Forex trading platforms 3

FX trading platforms.

Leverage a comprehensive suite of trading platforms, market insights, data and compliance tools to trade FX spot, FX forwards, and FX options.

Trade smarter, faster and safer.

Refinitiv’s ecosystem of FX trading market solutions help your business complete end-to-end workflows for trading forex. Our award-winning platforms offer access to the deepest source of liquidity on the market.

From price movements across all G10 and emerging market currency pairs, all the way through to conducting technical analysis and transaction cost analysis, we empower your business to make the right decisions in real-time.

Our desktop, venues, platform and post-trade solutions can support you to establish and operate a full FX trading franchise, while equally supporting your clients and partners across your network.

How we help.

Get specialist insight through award-winning FX platforms.

Pre-trade analytics Trade execution Post-trade support.

Get the insight you need before you trade.

Access to critical market insights is key to making smarter buy and sell decisions. With Refinitiv you secure a competitive advantage with the most accurate and comprehensive set of foreign exchange pricing data for all transaction types.

Leverage real-time rates in over 500 currency pairs from over 2,000 sources, including executable prices from Refinitiv FX Matching and EBS. Our trading platforms cover all major currency pairs such as EUR-USD or USD-GBP, as well as emerging market currencies including INR and MXN.

Reuters FX Buzz provides forward-looking analysis, trade ideas, and commentary for the foreign exchange community. Our award-winning analysts have years of experience in the FX markets, and are based across Europe, Asia and America, covering all major and emerging market currencies.

Refinitiv’s composite blended feed data (derived from the world’s largest pool of liquidity) in combination with WM/R benchmarks and the latest news from Reuters arms you with unique information that can separate the noise from the signal.

Discover our leading analytics through our relative value ranking and opportunity tracking tools, as well as analysis of implied market expectations, and pricing calculators for FX forwards and FX implied rates, FX options and strategies.

Browse Refinitiv's WM Refinitiv FX Benchmarks, discover our range of data, indices & benchmarks.

Execute your trade on an award-winning platform.

Refinitiv provides access to the deepest source of liquidity in the forex markets. From our leading relationship trading platform, Refinitiv FXall, to one of the world’s foremost primary markets, Refinitiv FX Matching, we enable FX trades averaging over $400 billion daily.

Refinitiv FXall enables you to trade with 2,300+ institutional clients with 180+ liquidity providers across 500+ currency pairs. Our Dealing platform further enables you to connect with anyone and everyone in the FX trading business so that your counterparty is always one message away.

Furthermore, Forward FX Matching is a trading segment of the Refinitiv MTF, regulated under MiFID II rules. It offers market leading FX swaps liquidity in a highly compliant manner.

With the breadth and depth of active trading client sites and liquidity providers across the world, our clients benefit from having access to firm liquidity even under major disruptions across the markets.

Ensure best practice and compliance post-trade.

Refinitiv’s comprehensive set of post-trade tools support compliant, efficient and comprehensive trading operations. With the ability to capture deal ideation all the way down to ticket completion information, and an archive of all trading messaging in an automated manner, our post-trade services can help you minimize manual information entries.

The straight-through processing available for our own venues such as FXall and FX Matching, along with the ability to integrate multiple venues and systems via tools such as Refinitiv Compliance Archive, can help you capture and archive all communications, ticket details and trades in an efficient manner.

Our set of post-trade workflow automation tools can help you with:

Minimized operational and counterparty risk: Manage confirmation processes, monitor exceptions, and identify the best settlement path. Enrich trades using our single sign-in database. Confidence in monitoring notifications: Monitor real-time transmission, observe audit trails, and drill down for complete SWIFT message details. Review process performance.

Use Deal Tracker to monitor and process every FX trade on all major foreign exchange platforms around the world.

Build trust with control and compliance: Best practice makes it easy for clients to be compliant with corporate governance and accounting regulations, and FX guidelines. Greater transparency in your communication: Archive, analyse and report on all trading messaging from over 50 sources including Microsoft Teams, Eikon Messenger, social media, voice and many more.

With the ability to integrate these services via in-house infrastructure or using cloud technologies, these services add greater value with lower total cost of ownership for our clients. Reconstruct, supervise and analyse your message and trade activity in one portal using Compliance Archive.