FX Netwo.

“Honestly I was a huge fan of his before I met him,” he said of Lithgow, 76. “I went to the casting director’s office for a callback … and when I was in her office I saw John’s picture behind her and I was like, ‘Wow!’ I’m a huge fan of [Lithgow’s old NBC sitcom] ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ and John is easily one of the most intelligent humans I have ever met. He makes it very easy to be present in the scene; if you ever feel lost, all you have to do is find his eyes and he’s grounded — he’s right there.”

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Como obter Robux grátis? [7 Métodos Legítimos e Verificados]

O artigo a seguir mostrará sete maneiras legítimas de obter Robux grátis para seus jogos Roblox. Você encontrará alguns sites e empresas que oferecem Robux para concluir tarefas simples, como pesquisar na web, preencher pesquisas ou simplesmente ser um membro ativo. Além disso, existem maneiras de fazer Robux no jogo ROBLOX.

O que é ROBLOX? O que é Robux? Como obter Robux grátis? 1. Junte-se a sites de pesquisa pagos 2. Conclua várias tarefas online 3. Junte-se aos pontos do Microsoft Rewards [somente nos EUA] 4. Cartões-presente com Robux 5. Venda ferramentas e roupas no Roblox. 6. Vendendo Passes de Jogo 7. Complete missões no jogo Como resgato um cartão-presente Roblox? Mais Obtenha perguntas frequentes gratuitas sobre o Robux Preste atenção aos SCAMS Conclusão.

O que é ROBLOX?

Roblox é uma plataforma de jogos online e um sistema de criação de jogos desenvolvido pela Roblox Corporation que permite aos usuários programar e jogar jogos criados por outros usuários.

Em poucas palavras, Roblox é semelhante ao Minecraft – os jogadores constroem e desenvolvem mundos e objetos no jogo.

David Baszucki e Erik Cassel criaram o Roblox em 2004 e o lançaram em 2006 como uma plataforma para hospedar jogos criados por usuários de vários gêneros codificados em uma linguagem de programação chamada Lua . Roblox começou a crescer na segunda metade da década de 2010, e a pandemia do COVID-19 acelerou esse crescimento.

Os criadores do Roblox decidiram criar uma experiência imersiva através do pensamento analítico, criatividade e matemática. A outra função principal da plataforma é socializar. Os usuários são incentivados a fazer amizade com outros jogadores online. O site permite que os usuários “ imaginem, socializem, conversem, joguem, criem, interajam e se relacionem com outras pessoas de várias maneiras. ”

Você pode acessar o Roblox em qualquer dispositivo - PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, Xbox One, Oculus Rift e HTC Vive.

O jogo é destinado a todos com mais de 8 anos, mas isso não significa que os adultos não possam jogá-lo. Ainda mais, curiosamente, o Roblox pode gerar dinheiro real para você. Tudo isso graças à moeda digital Robux, que possui uma relação de troca com o USD.

De acordo com a Roblox , os desenvolvedores ganharam mais de US$ 1 bilhão para criar jogos na plataforma. Além disso, os melhores jogadores do mundo ganharam milhões de dólares.

Agora que você sabe o que é o Roblox, vamos mergulhar no Robux, a moeda do jogo Roblox.

O que é Robux?

Robux é a moeda virtual que pode ser ganha no jogo ROBLOX ou comprada no jogo com dinheiro real.

Com a ajuda do Robux, você pode fazer um monte de coisas interessantes neste jogo multiplayer. Você pode personalizar seu avatar ou comprar habilidades especiais em experiências. Robux ajuda você a melhorar e estar acima de seus amigos neste jogo online.

Sem Robux, é mais complicado configurar seu personagem escolhido de acordo com seus desejos. E, como você sabe, há muitas coisas que você mal pode esperar para comprar com o Robux.

Mas além de comprar o Robux no jogo, você também pode obter o Robux gratuitamente. Deixe-me mostrar alguns métodos:

Como obter Robux grátis?

Você pode ganhar Free Robux dentro e fora do jogo. Você pode obter o Robux para criar mundos e objetos. De roupas, armas, animais de estimação, etc.

Fora do jogo, você pode obter o Free Robux com diferentes aplicativos baseados em pesquisas ou competições. Você também pode participar de concursos, onde, com um pouco de sorte, você pode ganhar um pouco mais de Robux.

1. Junte-se a sites de pesquisa pagos.

Existem vários sites e aplicativos de pesquisas pagas onde você pode preencher várias pesquisas e, para essa tarefa, você pode receber o Robux gratuitamente. Reunimos uma lista dos melhores sites de pesquisas pagas online .

Aqui estão os melhores sites de pesquisa que pagam em Robux, geralmente por meio de um cartão-presente Robux: PrizeRebel , FreeCash , SwagBucks , PointClub , TellWut e Branded Surveys.

Dinheiro grátis.

Disponível: Em todo o mundo $ para obter um cartão Roblox: $5 Opções de recompensa: PP, Crypto, Skins, Gift cards.


Disponível: Em todo o mundo Min. $ para obter cartões-presente Roblox: $10 Opções de recompensa: PayPal, Visa, Amazon, cartões-presente.


Disponível em: EUA , CA, Reino Unido, AU, Europa Min. $ para obter cartões-presente Roblox: $5 Opções de recompensa: PayPal, GiftCards.

Dólares da caixa de entrada.

Disponível em: EUA Min. $ para obter cartões-presente Roblox: $30 Opções de recompensa: PayPal, cartões-presente.


Disponível: Em todo o mundo Min. $ para obter cartões-presente Roblox: $25 Opções de recompensa: PayPal, GiftCards.

Tell Wut.

Disponível em: EUA , CA Min. $ para obter cartões-presente Roblox: $25 Opções de recompensa: PayPal, cartões-presente.

2. Conclua várias tarefas online.

Semelhante a sites e aplicativos que oferecem dinheiro e cartões-presente para preencher pesquisas pagas on-line, alguns sites recompensam você por concluir tarefas on-line. Essas tarefas podem ser verificadas concluindo diferentes ofertas, jogando e atingindo um determinado nível, instalando outros aplicativos, assistindo a vídeos etc.

