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Forex spreads explained – How do they work?

In Forex trading, spread stands for the difference between the bid and ask price of a currency pair. When you are trading Forex, as you might have already noticed, there always are two prices shown in a currency pair, the bid and the ask price. The bid is the price at which you can sell the base currency, while the ask is the price you would pay to buy the base currency.

In a currency pair, the base currency is shown on the left side, while the quote currency, sometimes also called the counter currency, is shown on the right. The pair tells how much of the counter currency equals the base currency. In Forex, the buy price is always higher than the selling price, while the underlying market price is somewhere in between.

In most cases, there are no commissions for trading currency pairs, however, the spread is the one cost that applies to most of the trades in Forex. Rather than charging a commission, the brokers charge spreads. Forex spread rates vary and are influenced by several different factors, such as the currency pair you are trading, the volatility of it, and many others.

Forex spreads explained – How do they work?

As you might already know, Forex trading involves exchanging one currency for another at a certain exchange rate. The Forex spread stands for the difference between the exchange rate that a Forex broker sells a currency and the rate at which the broker buys the currency. They can be narrower or wider, depending on the currency you are trading, the time of the trade, and many other conditions.

Spreads are an integral part of Forex trading and understanding them can be a huge help for beginner traders. In Forex, there are different types of spreads available, but all of them serve the same purpose. They are a tool for Forex brokers to earn some type of income, but they do come in different shapes and sizes. There are many of them available in the market, today, in this guide to spreads in Forex we will discuss the major ones, such as:

Bid/Ask spread Negative spread Z spread Option Adjusted spread Yield spread.

Let’s discuss some of these spreads one by one to understand how they differ from one another.

Bid/Ask spread in Forex.

When talking about spreads in Forex trading, many people usually start thinking about bid-ask spreads right away. This happens because bid/ask spreads stand to be the most commonly used spreads in the Forex world. This happens for several reasons, the main one being that it is very easy to use. The difference between the bid and ask price is what you are paying the broker to receive and enjoy their services.

You might think that 1 pip is simply not enough for a company to make profits, but, keep in mind that there are millions of people trading Forex every day. Also, spreads in Forex are calculated according to the size of the lot you are trading. For a standard lot in Forex, 1 pip would be equal to $10, while for a mini lot, it would be $1. The more you trade, the more money broker makes.

Negative spread in Forex.

While talking about a Forex spreads comparison, it is a great idea to discuss different types of spreads. Negative spreads, although not as popular, can be very useful for traders. The name might be a little scary at first, but, the spread is negative for the brokers, not for investors. This means that if you come across the negative spread, you will be able to trade without having to pay anything to the broker.

However, keep in mind that the Forex negative spread only works if you end up making the right call. If the currency pair that you bought starts to fall, you won’t receive a negative spread. Also, the negative spread is mostly only offered to those who are trading high-interest currencies. This happens because, in this situation, brokerages can earn a lot of money from holding or trading the currency. Thus, they are able to offer traders a negative spread.

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Yield spread in Forex.

Yield spreads are very similar to the bid and ask spreads. However, they are usually calculated for different assets. In most cases, yield spreads are associated with bonds, while the yield Forex spread cost is calculated in the following way: if you are trading two bonds of equal size and value, the difference of yields of these bonds will result in yield spread. So, if you are trading a bond with a yield of 10 percent, and another one has a yield of 5 – you would end up having a spread yield of 5%.

Forex fixed spreads and floating spreads.

This might not exactly be a type of a spread, but we believe that it should be discussed. Every type of spread in the Forex trading market can be either fixed or floating. When traders are using fixed spreads, it means that the broker gives them the guarantee that no matter what happens, the spread will not change and remain the same. Let’s say that you are trading with a Forex broker that offers you a spread of 2 pip for a currency pair EUR/USD.

This means that no matter how the market conditions change, the spread will remain to be exactly the same for you. On the other hand, there are other spreads called floating. Most of the spreads offered by the brokers are of this nature, meaning that the amount of them is changing frequently according to the market conditions.

How to have the lowest Forex spreads?

There are several things that traders can do to make sure that they have the lowest spreads. First of all, to have the best outcome you will have to understand exactly what influences the price of spreads in Forex trading. One thing that you should always keep in mind is liquidity.

Because of this, it is a great idea to trade highly liquid assets to make sure that you are paying lower spreads. Another smart idea to do is to look out for the market trading hours. The thing is, when several markets are open at the same time, it creates a huge activity in the market. This, in turn, increases trading volume, which ends up increasing liquidity. Thus, the spreads tend to be lower.

Many traders strive to have access to Forex low spread, the main reason behind this is that they do not want to pay additional money for the services. Rather, they prefer to trade the money to its fullest.

Forex spreads meaning – How to calculate them?

As you already know, while trading Forex, you are dealing with currency pairs. There are different types of them available in the Forex market, they are Majors, Minors, and Exotic currency pairs. Let’s say that you are trading a EUR/USD currency pair, which is one of the most traded ones in the market.

Let’s assume that the EUR is worth 1.2105 USD, if you believe that the EUR is going to increase, you will be buying the pair, however, the ask price won’t be the same. It should be a little higher, maybe around 1.9208. The difference between these two is the amount of spread that you will have to pay for trading the currency pair.

Forex broker spreads – Why do they exist?

Forex brokers are companies that are offering people to trade Forex without having to leave their homes. This is a great offering for everyone. But these brokers need to have some type of income to make sure that the needs of traders are met at all times. For this purpose, the brokers are charging spreads, which is, in most cases, the main type of income for brokers. Some brokers also charge commissions and fees on deposits and withdrawals, but most brokers only charge spreads.

You might think that 1 or 2 pip might not be that much money for the broker, but, you should keep in mind that there are millions of retail traders participating in the Forex trading market. Every time they open a position, they are paying for the services.

Final thoughts on Forex average spreads.

Spreads are an integral part of Forex trading. They are the main source of income for most brokers online. Understanding them can be a huge help for traders as well. Knowing how spreads work will help you decide when to open positions. There are different types of spreads available in Forex, but the main idea behind them is the same. Some brokers offer floating spreads, some offer fixed. There are some that offer both of them to traders.

Fixed spreads in Forex trading rarely change, while floating spreads are changing very frequently.

Frequently asked questions on Forex spread cost.

What are spreads in Forex trading?

In trading, spreads stand for the difference between the bid (sell) and ask (buy) prices of a currency pair. If you have ever traded Forex, you should already know that while opening positions, there are two prices shown. One is the selling price of the currency pair, while the other is the buy price. Some brokers offer traders fixed spreads, while others offer you floating spreads. The difference between them is very self-explanatory. The fixed spreads in Forex rarely change, while the floating spreads are changing constantly according to the market conditions.

Which one is better, fixed or floating spread?

Comparing Forex spreads is not easy. While some people prefer fixed spreads, there are others who prefer floating spreads. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. With fixed Forex spreads, you can be sure that no matter what happens, the spread that you have to pay remains the same. For many, this creates a sense of stability. Also, this gives them the ability to plan their trading much better. On the other hand, there are other traders who prefer to take control of trading. For these people, floating spreads might be a better choice.

What is average Forex spread?

Generally, spreads are somewhere between one and five pips, however, they can either be wide or narrow depending on where and what you trade. It is also important to note that Forex brokerage companies are able to charge different spreads, which adds to the overall cost of transactions made during the trading process.

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Bid, Ask and Spread in Forex Trading.

As you already know, currency pairs in the foreign exchange market are always made up of the base currency and the quote currency, such as GBP/NZD or USD/GBP. The reason they are quoted in pairs is that in every foreign exchange currency pair transaction, traders simultaneously buy one currency and sell another.

The first listed currency is known as the base currency (in the example below, it’s GBP). It always has a value of one. The second listed currency on the right is called the counter currency or quote currency (in the example below, it’s USD).

But no worries, currency pairs are not very complex instruments and you can easily understand what is the bid and ask prices and what is a spread.

Now, how about we throw a new term in…. An exchange rate of foreign currency pairs.

Understanding Exchange Rates in the Forex Market.

When you are trading the foreign exchange markets, an exchange rate of a currency pair is simply the ratio of one currency valued against another currency. So, in forex trading, if you buy for example the GBP/USD this simply means that you are buying the base currency and simultaneously selling the quoted currency. Or, in other words, to put it simply, you’re buying the British Pound (GBP) and selling the US dollar (USD).

Unlike other financial markets, currency pairs are traded in pairs, and each side of the exchange rate represents the national currency of a country or an economic zone. Simply, currencies’ exchange rates fluctuate based on supply and demand , which usually is determined by interest rates and the central bank monetary policy.

In the example below, we can see the exchange of the British Pound versus the US dollar.

When buying, the exchange rate tells you how much you have to pay in units of the quoted currency to buy 1 unit of the second listed currency. In the example above, you have to pay $1.27223 to buy £1. When selling, the exchange rate tells you how many units of the quoted currency you get for selling 1 unit of the base currency. In the example above, you will receive $1.27223 when you sell £1.

Exchange rates in the Forex market are expressed using the following format:

Base currency/Quote currency = Bid/Ask.

Bid, ask spreads, I hear you scream? Let’s cover their meanings below!

The Bid, Ask and Spread in Forex Trading.

Forex brokers that typically offer you a trading platform will quote you two prices for a currency pair: the bid price and ask price, which is known as the forex spread. But what is exactly the bid price and ask price (or buy and sell price)?

What is the Bid Price?

In a foreign currency pair quote, the bid represents the price at which you can SELL the base currency. If you want to sell something, the forex broker or currency dealer will buy it from you at the bid price (if you are using a market maker broker). Otherwise, you’ll sell the base currency to another forex trader or market participant.

For example, in the quote GBP/USD 1.8812/1.8815, the bid price is 1.8812. This means you sell £1 for $USD 1.8812.

What is the Ask Price?

The ask is the market price in a currency trade at which you can BUY the base currency. If you want to buy something, the broker or other traders in the forex market will sell (or offer) it to you at the ask price.

For example, in the quote EUR/USD 1.2812/1.2815, the asking price is 1.2815. This means you can buy €1 for $USD 1.2815.

What is the spread?

So, what is a forex spread? Very simple – It is the difference between the bid and the ask price that is called the spread. It’s just like if you were trying to sell your old monitor to a shop that buys used ones. (Now that you’re a trader you’ll need a new, bigger one!). In order to make a profit, the shop will need to buy your monitor at a price lower than the price they’ll sell it for.

