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What is Forex factory? How to Use Forex Factory Calendar?

Forex factory represents a famous forex-related website, forum, and community. Users can read reviews, trading projections, excellent forex calendar, and share trading knowledge with other traders on this website.

If you’re starting in your Forex trading career or have a few years under your belt, you might find that you need a place to get advice and talk with another trader. Think of it as a hub for Forex traders. A place to gather, discuss, and educate one another on the intricacies of Forex trading.

That’s exactly what Forex Factory offers – and then some.

You see, Forex Factory is more of a community than anything else.

This makes total sense in the era of ubiquitous social media that connects us all.

But Forex Factory is also mission-driven. It seeks to build a robust and strong community among traders and dispel misinformation about the market.

Misinformation or inaccurate data can lead traders to make rash decisions, ultimately costing them a ton of money one day.

Forex Factory helps traders avoid this through education, community, and a robust data stream that keeps you on top of the market. Because it is an international forum, traders worldwide gather to exchange information and ensure that everyone is working from the same playbook as everyone else.

No one is born knowing how to trade foreign currency, and Forex Factory knows this with a dedicated mission to bring new traders into the market with some sense of what they’re doing.

But, Forex Factory has even more advantages for you as a trader if you’re beyond that. This is because you will get to interact with traders who have a lot more experience than you do and have probably made a whole bunch more money.

If you have been invested in the world of financial trading for any time since 2004, then you have likely already heard of the company Forex Factory. Forex Factory has been the leading forum available to Forex traders since 2004. It has become the central hub for traders interested in discussing and exploring the latest trends, news, and other pertinent events in the financial world in recent years.

But did you know that most people do not completely take advantage of the many benefits that Forex Factory has to offer? Most users head right to the popular Trading Systems thread to hunt out new trading systems and try them out until their latest venture fails, then they head right back to that Trading Systems thread and try again. This is an unending cycle that doesn’t provide any significant financial benefits and is, as a whole, a waste of time. But there is something that traders can do on Forex Factory to improve their chances of success–as long as they know where to find it and how to use it. The “something” in question is a series of trading tools that are available for free–yes, completely free–and can do wonders in improving your understanding of trading as well as your overall success with your trades. If you want to start taking advantage of these great tools today, read on to find out what free tools are available and how to use them best.

How to use Forex Factory Calendar?

To use the forex factory calendar, visit the page and then select the “Time” button at the top of the page and pick your time zone. This will ensure that the calendar is correct in terms of the time and date of each event. The next thing you’ll need to do is take advantage of the calendar news filter, which will help you filter out any news that isn’t relevant to you. Head to the calendar, select the “Filter” tab at the top right-hand side, and you can use the filter to include/exclude factors such as type of currency by country, an algorithm based expected impact on trades, and finally, event type (growth, inflation, housing, etc.).

The first tool that you should look at is the Forex Factory calendar. This handy calendar contains a highlighted list of essential news that is on the horizon. This calendar is beneficial for all trades, including technical traders, short-term traders, and everyone in between. This calendar will let you keep track of news events and help you find better trade entry placements that won’t have you in the negative after a widened spread affects your trade results.

Forex Factory Settlement Indicator.

The second tool you should be taking advantage of is the Forex Factory Sentiment Indicator. This is a visual chart that lets you find trading set-ups with a higher probability rating. The chart gives you a clear, visual representation of the percentage of short and longer traders at any given time; the chart itself is broken down by the currency (USD/CAD, AUD/USD, etc.) to make the information easy digest.

The Sentiment indicator will help you make an informed decision about when to enter a specific trading market. The best way to use the indicator chart is to consider a contrarian approach, going “long” when the percentage of short-term traders is highest and going “short” when the long-term trader percentage is the highest. This approach will not work for every trade or event, but it’s something to keep in mind when you want to increase your chances of success. You can also use the Sentiment Indicator to get a better idea of the current market trends as they related to the back-and-forth swing of long-term and short-term trades. Keep an eye out on these swinging percentages, and you will be able to see certain types of trades before they actually happen.

Forex Factory Market Monitoring.

Another great tool that you can take advantage of at Forex Factory is the ability to monitor your trades in real-time easily, no matter where you happen to be–work, home, or even during your commute. It can be frustrating when you need to monitor your trades. Still, you either have to sneak off to the bathroom to check out live market apps or Twitter updates, or you have to struggle with tons of mobile device tabs as you attempt to find information about your current trades and the state of the market. This is where the Forex Factory Market Monitoring section comes in; it is simple, has a clean layout, and is easy to digest at a simple glance.

To check out the free Forex Factory marketing monitoring section of the website, head to the “Market” section of the Forex site; this section tab is located at the top center of the page. You will immediately see the related Forex charts on your screen; these charts are updated in real-time and will give you an immediate status update regarding your trades. This chart even tells you the current market session times, which is especially essential for any traders who need to know international trading sessions.

Forex Factory Find a Broker.

Forex Factory even offers its users the ability to find excellent Forex trading brokers. This particular tool is effectively a search engine that contains a database of brokers; this database can be filtered down using a variety of characteristics that will help you determine the type of broker you want to deal with. To use this tool, select the “Brokers” tab, located at the Forex home page’s top right. Once you select this, you will see a database of active brokers on your screen. This chart will let you compare their relevant stats at a glance; you can also filter out results based on factors such as language, minimum deposit, how many countries they are regulated in, their real-time spread, and so on. It should be noted that brokers do pay a fee to be featured on the Forex Factory site. However, this does not mean that the site is inherently biased or that you can’t trust the results. As a general rule, trust your instinct regarding the information presented in the broker charts and make sure you take a hard look at their trades’ statistical facts above everything else.

Forex Factory Trading Journal.

Anyone who is genuinely serious about trading needs to have a proper trading journal. A trading journal lets you keep track of your trades, success, and other relevant information that will help you increase your chances of success on the market. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these 3 essential reasons you should be using a trading journal: accountability, learning opportunities, and important information storage. A trade journal will help improve your accountability due to the trading journal’s public nature, which will make you more likely to take responsibility for your decisions. A trade journal can also help you find like-minded traders interested in discussing, offering feedback, and otherwise networking with you based on your journal. Finally, a trading journal will let you have a cloud-based journal that backs up your pertinent information regarding your trades. Setting up a trade journal using Forex’s tool is easy. All you need to do is first select the “Forum” tab located at the top of the web page. Then, select the “Trading Journals” tab, located towards the middle of the page. From there, select the “Start New Thread” option. This thread will be the first entry in your journal. You can write whatever you’d like in your trading journal, but as a general rule, your first entries should involve making a commitment declaration for 6 months; explaining your trading plan; posting current charts of your trade entry and trade exist history; as well as offering your personal thoughts for the current trading week. The key to benefiting from a trading journal is doing it consistently. Commit yourself to update your trading journal on at least a weekly basis for at least 6 months; if you keep up the trade journal for those 6 months, you are much more likely to see benefits from having this information readily at hand. You are also more likely to continue journaling as you go about your trading business.

Forex Factory is owned by Fair Economy Inc., which prides itself on “democratizing” information in the forex market. This means that any person with access to the forum can get the same information as anyone else. There’s nothing proprietary here, and, indeed, the idea is cooperation more than it is competition.

Even if you think you know all there is to know about foreign currency markets, Forex Factory will introduce you to new ideas and ways of doing business that you might not have considered. This will not only have marked benefits for your trading acumen but might even end up making you money.