Como você verá, alguns dos sites de pesquisa de pagamento recomendados que pagam com o Robux estendidos e agora oferecem a possibilidade de realizar tarefas e ganhar cartões-presente do Robux.

Dinheiro grátis.

Disponível: Em todo o mundo $ para obter um cartão Roblox: $5 Opções de recompensa: PP, Crypto, Skins, Gift cards.

Cia forex 1

The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs.

Documentary revealing the inner workings of the powerful CIA.

TVMA Documentaries Movie 2022.

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The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs.

Documentary revealing the inner workings of the powerful CIA.

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American Jihad Documentaries • Movie (2022)

Dirty Tricks TVMA • Documentaries, Drama • Movie (2021)

Rolling Like Thunder TVMA • Documentaries • Movie (2021)

Shame TV14 • Documentaries • Movie (2007)

About this Movie.

The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs.

Documentary revealing the inner workings of the powerful CIA.

TVMA Documentaries Movie 2022.

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Uncovered Interest Arbitrage.

Will Kenton is an expert on the economy and investing laws and regulations. He previously held senior editorial roles at Investopedia and Kapitall Wire and holds a MA in Economics from The New School for Social Research and Doctor of Philosophy in English literature from NYU.

Updated July 27, 2022.

Reviewed by.

Reviewed by Gordon Scott.

Gordon Scott has been an active investor and technical analyst of securities, futures, forex, and penny stocks for 20+ years. He is a member of the Investopedia Financial Review Board and the co-author of Investing to Win. Gordon is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT). He is also a member of CMT Association.

Fact checked by.

Fact checked by Suzanne Kvilhaug.

Suzanne is a content marketer, writer, and fact-checker. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree from Bridgewater State University and helps develop content strategies for financial brands.

What Is Uncovered Interest Arbitrage?

Uncovered interest arbitrage is a form of arbitrage that involves switching from a domestic currency that carries a lower interest rate to a foreign currency that offers a higher rate of interest on deposits. With uncovered interest arbitrage, there is a foreign exchange risk implicit in this transaction since the investor or speculator will need to convert the foreign currency deposit proceeds back into the domestic currency sometime in the future.

The term "uncovered" in this arbitrage refers to the fact that this foreign exchange risk is not covered through a forward or futures contract.

Key Takeaways.

Uncovered interest arbitrage is a form of arbitrage that involves switching from a domestic currency that carries a lower interest rate to a foreign currency that offers a higher rate of interest on deposits. The term "uncovered" in this arbitrage refers to the fact that this foreign exchange risk is not covered through a forward or futures contract. Uncovered interest arbitrage involves an unhedged exchange of currencies in an effort to earn higher returns due to an interest rate differential between the two currencies.

How Uncovered Interest Arbitrage Works.

Uncovered interest arbitrage involves an unhedged exchange of currencies in an effort to earn higher returns due to an interest rate differential between the two currencies. Total returns from uncovered interest arbitrage depend considerably on currency fluctuations since adverse currency movements can wipe out all the gains and in fact even lead to negative returns. If the interest rate differential obtained by investing in a foreign currency is 3%, and the foreign currency appreciates against the domestic currency by 2% during the holding period, the total return from this arbitrage activity is 5%. On the other hand, if the foreign currency depreciates by 4% during the holding period, the total return is -1%.

Calendar forex 9

How to Prepare a Forex News Calendar.

The Forex news calendar includes upcoming events, announcements, and news that occur across the globe and are likely to have some kind of impact on the financial markets. No matter what market you trade, it is necessary to stay updated on the news which can affect stocks, currencies, indices, and bonds.

Each currency is a direct reflection of the economic, political, and social stability of a country. Therefore, changes in economic indicators are likely to affect the value of its currency. Thus, having a Forex news calendar is yet another tool to help traders determine their strategy. It is common for traders to utilize events and data in combination with technical analysis to read the news and generate predictions.

Often, traders neglect using a Forex calendar or are simply unaware of the best way to make use of it. While a calendar is definitely not the answer to all issues in trading, nor is it a key to certain success, it does have benefits that aid traders in making better decisions.

As a Forex trader, you need to understand the chart patterns and identify economic signals to make sound forecasts. This is the main advantage and reason behind creating and referring to a calendar. It’s all about getting the right information, at the right time.

Create an Efficient Calendar.

A Forex or economic calendar has a structure based on the impact of the news or their chronological order. You can find websites that continuously updated calendars so that you don’t miss a step. However, these can sometimes be overcrowded with data that may not be relevant to your trading style.

Basic Parameters.

Therefore, if you are creating your own calendar, consider adding several parameters. Some of those include the basics: country name, indicator, impact, and value. Here are some of the most important items in an economic calendar:

The time when the economic data is released The currency pair concerned How impactful the event is expected to be The nature of the event or news The previous value The current value at which the economic indicator is being released The forecasted value.

Naturally, traders will examine all this data and decide on a strategy. Thus, popular strategies that derive from Forex calendar readings are:

Trading in the direction of the release Scalping the release with two pending orders.

Finally, the Forex calendar can support traders in identifying times when trading is not recommended. During big announcements or following catastrophic news, the market becomes less liquid and more volatile. Ultimately, the experience will allow traders to close their positions before that news releases significantly affect the market.

Key Events to Track.

There are many events that can be added to a Forex calendar. Of course, some will have more influence than others on the markets. Nevertheless, all are necessary if a trader wants to stay in the know. Hence essential news to track include, but are not limited to, the following:

Interest Rates Decisions Retail Sales US Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) Consumer Price Index (CPI) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Produce Price Index (PPI) Durable Goods Orders New Home Sales ISM Data Trade Balance Existing-Home Sales Unemployment Report Political Speeches Speeches from the Governors of Major Banks.

Read and Take Informed Actions.

Once you prepared your calendar, it is time to analyze the information on it and derive your next trade move. All the upcoming economic data and announcements in the Forex news calendar have a certain level of impact on the market. Identifying this impact to choose your moves and strategy is what this is all about. First, categorize the impact by the level of volatility.

Low volatility – an announcement that is not expected to have a big reaction on the market.

Medium volatility – an important news release that will have a moderate impact on the Forex market.