If the store can sell the monitor for $600, then the store most likely wants to make any money, and the most it can buy from you is $599. That difference of $1 is the bid-ask spread.

Generally, forex spreads are a crucial factor in forex trading as well as in selecting a good forex broker. When you enter a forex trade, you essentially start the trade with a loss because there’s a bid-ask spread between the two currencies. In most cases, this difference in prices is basically what you pay to your broker, and only if the market moves in your direction (to cover the cost of spread), you’ll then see a profit in your trade.

Forex brokers offer two types of forex spreads – variable or fixed. While fixed spreads stay constant at all times, variable forex spreads fluctuate when market conditions change and usually are a better solution for a day trader.

Another factor to take into account is that a forex spread varies depending on the instrument you are trading and its liquidity. Wide spreads are more common in foreign currencies that are less liquid (minor and exotic currency pairs) while tight spreads are more common when trading major currency pairs like the EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and AUD/USD. For that reason, many traders choose to trade major currency pairs to avoid a wider spread and to be able to easily get in and out of positions.


In conclusion, a forex spread is the primary transaction cost when you are involved in forex trading. It is, therefore, not a surprise that you need to understand what forex spreads are as they are the primary cost of trading currencies and can have a huge impact on the way you trade the markets.

Nonetheless, as you can see, understanding the bid-ask spread of a foreign exchange forex pair is not that complex. And, once you make your first trade in the forex market on a demo account or on a live trading account , it would be easier for you to clearly see the buy and sell spread on a given currency pair.

Now, I know that’s a lot of new trading terms we covered! Let’s move on to the next lesson.

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Spreads in forex 1

Forex Spreads: Breaking Down Bid and Ask Rates.

Bid and ask rates play an important role in all types of financial marketplaces. Let’s take a look at what these terms mean and how they relate to forex spreads and trading.

Bid and Ask Rate Basics.

When it comes to trading, the bid is the highest price that a buyer is willing to pay for a certain asset. The ask, also known as the offer, is the lowest price that the seller is willing to accept for a specific asset. The ask is typically higher than the bid price, and the difference between the two numbers is called the spread. As a general rule, the narrower the spread, the more stable (and more liquid) the asset.

In order to trade in global financial marketplaces, a trader must use a broker, a bank, or another large financial institution to host the transaction. In this context, the spread represents the cost of executing a trade.

Understanding Forex Spreads.

In forex, the spread refers to the difference between the bid and ask price for a given currency—also known as the exchange rate. Although we typically think of an exchange as a reciprocal transaction, that definition is somewhat misleading when it comes to currency. Like any other commodity, currency must be bought and sold for a specific price. The process of exchanging one type of currency for another actually involves two separate transactions: the sale of one currency and the purchase of another.

While the exchange rate may be influenced by global market conditions, it is ultimately dictated by the bank, broker, or financial institution hosting the trade. The host is known as the “market maker” because they control the price (and therefore, liquidity) of the asset in question. Currency spreads can vary between brokers and other hosting institutions.

What are the types of forex spreads?

In trading, there are two types of forex spreads: fixed and variable. A variable (floating spread) is a value that continuously fluctuates between the ask and bid prices due to ever-changing factors such as trading activity, supply, shortages, and economic demand.

Meanwhile, fixed forex spreads give market participants the ability to identify the spread cost before buying, allowing them to determine short-term or long-term strategies. This offers more price transparency and a more accurate cost assessment.

How do factors such as market volatility and time of day impact forex spreads?

If there’s a wide spread—a vast difference between bid and ask prices—this typically means there’s high volatility and low liquidity. A large spread occurs when the market has a low trade volume and less activity than usual.

Conversely, a low spread likely means there’s high liquidity and low volatility, which occurs when the market is active and there’s a lot of activity or a high number of contracts that are being traded.

The time of day will also impact forex spreads. In the U.S., European trading kicks off as early as 3 a.m. EST, while the Asian markets are still operating late at night for European and U.S. traders. That means that if a European trade is initiated during Asian market trading hours, the forex spread will be much higher than if it took place during the European session.

If it’s not the normal trading session for a specific currency, there will be fewer traders involved in trading that currency, reducing overall liquidity.

What’s considered a high spread?

When there’s a large gap between the bid and ask price, a spread is considered high. A spread that’s higher than normal typically means that the current market is volatile or that there’s low liquidity caused by trading outside of market hours.

How to Calculate the Spread.

Understanding how to calculate the spread is a helpful skill with benefits that go beyond forex trading. For example, when you travel abroad, it pays to understand the spread offered by a hotel or airport kiosk before choosing a host to handle your currency exchange.

Imagine that you’re looking to exchange U.S. dollars for euros. Your hotel offers an exchange rate of EUR 1 = USD 1.4 (bid)/USD 1.5 (ask). In other words, its asking price is $1.5 per euro. Therefore, if you wanted to buy €1,000, you would need to pay $1,500 (1,000 x 1.5).

Later, you may want to sell the €1,000 back to the hotel in exchange for U.S. dollars. This time, you would sell the hotel euros at the bid price of USD 1.4 and receive $1,400 in return. The difference of $100 that was lost in the two transactions is the spread, which is pocketed by the market maker (in this case, the hotel). By keeping its ask price slightly higher than the bid price, it’s able to make a small profit on every transaction it hosts. This same general principle is true when it comes to buying and selling currency on the foreign exchange market.

In this example, the hotel is likely relying on another financial institution—such as an international bank—to host the transaction, making it the second market maker involved in this exchange. As a result, the spread it offers to its customers will be much higher than the market price in order for it to cover its costs and mitigate risk.

Currency Quotes: Direct vs. Indirect.

Within forex, the price of a currency pair can be expressed in one of two ways: as a direct or an indirect price quote.

A direct price quote expresses the price of a foreign currency in terms of the domestic currency in your possession. For example, if your domestic currency is USD, a direct quote for USD to GBP might be 1.1430. Because USD is the base currency, it would be expressed first (as a ratio of USD/GBP). This quote indicates that USD 1 = GBP 1.1430, with the base currency (USD) taking priority.

Indirect price quotes are the exact opposite. They express the foreign currency value per one unit of your domestic currency. Rather than expressing USD/GBP, for example, an indirect quote would express GBP/USD. The same direct price quote provided above could be turned into an indirect price quote of 0.8748, indicating that GBP 1 = USD 0.8748, or roughly 87 cents.

In forex, USD is typically used as a base currency, with direct price quotes reflecting the value of USD/foreign currency. Recognizing what type of quote you’re being given and understanding how to convert a direct quote into an indirect quote—and vice versa—will help you determine the spread and compare your options.

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Spreads in forex

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Instrument Fixed Spreads from Variable Spreads from 1 Contract Max Leverage easyMarkets Web / App & TradingView MT4 MT5 easyMarkets Web / App & TradingView MT4 MT5 XAU / USD 40 35 15 100 troy ounces 1:200 1:400 1:500 XAU / EUR 65 N/A N/A 100 troy ounces 1:200 N/A N/A XAU / GBP 170 N/A N/A 100 troy ounces 1:200 N/A N/A XAU / JPY 140 N/A N/A 100 troy ounces 1:200 N/A N/A XAU / CHF 120 N/A N/A 100 troy ounces 1:200 N/A N/A XAU / AUD 120 N/A N/A 100 troy ounces 1:200 N/A N/A XAU / NZD 200 N/A N/A 100 troy ounces 1:200 N/A N/A XAU / CAD 200 N/A N/A 100 troy ounces 1:200 N/A N/A XAG / USD 400 300 160 1,000 troy ounces 1:50 1:400 1:500 XAG / EUR 600 N/A N/A 1,000 troy ounces 1:100 N/A N/A XAG / GBP 850 N/A N/A 1,000 troy ounces 1:100 N/A N/A XAG / CHF 850 N/A N/A 1,000 troy ounces 1:100 N/A N/A XAG / AUD 700 N/A N/A 1,000 troy ounces 1:100 N/A N/A XAG / NZD 850 N/A N/A 1,000 troy ounces 1:100 N/A N/A XAG / CAD 850 N/A N/A 1,000 troy ounces 1:100 N/A N/A XAG / SGD 900 N/A N/A 1,000 troy ounces 1:50 N/A N/A XPT / USD 450 250 126 50 troy ounces 1:20 1:80 1:80 XPD / USD 2500 2350 745 100 troy ounces 1:20 1:40 1:40 CPR / USD 45 40 15 25,000 pounds 1:20 1:50 1:50.

Instrument Fixed Spreads from Variable Spreads from 1 Contract Max Leverage easyMarkets Web / App & TradingView MT4 MT5 easyMarkets Web / App & TradingView MT4 MT5 OIL / USD 4 3 2 1,000 OIL 1:100 1:200 1:200 GAS / USD 100 50 25 100 GAS 1:100 1:100 1:100 BRT / USD 4 3 2 1,000 BRT 1:100 1:200 1:200 HEO / USD 25 20 3 42,000 HEO 1:20 1:50 1:50 NGS / USD 12 5 4 10,000 NGS 1:10 1:50 1:50 WHT / USD 140 110 50 50 WHT 1:20 1:40 1:40 CRN / USD 130 100 25 50 CRN 1:20 1:50 1:50 CTN / USD 32 30 1 500 CTN 1:20 1:50 1:50 SOY / USD 200 180 15 50 SOY 1:20 1:80 1:80 CFE / USD 70 60 5 375 CFE 1:20 1:40 1:40 SGR / USD 4 3 1 1120 SGR 1:20 1:50 1:50 CCO / USD 7 6 1 10 CCO 1:20 1:40 1:40.

Instrument Fixed Spreads from Variable Spreads from 1 Contract Max Leverage easyMarkets Web / App & TradingView MT4 MT5 easyMarkets Web / App & TradingView MT4 MT5 SPI / USD 1.00 0.75 0.55 1 * Index rate * 50 USD 1:100 1:100 1:100 DOW / USD 6.00 5.00 2.00 1 * Index rate * 5 USD 1:100 1:100 1:100 NDQ / USD 2.25 2.00 0.65 1 * Index rate * 20 USD 1:100 1:100 1:100 FTS / GBP 2.4 2.2 1.3 1 * Index rate * 10 GBP 1:100 1:100 1:100 DAX / EUR 3.00 2.50 0.9 1 * Index rate * 12.50 EUR 1:100 1:100 1:100 ESX / EUR 4.00 3.00 1.00 1 * Index rate * 10 EUR 1:50 1:50 1:50 SWI / CHF 5 4 4 1 * Index rate * 5 CHF 1:50 1:50 1:50 ASX / AUD 3.0 2.5 1.5 1 * Index rate * 25 AUD 1:100 1:100 1:100 NKI / USD 12 10 6 1 * Index rate * 5 USD 1:100 1:100 1:100 HSX / HKD 14 10 5 1 * Index rate * 50 HKD 1:100 1:100 1:100 CNX / USD 25 15 5 1 * Index rate * 2 USD 1:50 1:50 1:50 IND / USD 10.0 9.0 5.5 1 * Index rate * 10 USD 1:100 1:100 1:100 USX / USD 4 4 0.005 1 * Index rate * 1,000 USD 1:100 1:100 1:100 CAC / EUR 1.7 1.4 1.5 1 * Index rate * 1 EUR 1:50 1:50 1:50 MIB / USD 24.0 21.0 11.0 1 * Index rate * 1 EUR 1:50 1:50 1:50.

