7 ways to send money to Brazil

7 ways to send money to Brazil.

With more and more people traveling and living abroad, the need to make a transfer to Brazil in a safe and fast way also grows. Although it seems like an easy task, the processes can be complicated, bureaucratic and, in some cases, not very viable.

Furthermore, with the dollar high registered in recent weeks, it is increasingly necessary to find good ways to send money to Brazil without getting lost. To avoid wasting time on bureaucracy or money paying abusive fees, check below how to send money to Brazil.

How to send money to Brazil. Photo: Pixabay.


This was the easiest way we found to send money to Brazil. Founded in London, the TransferWise is fintech specializing in international transfers. Currently the brand offers the best exchange rates to send money to Brazil. The most used method is in the debit or credit function, using your international card to send directly to a bank account in Brazil. Even for a savings account, if your idea is to save money.

When you use this method, the amount never leaves its home country. In this way, you avoid customs fees and consequently receive more money in the recipient country. The transfer can be made by credit or debit cards, bank slip and bank transfer. Depending on which country you ship to and payment method, the money may drop within the same day.

Another advantage is that the fees are already detailed before you make the transfer, directly on the platform's website, and the exact amount that will be deposited after create your account. TransferWise charges a one-time fee, which already includes IOF and there is no exchange fee. This avoids those unpleasant surprises at the end of the operation.

Transfer bank.

Undoubtedly, one of the ways to send money to Brazil is using a bank, either in person or over the internet. By this very traditional method, you transfer money directly from your private account with the guarantee of a well-known financial institution.

However, the disadvantages are due to the fees charged by banks: both by the institution that sends the money and by the one that receives it. Therefore, those who are abroad will have to pay a fee for the money to reach its destination. In Brazil, the agency that receives the money will also deduct a certain amount.


It's not just to send that postcard from your trip that the post office serves. This is also one of the ways to send money to Brazil or abroad. In this case, one of the advantages is that it is not necessary to have a bank account. The transfer takes place through the payment of an international remittance made in person at an agency.

Correios do Brasil has an agreement with more than 20 countries, just check if the country from where you want to send money to Brazil is a partner. Thus, it is possible to send dollars and euros through the Electronic Postal Voucher, through the international agencies that maintain a partnership with the Brazilian company.

However, using this method the sender pays the taxes of the country where he is sending the money. That's why it's very important to find out about the limits imposed by each country and check if it's really worth it.

Exchange Agencies.

There are many exchange agencies that send money to Brazil and abroad. These companies specialize in international shipments. Through this method, it is possible to make payments to third parties and even companies.

However, it is necessary to be aware: the fees charged by these exchange agencies are not always clearly expressed. Also, generally, the fee charged is higher compared to other methods mentioned in this list.


Paypal is a secure online payment method, but both the recipient and sender must have an account on the platform. It is also one of the ways to send money to Brazil, being possible to use a credit card or bank deposit to make the transfer. In addition, both the receiver and the sender of the money can choose to pay the transfer fees.

One advantage is that it is possible to create an account for each currency. Therefore, it is worth checking which countries are cheaper to get the best way to transfer. However, Brazilian Paypal fees are usually quite high.

Wester Union.

Founded in 1851 in the United States, Western Union specializes in financial services and one of the ways to send money to Brazil. The company offers several methods of sending money, being possible to do it through its app, company-owned stores or partner stores. Transactions can be carried out by credit or debit card, in addition to bank transfer.

Fees vary depending on the shipping method you choose, but are generally less than what regular banks charge. On their website it is possible to estimate how much will be charged in fees and what amount will be received by the recipient. In any transaction, transfer, exchange and IOF fees are charged.


One of the ways to send money to Brazil is to take it with you or someone you trust on a trip. In this case, there is a limit to which fees are not charged: to take cash to Brazil, the amount must be equivalent to a maximum of R$ 10 thousand.

If you are carrying more money than that, it is necessary to make a Declaration of Possession of Values, which must be presented at customs inspection. In addition, it is also necessary to prove that the currency was acquired in a legal institution.

Now that the main ways to send money to Brazil or abroad have been clarified, it is enough to choose the most suitable for make your transfer . It is worth remembering that it is always important to have a secure, reliable platform and never disclose information such as passwords to third parties.

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