High volatility – news or events that carry a significant impact on the economy, such as interest rate changes and unemployment rate, as well as disasters, crises, and major events.

From Data to Trade.

Figuring out how to read and analyze the calendar is the initial step. Ultimately, you need to translate this reading into a trade you can implement. Commonly, traders use the events to track data releases and catch price movements. If there is a data release better than the forecast, you will see a currency pair appreciate versus other currencies. However, if the released data is worse than expected, investors consider the data as downbeat. This means it will probably cause a depreciation of a currency versus other currencies.

The Bottom Line.

Whether you are an aspiring trader or a seasoned one, you probably want to conquer the market and generate a consistent flow of income. That’s why arming yourself with all the trading tools available is your best chance at success. Thus the Forex calendar is a tool you can rely on to identify trading patterns, understand key economic indicators, and train yourself to read between the lines of the financial state of a country. Basically, you are looking for clues and practicing your Forex prediction skills so they become more accurate. Consequently, using a calendar will hone your ability to recognize valuable news and their impact. This process is how you improve your trades. Surely, this doesn’t happen overnight. So be patient with yourself and keep learning throughout your trading journey.

Want to Trade Forex?

OspreyFX is the perfect partner to help you on your trading journey. We pride ourselves on offering our traders the right tools needed to ace the markets, traders can now trade with better insight with our Forex Calculators .

Calendar forex 8

Economic Calendar.

The BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor measures changes in the actual value of retail sales from a sample of retailers. The Monitor measures the value of spending and hence does not adjust for price changes. If prices are rising, sales volumes will increase by less than sales values. In times of price deflation, sales volumes will increase by more than sales values. Retailers report the value of their sales and sales in the equivalent week a year ago. These figures are reported both in total and on a ‘like-for-like’ basis. The percentage increase in the value of sales on a ‘like-for-like’ basis removes the effect of the expansion of retail floor space by the retailers concerned on their sales total. Due to the sample being biased towards large retailers, the ‘like-for-like’ increase usually provides a more accurate guide to general spending patterns, though it will be biased downwards as an estimate of the growth rate for retail as a whole.

Unemployment Rate.

In Turkey, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labour force.

Industrial Production YoY.

In Turkey, industrial production measures the output of businesses integrated in industrial sector of the economy. Manufacturing is the most important sector and accounts for 84 percent of total production. The biggest segments within Manufacturing are: Food products (16 percent of total production); basic metals (11 percent); motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (9 percent); textile (8 percent); other non-metallic mineral products (6 percent); rubber and plastic products (5 percent); chemicals and chemical products (5 percent); electrical equipment (5 percent); wearing apparel (5 percent); and fabricated metal products (5 percent).

Participation Rate.

The labour force participation rates is the number of persons who are employed and unemployed but looking for a job divided by the total working-age population.

Industrial Production MoM.

In Turkey, industrial production measures the output of businesses integrated in industrial sector of the economy. Manufacturing is the most important sector and accounts for 84 percent of total production. The biggest segments within Manufacturing are: Food products (16 percent of total production); basic metals (11 percent); motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (9 percent); textile (8 percent); other non-metallic mineral products (6 percent); rubber and plastic products (5 percent); chemicals and chemical products (5 percent); electrical equipment (5 percent); wearing apparel (5 percent); and fabricated metal products (5 percent).

Industrial Production MoM.

In France, industrial production measures the output of businesses integrated in industrial sector of the economy. Manufacturing is the most important sector and accounts for 86 percent of total production. The biggest segments within Manufacturing are: Food products and beverages (13 percent of total production); machinery and equipment goods (13 percent), of which computer, electronic and optical products (5 percent); basic metals and fabricated metal products (12 percent); other manufacturing, repair and installation of machinery and equipment (12 percent); transport equipment (10 percent); rubber and plastics products, and other non-metallic mineral products (8 percent); and chemicals and chemical products (6 percent). Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning account for 11 percent of total output, Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation account for 1 percent and Mining and quarrying account also for 1 percent.

SACCI Business Confidence.


In South Africa, the SACCI Business Confidence Index reflects the neutral sentiment in the market place, as it captures the prevailing business climate and what businesses are experiencing. The index is composed by thirteen sub-indices, including energy supply, manufacturing, exports, imports, vehicle and retail sales, construction, inflation, share prices, private sector borrowing, financing cost, precious metal prices and exchange rate.

10-Year Treasury Gilt Auction.


Generally, a government bond is issued by a national government and is denominated in the country`s own currency. Bonds issued by national governments in foreign currencies are normally referred to as sovereign bonds. The yield required by investors to loan funds to governments reflects inflation expectations and the likelihood that the debt will be repaid.

Bundesbank Buch Speech.

Germany is a member of the European Union which has adopted the euro. Germany's benchmark interest rate is set by the European Central Bank. The official designation for the rate is main refinancing operation.

BoJ Kuroda Speech.

In Japan, interest rates are set by the Bank of Japan's Policy Board in its Monetary Policy Meetings. The BoJ's official interest rate is the discount rate. Monetary Policy Meetings produce a guideline for money market operations in inter-meeting periods and this guideline is written in terms of a target for the uncollateralized overnight call rate.

BoC Gov Macklem Speech.

In Canada, benchmark interest rate is set by the Bank of Canada's (BoC) Governing Council. The official interest rate is the Overnight Rate. Since 1996 the Bank Rate is set at the upper limit of an operating band for the money market overnight rate. Previously, from March 1980 until February 1996 the Bank Rate was set at 25 basis points above the weekly average tender rate for 3-month Treasury bills.

ECB Schnabel Speech.

In the Euro Area, benchmark interest rate is set by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank. The primary objective of the ECB’s monetary policy is to maintain price stability which is to keep inflation below, but close to 2 percent over the medium term. In times of prolonged low inflation and low interest rates, ECB may also adopt non-standard monetary policy measures, such as asset purchase programmes. The official interest rate is the Main refinancing operations rate.

Manufacturing Production MoM.

In South Africa, industrial production measures the output of businesses integrated in the manufacturing sector of the economy.

NFIB Business Optimism Index.