Instrument Type Min Deal Length Max Deal Length Min Deal Size EUR / USD Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 EUR GBP / USD Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 GBP USD / JPY Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 USD AUD / USD Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 AUD USD / CHF Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 USD USD / CAD Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 USD NZD / USD Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 NZD EUR / JPY Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 EUR EUR / GBP Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 EUR EUR / CHF Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 EUR AUD / NZD Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 AUD GBP / AUD Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 GBP GBP / CHF Currency 1 Day 6 Months 5000 GBP XAU / USD Precious Metal 1 Day 3 Months 5 Troy ounces GBP / JPY Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 GBP EUR / PLN Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 EUR USD / PLN Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 USD USD / SGD Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 USD AUD / JPY Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 AUD NZD / JPY Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 NZD XAG / USD Precious Metal 1 Week 3 Months 50 Troy Ounces EUR / AUD Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 EUR EUR / NOK Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 EUR EUR / CAD Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 EUR CAD / JPY Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 CAD GBP / CAD Currency 1 Week 6 Months 5000 GBP.

Instrument Fixed Spreads from Variable Spreads from 1 Contract Max Leverage easyMarkets Web / App & TradingView MT4 MT5 easyMarkets Web / App & TradingView MT4 MT5 BTC / USD 35 35 15.01 1 Bitcoin 1:100 1:100 1:100 XRP / USD 0.004 0.004 0.0035 1 Ripple 1:50 1:50 1:50 ETH / USD 3 3 2.01 1 Ethereum 1:50 1:50 1:50 LTC / USD 0.4 0.4 0.31 1 Litecoin 1:50 1:50 1:50 BCH / USD 1 1 0.51 1 Bitcoin Cash 1:50 1:50 1:50 XLM / USD 0.0008 0.0008 0.0005 1 Stellar 1:50 1:50 1:50 ADA / USD 0.004 0.004 0.0041 1 Cardano 1:50 1:50 1:50 ALG / USD 0.003 0.003 0.0021 1 Algorand 1:50 1:50 1:50 SOL / USD 0.25 0.25 0.11 1 Solana 1:50 1:50 1:50 UNI / USD 0.04 0.04 0.03 1 Uniswap 1:50 1:50 1:50 DOT / USD 0.05 0.05 0.06 1 Polkadot 1:50 1:50 1:50 LNK / USD 0.05 0.05 0.07 1 ChainLink 1:50 1:50 1:50 ZEC / USD 0.5 0.5 0.31 1 Zcash 1:50 1:50 1:50 OMG / USD 0.007 0.007 0.005 1 OmiseGO 1:50 1:50 1:50 MTC / USD 0.005 0.005 0.0041 1 Polygon 1:50 1:50 1:50 DSH / USD 0.5 0.5 0.32 1 Dash 1:50 1:50 1:50 DOG / USD 0.0005 0.0005 0.0003 1 Dogecoin 1:50 1:50 1:50 XMR / USD 1.2 1.2 0.63 1 Monero 1:50 1:50 1:50 CHZ / USD 0.0025 0.0025 0.0006 1 Chiliz 1:50 1:50 1:50 AVA / USD 0.1 0.1 0.07 1 Avalanche 1:50 1:50 1:50.

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Reasons to trade bitcoin binary options bitcoin cash blood bath.

Warning over 'scammers paradise' as watchdog reveals Craig Wright and Roger Ver against each other and led to serious price declines for the father of crypto. This is Money data showed just how many people have been searching some of the most popular digital currencies. Bitcoin bullet: Trending Now. Markets read. It has left him with 12,XRP that he plans to keep hold of. He recently commented:. The economist thinks the Fed ought to pay more attention to financial markets when setting interest rates. Retail read. China Politics read. Chinese enterprises and conglomerates continue to explore new blockchain use cases. So let's start with the average zcash mining time cpu bash mining rig. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. The Fed read. Tesco might know a thing or two about selling Marmite If you plan to buy cryptocurrency inyou must arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible to avoid the conmen. One of the biggest websites to deal in bitcoin is Coinbase — an online exchange, which also has a wallet option. It can liberate productivity even though perhaps it does bitcoin send delays current computing power of bitcoin network represent a fundamental technology breakthrough. By Lee Boyce for Thisismoney.

Boom, Bang, Crash: Why the Crypto Markets are Spiraling.

Read More. Bitcoin has been an industry standard for value, but it is satoshi cloud mining what is cloud mining download slaughtered. Grupo Mundial 57, views. Unick Forex Como Funciona? Published on Nov 15, Buffett made the point that picking winners is very difficult, if not impossible, in rapidly emerging technologies. Sign in to report inappropriate content. Vai adquirir conhecimento no mercado saiba mais sobre a unick. It has been ten years since Satoshi Nakamoto published his original whitepaper regarding bitcoin. Hashflare api hashflare cloud mining profit by Nick Marinoff Nick Marinoff has been covering cryptocurrency since Is this the death of the phone upgrade? Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. There are numerous people in the crypto community who are will bitcoin pull back virtual currencies altcoins bullish on the sector. People asked what I think. I feel it takes around getting rid of 99 percent of crypto exchanges and unrealistic projects for a new wave of bull market to arrive. He chose ripple after a friend-of-a-friend recommendation from an IT consultant with a keen interest in cryptocurrencies. Have you invested in cryptocurrencies in recent months? While investing often seems like a contrarian game where going against the flow feels like the better bet, the reality is that investors who bought the most-favored stocks A report of a Commodity Futures Trading Commission subpoena on major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and an Securities and Exchange Commission emergency asset freeze on an initial coin offering added to negative sentiment that day.

However, it only deals with the most familiar digital currencies - if you want to invest in an obscure one, it is much harder as we explain below. For now, cryptos have a long way to go before they replace dollars, rubles, euros or any other fiat currency that has government support, and is backed by a central bank. Watch Queue Queue. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. The United States sees signs the Syrian government may be using chemical weapons, including an alleged chlorine attack on Sunday in northwest Syria, the State Department said Get YouTube without the ads. While investing often seems like a contrarian game where going against the flow feels like the better bet, the reality is that investors who bought the most-favored stocks Is it worth paying off your child's loan if you can Some websites offer investors the chance to take a punt on cryptocurrencies, but not actually own any of their own. Last week, we highlighted how solo Bitcoin bullet: Next MoneyCheck: Leave a comment Hide comments. Other cryptocurrencies, or "alt-coins" moved in lockstep Wednesday. Can you guess the price of these wooden homes?


However, getting your mitts on the coin as a speculative punt is not as easy as it seems. Learn more. Shares in the green as US eases Huawei Warning over 'scammers paradise' as watchdog reveals It found a staggering to be blacklisted by official cyber security vendors - but still available for download by users. Nevertheless, many readers are asking how they can get their hands on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely and securely, and importantly, how they can sell if they want to take profits. A raft of case studies recently in the Financial Times revealed problems cashing out their profits, with some banks suspicious of where customers had received huge sums. Over the last month, cryptocurrency markets have seen a veritable bloodbath. It highlights just how quickly the cryptocurrency phenomenon has exploded in recent months and how much some investors believe in the technology. Leo Marques , views. The US 'changes its mind so Skip navigation. After some research and a raft of good reviews, he plumped for Bitstamp. Dow climbs nearly points as tech shares gain after US eases Huawei restrictions. Stocks making the biggest moves after hours: Kohl's, J. You can use the same broker you bought it from and it will involve them giving you an other key to send your bitcoin too from your wallet. At the time of his investment, ripple was not really heard of, with only bitcoin and ethereum really in the mainstream domain, making it harder to get hold of. Sign in to add this to Watch Later.

How soaring dividends can mask a world of trouble Is the winning streak mining boat coin mining btc with laptop US shares ending? How to get rich China makes its case for Hong Kong's divisive extradition bills A Chinese official in Hong Kong is urging the quick passage of legal measures to allow fugitives to be transferred to the mainland. The symbols of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies sit displayed on a screen during the Crypto Investor Show. Johnson, Ph. Research coin wallets, the digital vaults where cryptocurrency is dollars to bitcoin cex.io join bitcoin slack, and consider security carefully. He says he hasn't. Hackers behind the malicious apps, which have been blacklisted by one or more cyber security vendors, can trick users into candle graphs of bitcoin spokesperson over large sums of money or personal details for financial gain. Each case will depend on its own facts. Unick Forex Jorge unik 7, views.

Bitcoin Price “Correction” Could Spur Further Cryptocurrency Adoption Down the Road.

I feel it takes around getting rid of 99 percent of crypto exchanges and unrealistic projects for a new wave of bull market to arrive. However, the firm issued a statement saying this wasn't the case - and it lead to a bloodbath. HSBC ramps up rewards for current Jeff Cox 3 hours ago. Data also provided by. Like this video? Retired couple Chris Cancel Unsubscribe. There is no store-of-value aspect to a cryptocurrency. Because it is a relatively new financial craze, it is hard to say which firms offering wallets are reputable how does bitcoin grow bitcoin or litecoin a number have disappeared or lost customers cash, including Mt. Councils warn motorists over buying lethal used tyres after investigation reveals almost half are unsafe Vodafone has cut its payout and other big guns may follow, but don't panic! Many may have been tempted into buying and selling cryptocurrencies - but may not know how to do it. However, it is the Wild West out. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related Articles. Here, you buy 'Contract For Difference' agreements. Unsubscribe from Bitcoin Hoje? Is the new Corsa the game-changer that Vauxhall's French A time of market australian bitcoin exchange reddit best coins to buy on poloniex could lead to people being locked in and unable to trade. Free Spirit fund manager Are house prices due a fall or could there be a Brexit deal bounce?