NFIB Small Business Optimism Index is a composite of ten seasonally adjusted components calculated based on the answers of around 620 NFIB members. This questions include: plans to increase employment, plans to make capital outlays, plans to increase inventories, expect economy to improve, expect real sales higher, current inventory, current job openings, expected credit conditions, now a good time to expand, and earnings trend.

Manufacturing Production YoY.

In South Africa, industrial production measures the output of businesses integrated in the manufacturing sector of the economy.

Gross Fixed Investment MoM.

The Gross Fixed Investment in Mexico measures the total value of all acquisitions of fixed assets, both tangible and intangible, obtained as a result of a production process. Those are only ones which can be repeatedly used in other production processes in a period longer than one year. The value represents a year over year change of the gross fixed investment, obtained by aggregating the constant values of machinery and equipment of both national and foreign origin and of construction. They are: buildings, machinery, equipment, transport equipment, software, literary originals and other tangible and intangible fixed assets and additions and upgrades meant to prolong the usage or increase capacity. Considering the machinery and equipment of national origin, only new products are counted. Both new and used imported machinery and equipment increase the value of assets available in the country. The construction gross fixed investment index refers to the investment cost valued at the buyers cost.

Inflation Rate YoY.

In Brazil, the inflation rate measures a broad rise or fall in prices that consumers pay for a standard basket of goods. The most important categories of the index are: Transport (20 percent); Food and beverages (19 percent of the total weight) ; housing (15 percent); health care (13 percent); and personal expenses (11 percent). Also, Communication accounts for 4 percent; education for 6 percent; clothing for 5 percent; household goods for 4 percent. Data is collected in the Metropolitan Areas of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Belém, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador and Curitiba and in the cities of Goiânia and Brasília.

Inflation Rate MoM.

Inflation Rate MoM measures month over month change in the price of goods and services.

Gross Fixed Investment YoY.

The Gross Fixed Investment in Mexico measures the total value of all acquisitions of fixed assets, both tangible and intangible, obtained as a result of a production process. Those are only ones which can be repeatedly used in other production processes in a period longer than one year. The value represents a year over year change of the gross fixed investment, obtained by aggregating the constant values of machinery and equipment of both national and foreign origin and of construction. They are: buildings, machinery, equipment, transport equipment, software, literary originals and other tangible and intangible fixed assets and additions and upgrades meant to prolong the usage or increase capacity. Considering the machinery and equipment of national origin, only new products are counted. Both new and used imported machinery and equipment increase the value of assets available in the country. The construction gross fixed investment index refers to the investment cost valued at the buyers cost.

Redbook YoY.

The Johnson Redbook Index is a sales-weighted of year-over-year same-store sales growth in a sample of large US general merchandise retailers representing about 9,000 stores. Same-store sales are sales in stores continuously open for 12 months or longer. By dollar value, the Index represents over 80% of the equivalent 'official' retail sales series collected and published by the US Department of Commerce. Redbook compiles the Index by collecting and interpreting performance estimates from retailers. The Index and its sub-groups are sales-weighted aggregates of these estimates. Weeks are retail weeks (Sunday to Saturday), and equally weighted within the month.

Frequently asked questions.

How to trade the news?

The financial events are typically scheduled ahead of time. There are usually predictions ahead of the release ( Forecast column in our Forex news calendar) of how it will affect the market. Some traders choose to open positions depending on their expectations of economic indicator reports: if they expect a particular indicator to move the currency up, they buy it and vice versa. Other traders dislike rapid price movements that may happen when indicators are released, so they steer clear of using the FX calendar and trading the news. There are many news trading strategies: you have to use the one you find best suited for your trading style. FBS, apart from providing all the necessary services for trading, also have all the vital information for any trader's needs. Check out our news section to be aware of possible market movements. Even if you are not one to trade the news, you should still check the trading economic calendar or read about current economic events regularly because they are likely to affect market volatility.

How to read the economic calendar?

Sometimes the number of current economic events can be overwhelming. So, first of all, make sure to use filters to see the most relevant indicators for your Forex trading. For example, you can choose currencies that you are planning on trading or the indicator impact. At the top of our Forex trading calendar, choose the most convenient time zone. Use numeric values of the indicators to navigate market changes. This is why forecasts and actual release figures are essential. Compare the numbers: if the Actual value is bigger than the forecast, this is good for the currency and it is likely to go up in price; if the Actual value is lower than the Forecast , it is likely to drop. You can apply similar logic to the Previous and Forecast values before the actual data is released, but be careful – forecasts are always preliminary and actual figures might be drastically different.

What is the economic calendar?

Economic calendar, also known as Forex economic calendar or FX Calendar, is a tool that allows traders to make the fundamental analysis of financial markets based on economic news. That is – you will be able to see macroeconomic events that move the market and make Forex trading decisions based on the data.

Is the economic calendar updated in real-time?

Our major economic events calendar is updated automatically as the reports come out. FBS is there to offer timely updates to the economic calendar, but we cannot be held accountable for any delays due to the immoderate flow of trading news events.

What economic indicators are there?

The US Treasury Yield Curve – shows the ratio between short-term Treasury bills and long-term Treasury bonds. This indicator successfully predicted eight major recessions of the past years. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) – one of the most critical metrics of the economy's health. It is a lagging indicator, so it shows what has already happened, but can be a great marker of an upcoming recession. Unemployment Rate – this is a percentage of people seeking jobs and will indicate how healthy the labor force and, thus, the economy really is. Interest Rates – another lagging indicator that shows economic growth. It can affect GDP and inflation, so be aware of this one.

These are some of the few important indicators. Make sure to follow our daily trading plans from FBS analysts to learn more about the current trading news events and how they will affect your Forex trading.

What data is included in the economic calendar?

Previous shows the value the indicator had in the previous period (usually, one month or one year); Forecast shows the estimated value of the indicator based on a survey of 20-240 economists; Actual is the value published by an official source like a national statistics agency or an analytical center.

We also provide additional information about the specific indicators and the graphs showing changes in value by month or year – click the indicator you're interested in to learn more.

Escola forex São Paulo

Qual é o melhor plano odontológico do Brasil?

3,5 bilhões de pessoas no mundo! É essa a estimativa da Organização Mundial da Saúde para quantificar aqueles que sofrem atualmente com doenças bucais.

Além dos problemas mais comuns, a boca é a porta de entrada para uma série de doenças que pode afetar outras partes vitais do corpo humano, o que faz um plano odontológico um ótimo investimento em qualidade de vida para você e para sua família.

Com o nosso comparador, estamos aqui pra te ajudar a fazer a melhor escolha, tendo todas as informações ao final da leitura para fazer o melhor negócio.

Quais são as melhores operadoras de planos odontológicos no Brasil?

Antes de poder responder esta questão, você tem que ter em mente que cada plano de saúde é diferente dependendo da abrangência e tipo de plano de saúde que procura, mas também de sua idade e de onde você more, e vale lembrar que o melhor plano odontológico é aquele que atende as suas necessidades . Como há muitas opções no mercado, selecionamos pra vocês as melhores e maiores empresas no ramo de planos odontológicos do Brasil.

Amil Dental.

A Amil dental faz parte da UnitedHealth Group, que tem sede nos Estados Unidos, e se destaca entre as maiores empresas do setor de saúde no mundo. Atualmente oferece benefícios e serviços para mais de 130 países.

Oferta de cobertura Nacional ou Regional; Próteses dentárias de acordo com o Rol da ANS; Tratamento de sintomas da Herpes.

Bradesco Dental.

O Bradesco está entre os maiores grupos financeiros do país. Fundado em 1943 com o propósito de ser um banco democrático, tem em sua cartela de clientes os perfis mais variados. A variedade se estende também ao leque de serviços oferecidos no ramo de seguros, previdência privada, assistência médica e odontológica.

Planos a partir de R$ 23,99 por mês para crianças de até 7 anos; Opção de pagamento mensal ou anual; Sem coparticipação ou limite de uso.

Metlife plano odontológico.

A Metlife é uma empresa que existe a mais de 150 anos e atua no ramo de seguros de vida, previdência privada e planos odontológicos. Tem origem americana e no Brasil opera há mais de 20 anos. Inicialmente, o foco dos executivos da Metlife eram grandes empresas, mas atualmente também oferecem planos individuais e familiares.

Mensalidades a partir de R$ 41,90 Mais de 38 mil opções de atendimento Seis tipos de planos diferentes.

SulAmérica Odonto.

A SulAmérica é uma companhia com mais de 125 anos de história que visa entregar excelência em saúde para os seus mais de 7 milhões de clientes, através de planos diferenciados nas áreas de saúde, odonto, vida e investimentos.

Plano individual sem carência por apenas R$ 43,90 ao mês; Descontos em diversos serviços de saúde, por ser um cliente SulAmérica; Atendimento domiciliar de emergências odontológicas no plano Prestige.


Com mais de trinta anos no mercado, a empresa foi fundada por um grupo de cirurgiões-dentistas que queriam oferecer atendimento completo e de alta qualidade em saúde bucal. Nos últimos anos, os investimentos aumentaram e a empresa assumiu a gestão de outras marcas que atuavam no mesmo setor, ampliando significativamente a rede credenciada.

Quase 30 mil credenciados, entre clínicas e consultórios; Presente em mais de 2.600 municípios de todas as regiões do país; Custo compatível.

Porto Seguro odonto.

Uma das empresas mais conhecidas do Brasil para questões de seguros, os planos odontológicos Porto Seguro não fogem do padrão desta gigante brasileira.

Planos odontológicos com preços acessíveis; Ampla rede de dentistas referenciados; Canal de atendimento exclusivo.

O que é um plano odontológico?

Um plano odontológico se assemelha muito a um plano de saúde , ou seja, o contrato prevê atendimento rápido e eficaz aos seus beneficiários, que não mais precisam ficar sujeitos ao sistema público de saúde, que muitas vezes pode ser lento e ineficiente.

O contratante tem uma série de escolhas a fazer até fechar o contrato, tendo opções quanto aos:

Tipos de procedimentos que quer incluir na cobertura; Rede credenciada; Abrangência, que pode ser regional, nacional ou internacional.

Entre outros que irá encontrar aqui em nosso artigo.

Como escolher o melhor plano odontológico?

Pesam nessa decisão fatores como orçamento disponível para mensalidade, abrangência da rede credenciada, quantidade de dependentes que se deseja incluir e até mesmo a idade desses beneficiários.

Há no mercado muitas operadoras que se destacam no ramo, seja pelo tempo que já trabalham com esse tipo de assistência, pela excelência dos profissionais credenciados e até mesmo pela flexibilidade de contrato que oferecem.

Cabe a você encontrar a que melhor atenda às suas necessidades, por isso a nossa tabela de comparação traz os planos que mais se destacam e agilizam a sua decisão.

Quais são as vantagens de ter um plano odontológico?

Você só tem a ganhar ao contratar um plano odontológico! As vantagens são tantas que vamos listar as principais delas:

Saúde bucal em dia não é um benefício apenas para a parte física do seu corpo. Um sorriso bonito e saudável está diretamente ligado à sua autoestima, contribuindo também com a sua saúde mental e a sua segurança ao estar em público, seja no trabalho, na escola, ou entre amigos e familiares.

Assim como em todas as questões que envolvem saúde, o melhor caminho é sempre investir em prevenção. Só que infelizmente o custo de alguns procedimentos pode deixar esse cuidado fora da sua lista de prioridades. Se você tiver um plano odontológico, as idas ao dentista poderão ser muito mais frequentes, sem custo adicional.

Mesmo que você opte por um contrato básico, é grande a quantidade de procedimentos ofertados, dentre estas coberturas podemos destacar: atendimento de urgência e emergência 24 horas, limpeza e aplicação de flúor, extrações, restaurações, tratamento de canal, tratamento de gengiva, entre outros.

Vários serviços em um único endereço.

Além dos dentistas que têm seus consultórios inseridos na rede credenciada dos planos odontológicos, as grandes empresas do ramo possuem clinicas próprias para oferecer o maior número de serviços em um mesmo lugar. Isso significa rapidez no atendimento, e você não precisa ficar se deslocando em busca de determinado procedimento.