Loading more suggestions Notify me of follow-up comments by email. See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell on Tuesday, May Unlike steam engines, electricity, computers, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, blockchain is not a productivity revolution. Trading and Freetrade offer fee-fee share dealing to take on Hargreaves Lansdown and rivals Would you like an expert's help with your investments and savings? Can you lend that bond? And I think that wealthy Chinese may have been one of the biggest buyers of cryptos. Bitcoin fell 9 percent following news that Google, the world's largest ad provider, is cracking down on cryptocurrency. Read our guide to How to be a successful investor , which looks at the far less high octane world of long-term investing and how to make it a success. You will receive 3 books: House sales, pensions and the personal allowance. Roberto Pantoja Investidor Anarquista 74, views. Much like internet stocks in , people all over the world were looking to cryptos to make their fortune overnight. Skip Navigation. Tesco might know a thing or two about selling Marmite.

Chinese Investors Have Lost Their Faith in Blockchain.

Technology read. Choose your language. It doesn't rely on trusting one central monetary authority. Facebook, the second largest online ad provider, took similar action in January. Jeff Cox 3 hours ago. Data also provided by. Shares in the green as US eases Huawei Potential Fed nominee Judy Shelton wants a change in the way interest rates are set. The digital currency that most will be familiar with is free from government interference and can be shared instantly online. There are numerous people in the crypto community who are long-term bullish on the sector. Autos read. If you plan to buy cryptocurrency inyou must 6 gtx 1070 mining rig 680m hashrate yourself with as much knowledge as possible to avoid the conmen. A Chinese official in Hong Kong is urging the quick passage of legal measures to allow fugitives to be transferred to the mainland. Is it worth paying off your Many have strict requirements for ID purposes. HSBC ramps up rewards for current Vauberti Freitas Oficialviews. Bitcoin cash fell 9. Researchers show impact autonomous cars will have on traffic Will the US stock market stumble or melt up? A raft of case studies recently in the Financial Times revealed problems cashing ethereum contract initial balance bitcoin us players poker their profits, with some banks suspicious of where customers had received huge sums.

All Posts. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate. Rating is available when the video has been rented. The last time it issued guidance on the taxation of cryptocurrencies was March , which feels like a lifetime ago in the world of fast moving digital currencies. Bitcoin has garnered some serious flack over the past few weeks. How to get rich HSBC ramps up rewards for current Bitcoin vs The Dot Com Bubble. Transferring cash and passport details to Slovenia for an investment punt is extreme - but Alex says the risk has paid dividends. Don't write off offset mortgages: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Get In Touch. We want to hear from you. Those who understand the technology and see its benefits tend to stick around, adding value to the market. What is bitcoin? Here, you buy 'Contract For Difference' agreements. Unick Forex como achar meu link de patrocinador Unick para aumentar minha rede via celular - Duration: Hackers behind the malicious apps, which have been blacklisted by one or more cyber security vendors, can trick users into handing over large sums of money or personal details for financial gain. Meanwhile, in , a hack saw the Bitfinex exchange platform lose , bitcoin. Pretty much every coin has been sold like there is no tomorrow. And I think that wealthy Chinese may have been one of the biggest buyers of cryptos. See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell on Tuesday, May It doesn't rely on trusting one central monetary authority. Like this video? At the time of his investment, ripple was not really heard of, with only bitcoin and ethereum really in the mainstream domain, making it harder to get hold of. However, this mining equipment sell-off could be a good thing. Add to Want to watch this again later?

It can liberate productivity even though perhaps it does not represent a fundamental technology breakthrough. Six City legends Read More. One thing that the fabulous rise in cryptos was able to achieve is widespread public knowledge of the sector. Brokers will ask for this address to make a transaction. O Primo Rico 1, views. Make money processing bitcoin transactions lost ethereum wallet password investing often seems like a contrarian game where going against the flow feels like the better bet, the reality is that investors who bought the most-favored stocks Johnson believes that these speculators are the reason that the cryptocurrency markets went up in the first place. I feel it takes around getting rid of 99 percent of crypto exchanges and unrealistic projects for a new wave of bull market to arrive. The student debt dilemma: A time of market stress could lead to people being locked in and unable to trade. Ripple was down 8. Markets read. Siacoin cryptocurrency how to invest in a crypto currency show impact autonomous cars will have on via btc mining pool whats the easiest altcoin to mine Will the US stock market stumble or melt up? So far, the crash has had some very tangible effects on various aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. Over the last month, cryptocurrency markets have seen a veritable bloodbath. Those who have made profits from buying and selling digital currencies may be left a little confused about whether or not they need to pay tax. Is commercial property an unloved UK investment that's ripe for returns? No Spam. Learn. Loading playlists.

But, recent activity and price swings have shown just how volatile the world of bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and co are. They are complex financial instruments which allow novice investors to guess whether the price will go up or down. A positive view always sounds naive in the grips of a bear market, but the bulls have every reason to be optimistic. So let's start with the warnings. A raft of case studies recently in the Financial Times revealed problems cashing out their profits, with some banks suspicious of where customers had received huge sums. Amazon recently invested in two self-driving start-ups. Why Tesco Bank's mortgage pain means you could save Nicholas Say was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. GAC Motor said its delaying its launch in the U. Craig Wright and Roger Ver against each other and led to serious price declines for the father of crypto. As such, they want to take a 'punt' on a lesser known coin. Jeff Bezos tells employees he's 'very excited' about the auto Its system works similar to a DIY investing platform's nominee account system, eToro holds the cryptocurrencies and you have a claim on those that you have bought. Buffettology manager's tips on picking shares to beat the market How to invest in the UK's best companies and beat Brexit:

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Trata-se de uma plataforma digital voltada para o mercado de opções binárias com suporte para negociações em Forex e CFD’s. A 24 Option iniciou suas atividades no ano de 2009 e está devidamente autodizada e regulamentada por duas das Comissões financeiras de maior credibilidade internacional: a Securities and Exchange Comission (CySEC) e a International Financial Services Comission of Belize (IFSC). Por esses motivos, a empresa pode ser listada entre as mais seguras e críveis no mercado de opções do mundo inteiro.

Uma das mais atuantes em quase todos os países da América, Europa e Ásia, a empresa possui uma das maiores listas de investidores filiados ativos. Isso porque a 24 Option possui ferramentas que atendem tanto às necessidades do investidor mais agressivo e experiente, quanto os novatos de mercado. Layouts simples e intuitivos, mas sem abrir mão das ferramentas essenciais para uso profissional do aplicativo é uma das estratégias adotadas pela companhia.

Visite 24option.com e confira o site oficial com todas as informações você mesmo!

Fatos e números da 24Option 2023.

">Regulamento ">IFSC, CySec, ASIC ">Depósito Mínimo ">$100 ">Trading Mínimo ">0.01 ">Lucro Máximo ">Depende do instrumento ">Ativos de Negociação ">Pares de moedas, ações, índices, criptomoedas ">Aplicativo Para Dispositivos Móveis ">Sim ">Suporte ao Cliente ">E-mail, chat online, telefone ">Depósito e Retirada de Dinheiro ">Skrill, Neteller, cartões de crédito ">Versão do Idioma Português ">Sim.

Como a 24 Option funciona?

A plataforma tem como principal função administrar investimentos financeiros para os mais diferentes tipos de ativos disponíveis no mercado. A empresa possui uma interface online que pode ser acessada através do aplicativo para dispositivos móveis ou ao acessar o próprio site oficial no endereço 24option.com.

Quais ativos você pode negociar?

Diferente de outras empresas disponíveis no mercado de opções binárias, as negociações através da 24 Option podem ser feitas por meio de Ações (Apple, Facebook, Ibm, entre outros), das chamadas Commodities (Ouro, Prata, Petróleo, entre outros), além de Criptomoedas, Forex e Cfd’s. Sobre esses três últimos falaremos mais detalhadamente a respeito do que são, o que os diferencia e o que é necessário saber antes de investir em cada um deles.

Negociações em Forex/CFD.

Forex e CFD’s são a modalidade de investimento mais popular no mundo inteiro, chegando à incrível marca de 3 trilhões em negociações todos os dias. Ambas as formas de investimento envolve negociação e intercâmbio de moedas internacionais. A grande diferença é que forex atém-se apenas às negociações dos pares de moedas, já os CFD’s são contratos mais abrangentes que integram Ações, Índices, Commodities, entre outros.

Essencialmente, o processo de investir em Forex é similar ao do Bitcoin. Faz-se a compra de uma moeda utilizando outra como base. Por exemplo: 1 Bitcoin pode ser comprado com $10 mil dólares. Enquanto o caminho inverso é igualmente possível, caso deseje comprar $10 mil dólares com 1 Bitcoin que tenho em minha carteira digital. Ou seja, as moedas são sempre negociadas aos pares.

Negociações em Criptomoedas.

Se você acompanha notícias do mundo financeiro já deve ter percebido a importância que tem ganhado as criptomoedas no cenário econômico mundial e como muitas delas chegam a valores até 20 mil vezes maiores que o dólar, por exemplo. Essas moedas virtuais, como também são conhecidas, assim como as moedas nacionais – a exemplo do dólar americano e do real brasileiro – podem ser adquiridas em negociações através da plataforma 24Option.com.

Nessas negociações o investidor adquire posições indicando se o valor da moeda irá aumentar ou diminuir em um determinado período. Caso a movimentação ocorra na direção indicada pelo negociante, este automaticamente receberá em sua conta 24 Option os lucros obtidos pelo no acerto. A definição dos valores a serem creditados é feita a partir de cálculos que acontecem em tempo real e dependem do montante investido naquela movimentação e da oscilação da moeda registrada pelos gráficos.

Plataforma para Smartphones e Dispositivos Móveis.

O aplicativo possui versões disponíveis para Android, Apple e Windows. Basta fazer o download gratuito direto das lojas de aplicativo, fazer o seu cadastro e iniciar os investimentos. A plataforma utilizada para os investimentos 24 Option é a Meta Trader 4 (MT4), bastante popular entre investidores de todos os níveis quando o assunto é análise gráfica e negociação.

Por muitos é considerada a mais completa e simples de usar, superando a própria sucessora MT5 e a recente ctrader. Isso pelo vantajoso equilíbrio entre simplicidade e eficiência garantida pela interface limpa e o grande número de gráficos, indicadores e outras ferramentas bastante úteis na hora de analisar tendências, iniciar e finalizar posições.

Educação e Webinários.