Diga não as surpresas desagradáveis. Se separar dinheiro para uma consulta de rotina ao dentista já pode desequilibrar o orçamento doméstico, imagine o quanto esse prejuízo pode ser maior se durante essa visita você descobrir que precisa tratar um canal ou extrair um dente, por exemplo.

Como funcionam os planos odontológicos?

A ANS é quem regula a operação dos planos odontológicos. Existe uma lista de procedimentos que obrigatoriamente devem ser realizados pelas empresas . Entre os procedimentos obrigatórios, se encontra:

Limpeza de cáries; Serviços de urgência e emergência; Próteses; Tratamento de canal; Entre outros.

Esse tipo de plano existe para arcar com as suas despesas ao cuidar da saúde bucal. Após a contração você tem uma série de vantagens e benefícios à sua disposição.

Bom saber.

Para ter acesso a eles, é preciso fazer o agendamento nas clínicas e consultórios credenciados, e no dia e horário determinado você deve comparecer levando a carteirinha do plano e um documento de identificação.

Como funcionam as carências dos planos odontológicos?

É natural que você queira usufruir de tudo que o seu plano dental tem a oferecer logo após a contratação, mas não funciona exatamente assim. Existe um período de carência para cada tipo de procedimento.

Carência é o tempo estipulado pelas operadoras dos planos para que os beneficiários tenham acesso aos primeiros atendimentos. Veja na tabela abaixo como funcionam as carências de um plano dental:

Situação Carência Urgências e Emergências 24 horas Consultas 30 dias Procedimentos como próteses, implantes e clareamento 180 dias Carência dos planos odontológicos.

Quais são os diferentes tipos de planos odontológicos?

Os planos odontológicos podem ser individual, familiar, ou empresarial. Existem tipos de planos pré-definidos pelas operadoras, mas até o fechamento do contrato o cliente pode, na maioria das vezes, incluir outros serviços que achar necessário, para assim chegar à cobertura perfeita.

É importante reforçar que as suas escolhas vão definir o valor final da mensalidade, portanto pense bem ao customizar o seu plano.

Não vale a pena pagar para ter um atendimento que você não vai usar, da mesma forma que de nada adianta excluir um serviço para baratear a mensalidade, se você frequentemente precisa dele.

Quais são as diferentes especialidades oferecidas por um plano dental?

Tudo vai depender do tipo de plano dental que você escolheu contratar ou das áreas que adicionar em seu plano dental. Porém, há uma grande diversidade de profissionais nas redes credenciadas. Confira as principais delas:

Clínica Geral; Periodontia (tratamento da gengiva); Endodontia (tratamento de canal); Cirurgia; Odontopediatria (atendimento das crianças); Prótese; Ortodontia (tratamento com aparelho ortodôntico).

Não se esqueça de ver o nosso comparador de plano dental, com ele você terá a chance de encontrar, em questão de segundos, os melhores planos odontológicos do país.

Quais planos de saúde oferecem cobertura de plano dental?

Imagine unir o máximo de proteção e tranquilidade? É isso que acontece quando você contrata um plano de saúde que também tem cobertura para atendimentos odontológicos. E não pense que são poucas as operadoras que estão antenadas com o crescimento da preocupação das pessoas com a saúde, especialmente nos dias de hoje.

Veja abaixo uma tabela de operadoras onde você pode juntar seu plano odontológico e seu plano de saúde:

Operadora Plano de Saúde Plano Odontológico Amil yes yes Bradesco yes yes HapVida yes yes NotreDame yes yes SulAmérica yes yes Unimed yes yes Tabela de diferentes operadoras que oferecem plano de saúde e plano dental.

Fechar contrato nessa dobradinha pode ser o negócio que você estava esperando para garantir qualidade de vida para toda a família, seja investindo na prevenção ou agindo rápido após o diagnóstico de alguma doença.

Posso ter um plano de saúde de uma empresa e um plano dental de outra empresa?

Sim, você pode ter plano odontológico de uma diferentes empresa!

Se você já tem um plano de saúde, consulte a sua operadora para saber se eles também oferecem assistência odontológica , se é possível acrescentar esse tipo de cobertura ao seu contrato e qual será o valor acrescido nas mensalidades por causa dessa possível mudança.

Seguindo as tendências de mercado, é natural que você consiga melhores condições ao tentar negociar com a empresa na qual você já tem um contrato estabelecido, mas isso não é uma regra e volta a valer a palavra de ordem: pesquise!

Amil dental a maior operadora de plano odontológico?

Com quase 6 milhões de beneficiários, a Amil faz parte do UnitedHealth Group, uma empresa norte-americana, que tem tradição e eficiência nos serviços de saúde. Considerando todas as empresas que fazem parte do grupo, o atendimento está presente em mais de 130 países.

No segmento de saúde bucal, a Amil Dental trabalha com quatro linhas de planos, e a variedade não para por aí. Dentro dessas linhas existem opções diferentes, totalizando 11 tipos de contratos. Confira em detalhes em nosso guia total da Amil dental:

Kids (Dental K25) Clássica (Dental CL80, Dental 205) Estética (Dental E60, Dental E80, Dental E90, Dental E170) Premium (Dental P2000, Dental P2500, Dental 6500 e Dental 7000)

Qual é o preço de um plano odontológico em 2022?

Atualmente, o mercado oferece opções que vão de R$ 23,00 até R$ 400,00 por mês . Só de olhar essa variação, dá para ver que assistência odontológica pode ser acessível para todos, independentemente das condições econômicas.

Mas também da pra entender que o custo final de um plano dental é muito variável, e depende dos tipos de tratamento que são fundamentais para te atender, assim como as faixas etárias dos beneficiários e a quantidade de dependentes.

4 dicas para economizar no seu plano dental:

Acabamos de dar exemplo do quanto um plano dental pode significar economia pra você e pra sua família, mas ainda dá pra melhorar essa equação. Como fazer a mensalidade chegar ao valor ideal para o seu orçamento?

Avalie qual o tipo de abrangência você precisa . Se não faz parte do seu perfil viajar com frequência, um plano com cobertura regional já é o suficiente; Procure unir interesses dentro da sua família e contrate um único plano familiar , ao invés de cada um, dentro da mesma casa, ter um plano individual; Busque planos que ofereçam descontos para pagamentos anuais . Você pode se planejar para pagar integralmente o valor de 12 meses e conseguir melhores condições; Veja quais planos oferecem uma maior cartela de benefícios que vão além da rede credenciada, como descontos em farmácias, academias e clínicas de estética.

Qual plano dental contratar em 2022?

Lembre-se de que nem sempre o mais barato é o melhor para você. Parta do princípio de que o objetivo desse plano dental é te trazer segurança no caso de emergências odontológicas, além de permitir que você invista na prevenção de doenças que podem começar pela boca e se tornarem graves e complicadas de tratar.

Portanto, não adianta escolher um plano odontológico apenas pelo preço se a rede credenciada fica longe da sua casa ou não engloba os profissionais em quem você confia. Tudo isso deve estar na balança para que você tome a decisão final.

Qual é preço para cuidar da sua saúde bucal sem um plano dental?

Se você é daqueles que gostam de colocar tudo na ponta do lápis, vamos fazer uma matemática simples. Primeiro considere o custo mensal de um plano odontológico individual básico, que gira em torno de R$ 25,00 a R$ 30,00 por mês .

Agora, avalie o impacto no seu orçamento se tivesse que procurar um dentista particular para executar serviços simples, que fazem parte da maioria das versões de entrada dos planos odontológicos disponíveis no país. Veja como pode ser cara essa visita ao consultório:

Procedimentos na rede particular Valores (a partir de) Restauração R$ 100,00 Extração R$ 100,00 Limpeza R$ 200,00 Tratamento de Canal R$ 700,00 Prótese dentária R$ 1000,00 Preços de diferentes procedimentos dentários a pagar sem um plano dental.

Todos os nossos artigos sobre plano odontológico no Brasil.

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Você pode gostar.

Qual é o melhor plano funerário do Brasil? Qual é a melhor TV por assinatura do Brasil? Qual é o melhor seguro bike do Brasil? Qual é o melhor aplicativo de apostas de futebol do Brasil? Qual é a melhor VPN do Brasil? Qual é o melhor plano de saúde pet do Brasil? Quais são as melhores empresas de aluguel de carros do Brasil?

Calendar forex 7


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ATFX Forex Economic Calendar.

ATFX’s very own forex news calendar gives a complete breakdown of all the main economic and financial events and figures set to be released. Given that the information is live, this will enable traders to easily view the live forex economic calendar to receive the latest economic facts and figures but tailored so that FX pairs that are effected are highlighted, resulting in a forex calendar news that works for FX traders.

How to Benefit From ATFX’s Forex News Calendar.

To benefit from ATFX’s forex daily calendar, note the item, it’s importance to see how much volatility can ensue, which currency pairs are likely to move upon its release, and how far the actual figure when released is from the consensus or expected figures. With time, you’ll be able to fine-tune your trading technique to benefit from the forex economic calendar and be up to date with the latest live events occurring around the globe.

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Calendar forex 5

Forex economic calendar.

The economic calendar is the main tool used in fundamental analysis. This is the list of major forex economic events that can influence foreign exchange rates. Read on about the important economic events that traders track, how they influence foreign exchange rates, and how you can make money trading the news.

The article covers the following subjects:

What is Economic Calendar? Ways to use the economic calendar in Forex trading A practical example of using Forex strategy based on the economic calendar.

What is Economic Calendar?

Forex economic calendar contains information about the upcoming publication of important fundamental news, reports or the officials’ speeches, which can affect currency or stock markets. It includes monthly, quarterly and annual statistic figures on a country’s financial variabilities and indicators such as budget, payment balance, discount rate as well as the information on commodity and financial markets, and the attitude of the central banks to the monetary policy.

Advantages of the economic calendar:

It informs you about when (date and time) and in which country fundamental news will be released. It is an individual trader’s decision on how to interpret and use the news. Due to the calendar, a trader is informed about when and in which country a national holiday is celebrated, which is a bank holiday. It ranks fundamental news according to their importance, showing an analytical forecast of the report. After the news has been released and the market has reacted, it helps to analyze the impact of the fundamental factor on investors’ opinion.

Ways to use the economic calendar in Forex trading.

Fundamental analysis suggests forex trading based on economic data releases. Macroeconomic and sectoral statistics, economic indicators, central banks’ statements, other economic reports are the factors that can radically change the market sentiment, and so, it influences the forex rates, commodities or securities. Traders like fundamental analysis and the forex fundamental announcements calendar because it, unlike technical analysis, doesn’t require deep knowledge of technical indicators. So, news trading is suitable for all investors. The major tool of “fundamental” trader is the economic calendar, whose strong sides are covered in this review.

Practical application of FX economic calendar.

The economic fx calendar is the list of upcoming events (calendar of events) grouped by countries, importance (the strongest impact on forex rates), and so on. An event, scheduled in the daily economic calendar, which goes on in a country directly influences its local currency and market conditions.

The most important events in the USA that affect the value of assets:

Fed’s decision on the federal funds rate changes (frequency: 1-3 times a year). It influences investors’ interest in the US currency. An interest rate hike results in the growth of the USD value relative to other currencies. Nonfarm payrolls (monthly US jobs report). You can learn how this report affects foreign exchange rates and how to make money using nonfarm payrolls here. Reports on crude oil production and the number of oil rigs (published monthly). They have a short-term effect on oil futures. If oil production declines, the demand usually increases. If the number of operating oil rigs contracts, the supply will reduce. In both cases, oil prices increase.

Other important events that influence Forex rates:

ECB’s monetary policy decisions. It determines the future policy concerning inflation, issuance of bonds, volumes of money supply, interest, and deposit rates. Macroeconomic statistics. It covers the balance of payments, GDP rate and industrial production, inflation rate, price indexes, and other economic data. It affects the value of the local currency versus the US dollar.

The above examples are only a part of the cases that represent the relation of the forex rates to a wide range of economic events.

Example of a forex news trading strategy. Make money on the forex market when BoE Governor Carney speaks.