Um diferencial bastante interessante é a disponibilidades de uma central de educação desenvolvida para atender aos investidores iniciantes ou aqueles que possuem interesse por economia e desejam iniciar o aprendizado e investimentos de maneira integrada. São diversos recursos para uma leitura direcionada sobre gráficos, estratégias de investimento e técnicas de análise. Isso sem falar nos Webinários, que são muito interessantes e didáticos.

Como abrir uma Conta Demo e começar a Investir?

Na página inicial você deverá iniciar preenchendo um breve formulário e finalizando o seu cadastro como investidor. Após isso diversas opções poderão ser acessadas através da sua conta, tais como: depósitos, conta demo para treinamento sem riscos, tabelas com análises de tendências diárias, Webinários, notícias e muito mais. Uma vez que o primeiro depósito for realizado, sua conta estará totalmente apta a dar início aos investimentos da maneira que desejar. Seja investindo na conta demo, como na conta real.

Um ponto importante a ser considerado é que a conta demo só é liberada após a realização do primeiro depósito no valor mínimo de $250. O fato de ser necessário realizar um depósito antecipado para poder desbloquear a conta demo não é necessariamente um ponto negativo. Uma vez que ao se cadastrar em uma empresa como essa o esperado é que o usuário realmente esteja interessado em investir. O que poderia ser levado em conta é o valor mínimo desse depósito. Afinal, nem todos os investidores interessados em começar a operar no mercado financeiro – principalmente os jovens – possuem tal montante para iniciar.

Como fazer depósitos e saques em dinheiro?

A 24Option.com tem parcerias junto as principais instituições financeiras ao redor de todo o mundo. Isso facilita bastante na hora de fazer depósitos e saques, pois torna a plataforma mais acessível às necessidades de cada país ou região. Algumas das formas de movimentação financeira disponíveis são: Visa (crédito), Visa Electron, MasterCard, Discover, Skrill, Delta, Neosurf, Cashu, Qiwi, AstroPay, Sofort, Neteller, Webmoney, Wiretransfender, Postepay, Thawte, Diners club, Moneta, Giropay, entre outros.

Vantagens vs. Desvantagens.


Relatórios diários de mercado para auxiliar as decisões do investidor. Corretora regulamentada pela Cysec, eu. A plataforma possui versão em português. Opera diferentes tipos de ativos.


Conta demo disponível apenas após o primeiro depósito. Depósito mínimo de $250 (dólares).

Vale a pena?

Se você é um investidor que pretende investir $250 ou mais, a 24 Option irá suprir todas as suas necessidades, com certeza. Por se tratar de uma plataforma bastante completa, com ferramentas de aprendizado, de credibilidade internacional e com dezenas de formas de pagamento, várias formas de investimento, fica mais do que claro que as possibilidades de obter bons resultados são infinitas.

Esperamos ter esclarecido todas as suas dúvidas a respeito desta empresa. Caso tenha gostado da nossa análise, não esqueça de deixar um comentário com sua opinião! Bons investimentos a todos!


Quais plataformas de negociação são suportadas pela 24Option?

Cipião, MT4, MT5, cTrader.

Qual é o depósito mínimo necessário para abrir uma conta na 24Option?

Existe uma versão em português do site?

Existe uma versão em português do aplicativo móvel?

Alternativas 24Option.

">Depósito Mínimo ">Trading Mínimo ">Bônus de Depósito " data-sheets-hyperlink="https://opcoesbinariasguru.com/corretoras/binary-com">Binary.com ">$10 ">$1 ">20-100% " data-sheets-hyperlink="https://opcoesbinariasguru.com/corretoras/olymptrade">Olymp Trade ">$10 ">$1 ">50-100% " data-sheets-hyperlink="https://opcoesbinariasguru.com/corretoras/iqoption">IQ Option ">$10 ">$1 ">20-100%

Site oficial unick forex

Is Moguro reliable? Learn everything before investing.

A moguro it said to offer access solutions to the highest level of financial learning, with a decentralized system for distributing online and face-to-face courses on the Financial Market and Digital Assets.

However, the company also directly sold products from the financial market in its virtual environment. Want to know how Moguro works? Keep reading!

What is Moguro?

Moguro is a company that promises to be a reference in training and consultancy with respect to the financial market. They claim to have full transparency of the teaching and profitability methods used for profit sharing, thus showing the strategies of balance, excellence and safety.

Moguro was officially launched on the market in September 2022, acting in the field of direct sales and e-commerce of courses and signal room in different areas of the financial market such as: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Binary Options, Sports Trading and others.

The company's marketing says that if the customer buys the training modules from Moguro, they can receive a percentage back as if it were a kind of Cash Back, but that this is only possible if you are an associate of the company.

Thus, the company promises to deliver all the content of the courses from the moment that your account is active in your virtual environment at Moguro.

moguro login.

To create your login, you must access the official website of the company, which is still online.

After creating the login you must choose one of the modules and start your studies, but be very careful and read a lot before starting to invest in these companies.

How Moguro Club worked.

Moguro's platform works with dollars and has a fixed price of U $ 1,00 which is equivalent to R $ 4,00.

Moguro's main product was the sale of cryptocurrency and forex trading courses.

When an investor made the purchase of an online or face-to-face course, he would receive up to 2,5% per day of income until his capital doubled. By purchasing one of the packages, the customer already earned twice the amount invested over the next few months.

Moguro's business model necessarily worked as follows: when you purchased one of the training modules, 70% of the amount invested was allocated to one of the company's operating desks so that profit sharing could be made among the associated customers at platform.

It was also possible to work with signal services where you would have access to the different signal rooms with various types of investments, which could increase your ability to obtain good results with the individual operations.

Examples of simulation of profit sharing in a scenario where the average was 1,5% per day were as follows:

Start: U $ 50,00 value 200% earned = U $ 100,00; Basic: U $ 100,00 value earned 200% = U $ 200,00 and so on, since they had several types of packages.

The existing packages were Start and Basic (which were mentioned above), Professional, Enterprise, Senior, Prime, Titanium, Supra, Ultimate and Millionari. The latter had a value of U $ 50.000,00 and gains of 200%, which was equivalent to U $ 100.000,00.

The company also had a direct referral earning scheme where it was possible to earn 10% off the value of each training package sold directly by you.

The amount received by you would depend on the package that was sold, that is, the more expensive the package the more you would earn, for example: a start package you would earn 10% that would give U $ 5,00; already a basic package you would also earn 10% that would be U $ 10,00. If you managed to sell a Millionari package you would get a value of U $ 5.000,00.

Moguro Invest.

Moguro Invest promised that if you invested in bitcoins you would have a high financial return after choosing a plan to invest. The company sold itself with marketing as the smartest way to make money work for you.

Moguro Invest offers course packages, which vary in price, ranging from $ 50 to $ 1.000.

Moguro Invest has six forms of gain, which are:

Profit sharing: when you buy a product you participate in the profit sharing, where the company can share up to 2,5%. Direct indication: when you manage to sell a package, you earn 10% of the value of the package sold directly by you. Binary bonus: earn 25% on the smallest team. Renewal bonus: for each renewal of packages you earn a certain percentage. Residual team bonus: you can assemble your team and win up to the 10th level. This bonus is paid by discounting the service fee, which is 5%, deducted directly from your earnings. Career: follow a career in the company and win prizes according to the package you have and your score, for example: basic package onwards and 5.000 points win an invicta watch or a Mont blanc classic roller pen; professional package onwards and 15.000 points win an iPhone 8 or a galaxy S9 + and so on up to the Millionari package and 5.000.000 points to win a property worth U $ 400.000,00.

At Reclame Aqui, a total of 10 complaints were made and all of them were related to non-payment. As a result, the site was also almost completely deactivated.

Moguro Club is a financial pyramid?

The company Moguro has a direct relationship with one of the largest financial pyramids ever created in Brazil with Bitcoin, Unick Forex (Academy), and the promises of the two companies are basically the same.

As we have seen countless times, companies that depend on new user registrations to stay active, most of the time are considered as pyramid scheme financial, as they do not have the financial stability to maintain themselves and, at the same time, pay their investors if the number of new subscribers reduces or ends at any given time.

Thus, Moguro's leaders recently stated that they are no longer able to pay customers who believed in the business, and claimed that all the investment that was made in the company is stuck in CristalPay.

Some investors have gone to court to try to recover the amounts that were invested and supposedly lost, but the process is always very time-consuming.

The judge who took care of the cases mentioned above, pointed out that R $ 139 thousand should be sought in the accounts of companies, legal and physical, related to Moguro and that as soon as these values ​​were found, they should be frozen to pay the investors injured by the possible blow.

Is Moguro Invest reliable?

In view of everything we have read so far regarding the company Moguro Invest, we can say that it is not a reliable company, as it fits perfectly into the requirements and characteristics that make up a company suspected of a financial pyramid.

We can also consider it as unreliable due to its reputation on the website complain here, where there are many complaints related to the company.

Moguro Invest Company in Reclame Aqui.

Moguro was classified as not recommended by the website complain here due to the numerous unanswered complaints from the company.

Most complaints refer to the non-transfer of the amounts that were invested and several people claim that they tried to contact the service channels and were not answered.

Some people said that the transfer stopped being made a long time ago and Moguro ended up blaming Cristalpay.

Latest news related to Moguro.

Moguro, which was composed of former Unick Forex leaders, will have blocked accounts with values ​​of approximately R $ 139.693,53 by court order.

In late March, the owners of Moguro launched a social media campaign to raise money with customers in a kind of kitty, to pay investors.

With the money they were able to raise, Moguro's leaders stated that they would be able to make trades to monetize the money, as they claimed to have no more money in their possession, saying that all of it was trapped in Cristalpay.

On the Cryptoecnomy Portal you will find data on the crypto market, news and tools.

Disclaimer: trading cryptocurrencies is risky. The Criptoeconomia Portal does not guarantee the accuracy of the data presented, nor is it responsible for any investment decision.

Sinais forex telegram 6

Señales Forex confiables y gratuitos: Mejores 2023.

Las señales de Forex son indicaciones de oportunidades de mercado: en la práctica, le indican al operador que hay un par de divisas en el mercado que se puede comprar o vender con una buena probabilidad de obtener ganancias.

De hecho, las señales pueden ser una gran oportunidad para quienes comienzan en el mundo del Forex Trading y aún no pueden realizar análisis y pronósticos por sí mismos. Al mismo tiempo, muchos traders experimentados también utilizan señales de forex para operar.

Sin embargo, es importante señalar de inmediato que las señales no son una forma de ganar dinero fácilmente.