Select the current date (for, example, 09.01.2022) in the economic calendar and enter the event importance (choose the high priority). On the given date, there are only two events of high priority: the governors of the BoE and the BoC speak. Select your time zone in the fx forex calendar (for example, for GMT+2, the speech starts at 11.30 local time).

Let’s try to make profits from the first event, the speech of the BoE governor Mark Carney. Open the GBP/USD trading chart and analyze the hourly chart in real-time.

Over the past 10 days, the price chart has formed a Triangle pattern. This means that the price can break out the upper or the lower border of the pattern at any time. The BoE governor’s speech is likely to trigger the breakout (filter all the important news for the current week in the UK filter, and you will see that, apart from this speech, there no more news events particularly significant).

Set the M5 timeframe for the GBP/USD pair on MT4. And wait until 11.30. As a risk warning, I’d like to note that it carries a high level of risk to enter a trade during the first minute, as the majority’s opinion has not yet formed and the initial direction can be false. Hold the position open for about 30 minutes (the price can work out some most important events in a few hours), but, if the trend is exhausting (smaller candlestick bodies, candlestick in the opposite direction), exit the trade earlier.

Mark Carney has signalled that the Bank of England is willing to lower the interest rate from 0.75% to 0.5% if the weakness of the UK economy continues, gave a general market commentary. This has strengthened the pound against the US dollar allowing it to hit its two-week low. One could have earned about 40 points on this new over 30 minutes.

Note that you don’t have to listen to the speech of the Bank of England governor (although it is useful). It is enough to follow the trend, that is the opinion of the majority. However, there is a risk to enter a little late. So, I still recommend reading the news or listening to direct speech, to pick up the start of the new trend early and start trading.

A few tips to traders trading based on the fundamental analysis:

You should always compare the current data with the forecast. If the report is positive but worse than the forecast, the asset price will go down. Be careful with the filters. If you choose only the USA in the filter, you can miss the data on the euro-area economy. And it can make a strong influence on the market. You should fully understand the potential impact of the news. Bear in mind that if the event is expected and predictable, the price may not change when the event occurs, as it has been already priced. For example, a relatively predictable change in the Fed’s interest rate will have a little impact on the U.S. dollar rate at the moment of the decision.

A practical example of using Forex strategy based on the economic calendar.

Important! A lot of sites recommend the strategy of Forex trade based on the economic calendar as an optimal one for beginners. It is emphasized that it is rather easy to take profit from news due to the volatility wave. But it is here where the possible pitfalls are. In fact, professionals advise the beginners not to trade during 30 minutes before and after fundamental news release because of the growing volatility and slippages.

The description of the Forex strategy based on the economic calendar will be the most precise if we take into account the most important news. The example of such important news affecting investors opinions is Nonfarm Payrolls. This report, being the second important after Federal Funds Rate, reflects employment statistics changes in the non-agricultural sphere. The report is released on the first Friday of every month at 8.30 US time zone. The strongest market reaction lasts for about 30-60 minutes.

Important! During several first minutes after the report has been published Forex charts can move chaotically in different directions. It is important to have enough deposit and long Stop Loss (the strategy is not for the faint hearted) to wait until the main direction of the trend is clear. The main trend starts in most cases when the actual value of the indicator deviates from the predicted by more than 40 thousand.

Here “actual” is the actual value of the indicator, published after the release of the report (as you see, for August there has been no data yet). “predicted ” is expected value, and “Previous” is previous value. In August the value hasn’t been corrected yet. (209 K)

A vivid example of a successful strategy is the report published on 05.05.17, where due to positive data having coincided with the predicted ones, dollar rate in Forex online rose.

There is one more interesting description of Forex strategy which is based on the argument that reports like Nonfarm anyway lead to the intensive changing of the trend. 5 minutes before the news release we open two equal opposite positions hedging the risks. Monitor the USD rate at the moment of the news release and after the start of a strong trend close to the loss-making making position. The loss pays off with strong growth. The profitable position should be closed after reaching the target level (in 20-40-60) minutes or when a reversal pattern appears (Pin Bar, etc.)

Similarly one can trade on other reports. Before testing the strategy on a Demo- or a cent accounts I recommend to analyze Forex charts for the last year to see how the investors react to the news publication and what factors prove to have a stronger impact than statistical data.

The pitfalls of the trading strategy based on Forex economic calendar.

The typical beginners’ mistake is to think that in the case of a positive report the quotations will shift to an upward trend. Actually, investors made their forecast long ago having invested their money. And if the actual report being even better in comparison to the that of the previous period turns to be worse than expected, the asset’s quotations will descend. The fundamental news should be analysed only in conjunction with the other news. For example, two news items about one currency pair USD/EUR are released simultaneously: the main one ( about credit rating in the USA) and the second one from the Central Bank. The rate growth is expected to raise the dollar price, but this doesn’t happen. The reason is that the rise is already included in the current quotation of the dollar, while the news about EU monetary policy was a surprise for investors. At the moment of the news release, there is increased volatility and slippage. In other words, everyone wants to buy an asset but no one wants to sell it. That is why the orders trigger with a delay and not by the price the trader expected.

Conclusion. The economic calendar can be a strategy itself but I would classify it as a trading tactic with high-risk level. My recommendations:

When working with fundamental analysis one needs to analyze reversal patterns of the graphical analysis (pin bar, head and shoulders, rising wedge) and define the targets precisely, that means the support and resistance levels. Trading on news releases does not always prove to be profitable, as a trader can miss something important. Technical instruments need to be used (oscillators, trend indicators) and to observe the predictions. It is better not to chase unlimited profit. Having reached the target level it is better to close the positions and use a trailing stop. It would be effective to make a simple table in Excel with the calculations of the levels Margin Call and Stop Out. The understanding of the total lot volume, terms and conditions of the broker’s offer, the credit shoulder size the volatility level will help to calculate the limit quotations value for your deposit or position volume. The maximum volume of opened positions shouldn’t be more than 15-20% of the deposit. You should believe in yourself, practise on demo and cent accounts, gaining experience, and not be afraid of taking a risk.

Are you interested in trading an instrument? Open the demo account, run the economic calendar, and learn to make money. If you are interested in the mobile version of the economic calendar, I recommend following this link. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Let study new forex instruments together! I wish you success in trading!

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