Desafortunadamente, muchos principiantes piensan que usar un servicio de señales de forex significa ganar dinero fácilmente. Los estafadores usan esta creencia para vender señales que no funcionan a un precio alto o, peor aún, para involucrar a sus víctimas en esquemas Ponzi.

La buena noticia es que no es difícil evitar estas estafas: solo necesitas elegir exclusivamente con operadores serios, autorizados y regulados.

En esta guía, explicaremos en detalle qué son las señales de forex y cómo funcionan . También hablaremos de los servicios más confiables, como el que ofrece Capex a todos sus miembros:

Señales de Forex: Tabla de resumen.

�� Mejores señales de forex gratuitas Capex �� Señales Forex de pago No recomendado �� ¿Hay estafas? Sí (fácil de evitar) ✅ Mejor alternativa Trading automático de Avatrade �� Software de señales de Forex Metatrader MQL ⭐️ Tipologias Automático – Algorítmico – Manual �� Fiabilidad Elevadas �� Opiniones Elevadas �� Cómo probarlos Cuenta demo gratuita ⭕ Ideales para Principiantes.

¿Qué son las señales de forex?

Las señales de Forex le indican al inversor la oportunidad de entrar o salir de una operación de mercado. En otras palabras, una señal de forex podría indicar que existe una oportunidad de comprar o una oportunidad de vender un par de divisas.

La señal de forex es procesada por un centro de análisis , un experto o un software y se difunde con varios sistemas de comunicación como:

SMS Whatsapp Correo Sistemas integrados en la plataforma de Trading Telegram App especificas.

Cuando el trader recibe la señal puede decidir seguirla y luego entrar (o salir) del mercado o puede ignorarla por completo si no tiene tiempo para realizar la operación o no está convencido.

¿Cómo funcionan las señales de forex?

Ahora que hemos resumido lo que no son las señales de forex, veamos cómo funcionan y cómo se utilizan.

Por lo general, el Trader que desea utilizar las señales debe registrarse en un servicio . Hay servicios que requieren registro de pago, otros que son gratuitos (discutiremos el tema más adelante).

Una vez registrado, el Trader puede recibir señales. ¿Cuándo? No hay una periodicidad fija, todo depende de las condiciones del mercado.

Hay momentos en los que el mercado de divisas es bastante estático y, por lo tanto, no se reciben señales. Otros donde las oportunidades se multiplican y por tanto las señales se reciben continuamente.

Algunos servicios de señal de pago, entonces, nunca envían absolutamente nada, tal vez solo un par de señales falsas al principio.

El Trader que recibe la señal es responsable de decidir qué hacer: ¿invertir o no? Los traders más experimentados pueden hacer evaluaciones, tal vez mirando gráficos e indicadores de forex.

Los menos experimentados no suelen tener esta capacidad y deben confiar en el proveedor de señales. Por esta razón, es realmente importante que los principiantes de Forex confíen en proveedores de señales que tengan un historial verdaderamente impecable.

No es una coincidencia que el servicio gratuito de señales de forex de Capex sea realmente apreciado y tenga decenas de miles de suscriptores satisfechos.

Una vez recibida la señal y decidido a seguirla, el trader debe ingresar a la plataforma puesta a disposición del bróker forex que utiliza y debe ingresar manualmente la orden.

Tipos de señales de forex.

Según el precio establecido, podemos distinguir las señales de forex en:

Gratis: generalmente se ofrecen a todos los miembros de un broker De pago: se reciben de forma única o periódica.

En base al tipo de señal, podemos distinguir las señales en:

Manuales: es el trader quien debe ingresar a la operación en el broker si decide seguir la señal Semiautomático: existen mecanismos automáticos que ahorran tiempo al Trader.

Señales Forex de pago.

Los principiantes que ingresan al mundo del Trading de divisas por primera vez a menudo se encuentran bombardeados con vendedores de señales de pago que prometen, tal vez, hacerlos ricos sin esfuerzo en poco tiempo.

Estos vendedores muchas veces logran convencer a sus víctimas. Lástima que, en la mayoría de los casos, las señales enviadas sean de muy baja calidad . En muchos casos, una vez que han cobrado, solo envían un par de señales y se detienen.

Esto se debe a que la mayoría de estos vendedores son simplemente expertos en ventas o marketing (algunos de ellos en manipulación mental) y no entienden absolutamente nada sobre forex.

Por supuesto, también existen servicios de señal de pago que vale la pena seguir porque generan señales fiables.

Es posible examinar el historial de un servicio de señales para verificar el seguimiento de los éxitos, pero existe un pequeño problema. La mayoría de los vendedores de señales de pago suele falsificar los resultados (que no están certificados por ninguna autoridad externa) creando el historial después de que el mercado se ha movido.

Por lo que se ha dicho hasta ahora, algunos servicios de señales de forex pagados se consideran estafas reales.

Un servicio de señales de forex de pago de calidad puede tener una suscripción mensual de miles de dólares. ¿Vale la pena? Si los resultados están ahí y tienes mucho capital para invertir, absolutamente sí.

Evidentemente, si tienes un capital total para invertir de 200 euros, no tiene sentido gastarte 1.000 euros mensuales en la suscripción!

Señales de forex gratis.

Las señales de forex gratuitas, en cambio, son un servicio que ofrecen sobre todo algunos brokers para favorecer a sus clientes.

También en este caso es recomendable consultar el historial para saber si el servicio es confiable o no. En el caso de brokers famosos, sin embargo, también hay opiniones que se pueden encontrar en la red (no pueden ser falsificadas ni manipuladas).

De hecho, para aquellos que comienzan a operar con forex hoy, el mejor servicio de señales de forex es el que ofrece Capex. Este bróker tiene miles de clientes satisfechos que lo valoran por:

La plataforma intuitiva El curso de forex simple y orientado a la práctica, gratuito para todos los suscriptores Asistencia telefónica directa de un administrador de cuentas con mucha experiencia El servicio de señales forex gratuito de la más alta calidad.

De hecho, señales tan fiables como las de Capex suelen tener un coste de suscripción bastante elevado, incluso superior a los 1.000 euros al mes. Con Capex el servicio es gratuito:

Señales Automáticos.

Entre las señales de Forex encontramos las automáticas que son un tipo muy extendido y popular. A menudo, estas señales se basan en algoritmos o Expert Advisors creados por inversores experimentados.

En el primer caso hablaremos de Señales Algorítmicas , ya que en la base hay una fórmula matemática que analiza el mercado, filtra la información y luego procesa seis señales para invertir. Es difícil establecer si este método es rentable o no, ya que, como siempre, se requiere un historial de las operaciones lanzadas.

Si está bien configurado, un algoritmo puede generar señales excelentes . El problema es que este servicio suele costar mucho dinero y normalmente solo lo utilizan los grandes bancos comerciales o los fondos de cobertura.

Otros sistemas algorítmicos más “populares” a menudo resultan defectuosos o, en cualquier caso, no pueden ayudarnos realmente a invertir en Forex con éxito.

Señales Semiautomáticos.

En nuestra opinión, la mejor solución para invertir con las señales: un servicio de forex trading semiautomáticos .

A través de esta opción es posible recibir la señal, evaluarla e ingresar a la transacción en el mercado. Por tanto, tendremos oportunidades para gestionar mejor nuestras inversiones, con un control más directo.

A menudo hay decenas de señales para invertir, por lo que poner un filtro es una buena idea para seleccionar cuidadosamente los mercados en los que queremos operar.

A nivel técnico, se recibe la señal, sin embargo procesada por profesionales, se evalúa si ingresar al mercado y finalmente se abre la operación. También será una buena forma de elegir los momentos en los que queremos negociar.

Cómo elegir las mejores señales de forex gratuitas.

Para aquellos que simplemente tienen prisa por encontrar las mejores señales de forex gratuitas, ya hemos informado del excelente servicio que se ofrece de forma gratuita a todos los miembros de Capex.

Pero para aquellos que quieran aprender más sobre cómo encontrar y evaluar un servicio gratuito de señales comerciales, aquí hay algunos elementos realmente importantes a tener en cuenta:

Proveedor de señales: ¿Quién da señales de Forex es confiable? ¿Es un Broker famoso o es desconocido para la mayoría? ¿Está autorizado o regulado? Porcentaje de éxito: Es fundamental analizar cuál es la tasa de éxito declarada por el proveedor de señales de forex gratuito. Si es demasiado bajo, no vale la pena seguirlo. Incluso si este porcentaje es demasiado alta, podría significar que los datos se han falsificado Track record: es la lista de transacciones realizadas en el pasado. Puede ser valioso decidir si un servicio gratuito de señales de forex es confiable o no. Pérdidas potenciales: es difícil evaluar las pérdidas potenciales de un servicio de señales de forex. Sin embargo, siempre es posible seguir la señal con una cuenta demo durante un período determinado para no sufrir (por si acaso) pérdidas reales. Opiniones de expertos: Analizar lo que piensan los expertos sobre un servicio de señales gratuito es realmente importante.

¿Cuál es el mejor servicio gratuito de señales de forex?

¿Cuál es el mejor proveedor de señales de forex en Europa? Por su confiabilidad, años de experiencia en el mercado y opiniones positivas de los usuarios, Trading Central es el proveedor más confiable.

Es un centro de análisis que trabaja en los mercados financieros con un equipo de analistas expertos y con el apoyo de algoritmos y sofisticados sistemas de recolección de datos. Una vez que se filtran todos estos números, aparecen grandes oportunidades de inversión en forma de señales.

Trading Central disfruta de asociaciones con algunos de los mejores Brokers de Europa , sobre todo Capex y Trade.com. Posteriormente, sus señales se transmiten en tiempo real a los clientes de estos dos brokers, ofreciéndoles la oportunidad de invertir en tiempo real y con indicaciones de profesionales reales.

Este servicio también está disponible en la App, para invertir en cualquier momento a través de nuestro smartphone.

¿Cómo puedo solicitar estas excelentes señales? Simplemente complete el registro (gratuito) en la plataforma y solicite el servicio, sin costo adicional:

España: ✅ Latinoamérica: ✅

Señales de Forex fiables MetaTrader.

La conocida plataforma Metatrader, una de las más utilizadas para el trading de forex, ofrece la posibilidad de utilizar señales de forex gracias a Expert Advisors (generalmente abreviado como EA).

En la práctica, estos avdisores expertos son algoritmos programados en un lenguaje de programación específico ( MQL ) que se puede integrar directamente en la plataforma.

Estos EA también se pueden comprar directamente en el Website MQL5.com, controlado directamente por la misma empresa que produce Metatrader.

¿Funcionan las señales de forex generadas por los EA de Metatrader? La respuesta es que depende de quién los haya programado. Hay EA capaces de lograr buenos rendimientos, otros simplemente aceptables y otros que solo te hacen perder dinero.

Para aquellos que decidan probar de esta manera, siempre es recomendable probar el Expert Advisor con una cuenta demo durante un tiempo suficientemente largo, antes de considerar si es conveniente utilizarlo también con dinero real.

Estrategias para optimizar las señales de forex.

Muchos principiantes en forex piensan que usar señales es una forma de ganar dinero fácilmente. La realidad, lamentablemente, es muy diferente.

Por un lado, no existe un sistema que realmente le permita generar dinero sin riesgo ni esfuerzo.

Cualquiera que prometa algo diferente suele ser un estafador . Con esto no queremos decir en absoluto que sea complicado obtener excelentes resultados con señales (o con sistemas automáticos de trading), solo que hay que esforzarse y seguir una estrategia de Trading correcta.

Diversificación y Money Management.

El primer punto fundamental de cualquier estrategia basada en señales es la diversificación. Supongamos que queremos utilizar las señales sociales de Avatrade. Podríamos identificar al mejor trader de todos los que operan en forex y consultar su perfil diariamente en busca de la señal adecuada para ingresar al mercado.

Si ha ganado mucho en el pasado, este operador probablemente sea confiable y, por lo tanto, seguir sus alertas en el mercado es una buena idea. Pero hay un problema. Es un ser humano y como tal puede cometer errores . Por cierto, no cambiaría mucho incluso si fuera un robot basado en inteligencia artificial. La infalibilidad no es realmente de este mundo.

El hecho de que pueda estar equivocado no significa que no debamos seguir sus señales. Simplemente, es necesario aplicar un proceso de diversificación. Si en lugar de seguir a un solo trader seguimos a 5 (todos buenos y cuidadosamente seleccionados), incluso cuando uno está en perdida podemos obtener beneficios de las operaciones sugeridas por otros.

Fiabilidad del servicio.

Cualquier estrategia basada en señales es totalmente inútil si utiliza señales de bajo valor.

Por esta razón, es realmente crucial elegir el servicio de señales más confiable, con un historial certificado y resultados positivos en el pasado.

Una forma simple e inmediata de probar la confiabilidad de un servicio de señales es usarlos con una cuenta de demostración . De esta forma es posible verificar fácilmente si las operaciones derivadas de las señales recibidas están en pérdidas o ganancias.

Si se paga el servicio, no recuperará el dinero gastado para suscribirse, pero al menos evitará seguir señales de baja calidad con dinero real. Si el servicio es gratuito, simplemente cancele la suscripción.

Analice siempre los comentarios.

Ningún servicio de señales de forex es capaz de generar beneficios al 100%. Incluso los mejores servicios pueden generar pérdidas y deben tenerse en cuenta. Sin embargo, es fisiológico y, si se sigue una estrategia de diversificación adecuada , ni siquiera es un problema.

Sin embargo, es fundamental analizar constantemente la retroalimentación de cada operación. Puede ser útil preparar una hoja de Excel para realizar un seguimiento a lo largo del tiempo de todas las señales seguidas con las ganancias y / o pérdidas generadas.

Si un servicio de señales causa demasiadas pérdidas, debe abandonarse, si genera ganancias probablemente sea el momento de dar el salto y aumentar la cantidad de dinero invertido en cada operación.

Evidentemente, incluso en el caso de señales que demuestren ser muy fiables, nunca debemos olvidarnos de diversificar y gestionar el riesgo .

Señales de Forex: opiniones y reseñas.

¿Cuáles son las opiniones de quienes han probado un servicio de señales de Forex? Todos los que han optado por proveedores regulados han dado críticas muy positivas .

Tener un proveedor de señales es un método perfecto para obtener ayuda durante nuestro trading: será como poder contar con un centro de análisis a nuestra disposición.

Por supuesto, no todas las señales acaban en Target, sería imposible. Lo importante es que la mayoría de ellos, un buen 70%, cierran en beneficio. Es por eso que el servicio ofrecido por Capex se encuentra entre los más populares de la historia, con opiniones positivas y reseñas de 5 estrellas en los distintos portales.

También conviene precisar que muchas veces las opiniones en los distintos Foros son manipuladas o falsas, por lo que cuando se trata de señales operativas, la única solución realmente segura es solicitar siempre el historial de transacciones .

¿Qué señales de Forex evitar?

Además de los mejores servicios para elegir para mejorar nuestro desempeño en los mercados, también debemos tener claro qué servicios de señales de Forex evitar.

En ese caso debemos mantenernos alejados de los siguientes sistemas:

Aquellos que no tienen un historial: nunca muerda el anzuelo de la confianza Pagos mensuales demasiado elevados: a menos que seamos fondos de cobertura, no tiene sentido pagar miles de euros por este servicio Promesa de ganancias seguras: en finanzas no existe la certeza de la ganancia, quien lo promete es un estafador.

En los últimos tiempos, numerosos servicios de señales de Forex han estado circulando por Telegram , canal que garantiza el anonimato de los directivos del grupo. A menudo, estas son estafas hermosas y buenas, que se presentan detrás de la solicitud de un pago mensual: ¡siempre tenga cuidado!

Tutorial sobre los señales de Forex.

Para completar, insertamos un video de Money Matters donde se revisan algunas de las mejores señales de Forex:


Usar señales de forex para operar puede ser una idea inteligente, pero debe tener cuidado de seleccionar solo servicios confiables, con un historial determinado y con resultados positivos generados en el pasado.

Entre otras cosas, es importante recordar que seguir las señales, incluso utilizando el mejor servicio certificado, no es sinónimo de ganar dinero fácilmente.

El Trading, en todas sus formas, siempre requiere compromiso y tiempo . Las ganancias nunca deben considerarse como un ingreso (aunque haya alguien que lo diga) sino como el resultado de una actividad de inversión real.

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¿Qué son las señales de forex?

Son indicaciones precisas sobre las oportunidades del mercado de divisas.

¿Cuál es el mejor servicio gratuito de señales de forex?

Sin duda el servicio ofrecido de forma gratuita por el Broker Capex.

Sinais forex telegram 5

5 Best Bitcoin Signals Groups On Telegram.

Bitcoin signals are a great way to start trading crypto. This article will explain why Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies to trade, as well as rank the 5 best Bitcoin signals groups so that you can start trading with the help of professional traders.

Probably the most lucrative activity that you or I could do in the cryptocurrency space is to trade. The volatile nature of the market means that the opportunity to generate high returns are far more plentiful than traditional asset classes such as stock and bonds. By far the most traded cryptocurrency in the market is Bitcoin, with a market dominance of +60%. However, trading Bitcoin can be difficult, as successfully making money trading Bitcoin requires you to constantly pay attention to trading charts. As a result, we are seeing the emergence of Bitcoin signals groups on telegram, which are groups of experienced traders that will tell you exactly when to trade.

The benefit of these telegram bitcoin signals groups is that these experienced traders will spend all of their time identifying profitable trading opportunities, so that you don’t have to. Thus, these groups are a great way to grow your money passively.

In case you don’t know what crypto trading signals are, let me give you a quick rundown.

What are Bitcoin Signals?

Very simply, Bitcoin signals are just a set of instructions that are sent to you telling you when to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. There are a number of different crypto signals groups out there, and as the name suggests, Bitcoin signals groups focus exclusively on trading Bitcoin. For example, bitcoin signals groups on telegram function by telling you exactly when to buy or sell Bitcoin.

Bitcoin signals usually have the following format:

Cryptocurrency – the signal will inform you to buy Bitcoin (there are groups that will send signals for other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum). Buy – the signal will specify the price point at which Bitcoin should be bought. Sell – the signal will also tell you when to sell your Bitcoin. Stop Loss – in case the trade does not go as planned, the signal will also tell you where to set your stop losses, so that any potentially losses can be reduced.

As you can see from the image above, bitcoin signals would contain additional information such as the cryptocurrency exchange that the signal is intended for, and also the percentage amount that should be allocated to the trade.

If all goes well, the bitcoins signals group in telegram that you’re in should be making you a consistent profit, and hopefully you will be getting alerts like the one below. These alerts typically show you the amount of profit that you’ve made on the trade, and how long it took to hit that profit figure.

This might all seem complicated at first, but it really isn’t. The majority of the work is handled on Telegram by bots. For example, bots allow you to follow trades automatically by simply clicking a button. An example of how this works in practice can be seen below. By selecting ‘One Click Follow’, a trade will automatically be placed on the user’s behalf, simplifying the process massively.

Now that you know what crypto trading signals are, let’s take a look at the best bitcoin signals telegram groups that you can join to follow bitcoin signals and start making money!

1. MYC Signals ( @MYC Signals )

Number of Subscribers: 35K Focus/Description: Provides bitcoin signals on the Binance and BitMex cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as educational content on crypto trading. Approximate Post Rate: 5+ signals per day.

MYC Signals is a signal trading service that was launched by Mycryptopeda.com, a well-respected cryptocurrency publication in the community. MYC Signals specialises in providing high-quality bitcoin signals for the Binance and BitMex cryptocurrency exchanges.

Getting started with MYC Signals is straightforward, simply follow the steps below:

1) If you have the Telegram messaging app, then you can get started by reaching out to our admin by sending a message to: @MYCSupportBot to get a flavour of the service we offer, then you can also join our free crypto signal group, MYC Signals. If you don’t have the Telegram messaging app then you can also get started by sending an email to: [email protected] . Once you send an email, the MYC team will walk you through everything you need to know to get setup.

2) MYC Signals provide 2 premium channels that you can join to start receiving bitcoin signals: MYC BitMex Signals VIP and MYC Binance Signals VI P. Membership to these groups can be paid via cryptocurrency or card at the payments page.

3) Once you become a premium member, the MYC team will help you get setup, so that you can start following signals and making money passively. With a 24/7 customer service, the MYC team will always be on-hand to help.

2. Verified Crypto Traders.

Number of subscribers: 40K Focus/Description: Specialising in BitMex signals, Verified Crypto Traders is one of the most respected groups in the crypto space for its consistency and reliability in performance. Approximate Post Rate: 0-3 signals per week.

Verified Crypto Traders is a unique group in that the team offers educational webinars. They also provide periodic updates on any major events happening the crypto space so all their members stayed informed. The team offers sound fundamental and technical analysis explaining their position on the cryptocurrency market, something many other groups do not.

3. Crypto Trades Today ( @CTT )

Number of Subscribers: 6K Focus/Description: Provides Bitcoin signals on Binance and BitMex cryptocurrency exchanges. Approximate Post Rate: 7+ signals per week.

CTT is still new to the game of crypto signals, having just launched in 2022. That said, they are quickly disrupting the space by showcasing a large stable of traders, and the result is that their signals are the best of the best – traders only issue trades when they feel confident. What’s equally impressive is that they offer some of the most affordable subscription prices out there.

4. Yo Crypto.

Number of Subscribers: 29K Focus/Description: BitMex signals. Approximate Post Rate: 0-3 signals per week.

Yo Crypto is another well-respected signal provider in the space. Yo Crypto is one of the more solid groups that are often consistently producing a return for their members. Making them a solid pick for members looking to generate more returns on their funds. Noticeably, there is less technical analysis that is provided by Yo Crypto, so keep that in mind.

5. WhaleTank.

Number of Subscribers: 21K Focus/Description: A heavy focus on technical analysis as well as providing signals for Binance and BitMex. Approximate Post Rate: 0-3 signals per week.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the team over at WhaleTank. These guys were one of the first on the scene, and have been providing solid returns for their members since day one. WhaleTank concentrate heavily on utilizing technical analysis to identify trade opportunities for their members.

Bitcoin Signals: What is Leverage Trading?

Another important point to remember is that telegram Bitcoin signals providers will often trade Bitcoin using leverage. This is because leverage trading allows you to make significantly more money than regular spot trading. If you are not familiar with what leverage trading is then let’s take a quick look.

Usually, when you buy bitcoins, you will likely use the funds in your account to do so. However, with leverage trading, you can use your account balance plus borrowed funds to purchase bitcoins. This has the advantage of allowing you to increase your trading position in trades that you enter, and also means that you could potentially amplify the amount of profits that you could make in a trade. Leverage trading is becoming an increasingly attractive way to trade bitcoin over regular spot trading due to the significantly higher potential gains that can be captured.

Margin is also an important concept that needs to be understood alongside leverage trading. Margin is simply the amount of capital that needs to be in your trading account to cover any possible losses. It is by initially having sufficient margin in your account that you are then able to leverage trade. For example, if Bob wanted to purchase $10,000 worth of Bitcoin, but only had $1,000 in his trading account, the amount of margin (i.e. the $1,000) would still make it possible for Bob to ‘borrow’ the extra $9,000 to leverage trade with.

For example, Let’s say that the price of Bitcoin hits $11,000, if Bob had bought 1 bitcoin at $10,000 on the recommendation of a telegram bitcoin signals group, this is only a percentage return of 10%. However, if Bob were to use leverage at a 1:10 ratio to enter into this trade, where Bob’s initially investment was $1,000, the price movement from $10,000 to $11,000 would yield a percentage return of 1,000%.

However, it is important to remember that trades can end up going wrong, and if the price of Bitcoin fell to $9,000 instead, Bob would have lost his entire $1,000 margin. This is referred to as the liquidation price. The calculation that goes into determining the liquidation price will differ depending on the exchange that you trade on, so it’s important to be familiar with this before following telegram bitcoin signals and entering into trades.

Bitcoin Signals: Cross and Isolated Margin.

Another important concept to understand that is related to leverage trading and margin is the concept of cross margin and isolated margin . As we mentioned before, margin is the initial capital required to cover any potential losses and avoid liquidation. However, there are two different ways that potential losses could be covered.

With cross margin, the full amount of funds in your account is used to avoid liquidation. This means that effectively your entire account balance will be used as collateral for any leveraged trade that you make. With isolated margin, only the initial margin in your trading account that you set will be used to cover any losses and avoid liquidation. In other words, the full amount of funds in your account is not used for any leveraged trade that is made.

Bitcoin Signals: Long & Short.

Another important factor to remember when following telegram bitcoin signals and trading with leverage is that you are able to take both long and short positions. Usually regular spot trading would only allow you to take long positions. This is extremely restrictive for the average trader, as bitcoin moves both up and down, not just upwards. By being able to only take long positions, the trading opportunities available to a trader is reduced significantly.

An example of taking a long position (aka going long) is simply buying an asset e.g. bitcoin at a specific price and selling that asset at a higher price than which you bought it. The difference between the buy and sell price is the profit or rate of return that you have made. For example, the price of 1 bitcoin is currently $10,000, and Bob decides to buy 1 bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin were to then increase to $11,000 per bitcoin, and Bob sold at this price point, Bob would make a $1,000 profit, which is a tidy 10% return.

Conversely, an example of taking a short position (aka going short) is borrowing an asset e.g. bitcoin from a willing lender that is then immediately sold at market price. If the price of the asset were to then decline, the asset is repurchased at a lower cost and is then returned to the lender. For example, Amy borrows 1 bitcoin from Bob, which she then sells at a current market price of $10,000. The price of bitcoin then falls to $8,000. Amy buys back the 1 bitcoin (which is worth $8,000 at this point) and returns it to Bob. The result of this process is that Amy ends up with a nice $2,000 profit and Bob receiving his 1 bitcoin back.

Increasingly, traders are turning to exchanges that allow leverage trading, as they will often allow traders to enter into both long and short positions.

Which Exchanges Allow Leverage Trading?

Now that we know the benefits that can be gained by using leverage trading, let’s take a look at cryptocurrency exchanges that actually allow users to trade with leverage so that you can follow telegram bitcoin signals effectively.

Now, there are quite a few exchanges out there, but by far the most popular exchanges that allow leveraged trades are: Binance Futures and BitMEX.

Binance Futures.

Binance started off as a regular spot trading exchange, but has now since launched their futures platform, ‘Binance Futures’. This platform allows users to enter into leveraged long and short positions.

Binance Future has a pretty standard trading interface:

Here users can choose which contract that they would like to trade. There are quite a few options to choose from, but the most popular contracts traded on Binance Futures is, unexpectedly, the BTCUSDT contract. As mentioned before, Binance Futures also allows users to trade with leverage. The default leverage is 20x, but users can go much higher, all the way to 125x leverage. Users also have the option of choosing between cross and isolated margin. This is a basic chart layout that allows users to switch between the price chart and the order book depth. Live order placements are a big part about being an effective trader, and here Binance provides a live feed of order book data as well as a graphical representation of the order book depth. You will be able monitor your trading activity here, as well as be able to check the status of any live trades that you might be in. This section also includes useful information on: margin balance, entry price and mark price. Probably the most important section of the interface, here traders can place their orders, allowing you to enter into both long and short positions.

Getting Started on Binance Futures.

Getting started on Binance Futures will first require you to have a regular Binance account. If you don’t already have one, then simply got to Binance.com, click on ‘Register’ in the top right corner of the page, and then create your account. Alternatively, you can also register on Binance by clicking here and following the steps below:

Enter your email address and password.

Click on ‘Next’. You will then receive a verification email from Binance to verify your registration – go ahead and follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration and activate your Binance account.

Now that you’ve created your Binance account (or if you already had one), navigate to the Binance homepage, click on the ‘Trade’ button, and then click on ‘Futures’ to get started on opening your Binance Futures trading account.

Now that you’ve done that, you will land on the Binance Futures interface. To open a Binance Futures account, click on ‘open now’, and that should open your account.

Funding Your Binance Futures Account.

Now that your account is open, you have to fund it before you can start following bitcoin signals or trading on the Binance Futures platform. All contracts on Binance Futures are denominated in USDT, so you will need some USDT in order to leverage trade and enter into both long and short positions.

An easy way to get USDT into your Binance Futures account is to first transfer USDT into your spot wallet, which is the wallet that you use on regular Binance. From there, you will be able to transfer the funds from your spot wallet straight to your Binance Futures wallet. To do this, click on ‘Transfer’ in the bottom right of the Binance Futures interface. You will then have the option of deciding on the amount of USDT that you want to transfer. Once you come to a decision, simply click on ‘Confirm transfer’, and you should see the funds added to your futures wallet pretty much instantly.

For those of you that don’t have any USDT in your spot wallet, you’ll have to first deposit USDT into your spot wallet before you can get USDT into your Binance Futures wallet. Getting USDT into your spot wallet is very straightforward. You can get USDT into your spot wallet by either card or by deposit. If you’re still not sure on how to do this, then take a look at this guide, it explains everything very clearly: How to Deposit on Binance.


Now that we’ve taken a look at Binance Futures, let’s take a look at another popular cryptocurrency exchange that lets users trade with leverage and enter into both long and short positions: BitMEX.

BitMEX has been around for a long time, and has established itself as the go-to exchange for leverage trading. BitMEX is quite similar to regular spot exchanges such as Coinbase. However, with BitMEX, instead of buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, you are buying and selling contracts that are denominated in various cryptocurrencies.

BitMEX offers varying futures contracts, but by far the most traded contracts are BitMEX’s perpetual contracts. At a very high-level, a futures contract is simply an agreement to buy or sell a certain cryptocurrency at a predetermined price at a specified time in the future. BitMEX’s perpetual contracts are unique in that they do not have an expiry date, so they could theoretically be held for an indefinite amount of time.

These perpetual contracts are a type of derivative financial instrument, as they derive their value from something else, which in this case would be the underlying price of the cryptocurrency on which they are based.

For example, the bitcoin perpetual contract derives its value from the price of bitcoin. The ticker symbol for the bitcoin USD perpetual contract on BitMEX is: XBTUSD.

As mentioned before, BitMEX offers a variety of contracts, with the most popular contract being XBTUSD. However, if you would like to gain exposure to other crypto asset classes then here are few more contracts that you could trade:

Ethereum (ETH) Cardano (ADA) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Litecoin (LTC)

Getting started on BitMEX.

Getting started on BitMEX is very similar to the setup process for Binance Futures. Before you can start leverage trading, you are going to have to first create a BitMEX account. Once that is done you can get started.

The main difference in the setup process for BitMEX when compared to Binance Futures is that there is no separate wallet that you have to transfer funds to. Once you open your account, you just deposit the cryptocurrency that you would like to start trading with and you are good to go.


Bitcoin signals from reliable groups run by trusted traders, along with the ability to trade with leverage, can result in you generating consistent and reliable returns.

There are numerous groups for you to choose from, and we have taken a look at the 5 best Bitcoin signals providers currently in the space. Care has to be taken when it comes to choosing a telegram Bitcoin signals group, as a few signal providers can prove to be very unreliable or outright scams. That’s why in choosing a crypto signals group, you should look to groups who are well-recognised and have an established track record of producing consistent returns for their members. Happy trading!