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IQ Option Forex.

On the IQ Option website, it is easy to trade forex using CFD (contracts for difference). We simply have to mark the category and mark the chosen currency pair. Once the chosen pair of coins is marked, the graph of the currency pair with the real time valuation will be displayed. From there we only have to select the amount to invest and the direction of the operation with raise or lower. After marking the operation, it is only necessary to wait for the preset time to know if the operation is correct or not. The usual time of this type of operations with IQ Option Forex is usually 1 minute due to the high fluctuation of this investment tool. For any questions or issues you can consult at

This investment tool is one of the investment products most used by registered users on the web. Its volume of operations grows every month. According to experts, this is one of the investment instruments that are negotiated through more technical CFD. Among the characteristics of the FX is the fast speed in the fluctuation of the coins . His graphs have always been considered as the most complicated to analyze.

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What is the forex in IQ Option?

The forex in IQ Option and other platforms is an abbreviation in English of the concept “Foreign Exchange” and refers to the currency market. It is undoubtedly one of the most important financial markets by volume of capital and number of transactions carried out in it.

This currency market is a colossus that has an extreme liquidity that produces strong fluctuations in the currencies involved in it. The currency or Forex market remains operational 24 hours from Monday to Friday and is closed on weekends when activity is paralyzed.

To understand the immensity of this market, it is good to know that around 6 trillion dollars are moved daily with an innumerable list of participants around the world.

Among the main participants in this market are the central banks of the world’s main economies, which control almost 40% of the total value of this foreign exchange market. Another 50% approximately is controlled by commercial banks and other types of financial entities. And only less than 10% is controlled by intermediaries or other types of non-financial companies.

Today, Forex investing has become popular with countless companies and platforms on the Internet such as IQ Option. This has generated that millions of small investors come to this market from different scenarios to invest on the fluctuations in the value of these currencies.

All the main currencies of the most influential and relevant economies operate in this market . The most used are the dollar, the euro, the pound, the yen, the Australian dollar, the Canadian dollar and others.

Euro/Dolar Main couple Dolar/Libra Strong fluctuation Dolar/Yen Fast graphics Libra/Euro Intraday fluctuations.

What are the best strategies for IQ Option forex?

Honestly, although we have read and seen dozens of expert forex strategies on the subject, we can affirm that it is complicated to have high levels of success in IQ Option with trading. Strategies can work in medium or long term operative periods but it is a high difficulty that works in the short term as in the case of CFDs.

In the foreign exchange, the value of the main currencies undergoes strong changes. That make it difficult to apply accurate strategies. Although its difficulty is remarkable, it is true that it is one of the products with the greatest number of followers in the portal and in the rest of the platforms that offer this type of investment products. The main currencies to negotiate are the Dollar, Euro, Libra and Yen with all the possible combinations between them.

Forex strategies that we can find on the internet.

As we have mentioned before, there are strategies that we can find on the internet on predefined plans that we can use to be successful in our forex operations on IQ Option.

We have also reported that the use of these strategies does not guarantee you any success , much less if we apply them in short periods of time such as CFD operations.

It is much more advisable to create your own strategies based on your knowledge and experience. However, we will indicate some of the most relevant that we can find on the Internet.

Value trend in the last hour or last day in IQ Option.

This trading strategy is based on the value trend of a chart. We can adjust it to the last hour, the last day or even the last week. To put it into operation we have to look at the trend of the selected band and see if it is bearish or bullish, it means that it rises or falls.

To put it into practice on IQ Option we have to define the trend in a certain band. If it is bearish, we have to buy lower when it reaches the high peaks of the decline and vice versa. If the trend is bullish, we have to buy when it reaches the low peaks of the rise.

This is one of the strategies most used by hundreds of thousands of traders, but we have already noticed that its effectiveness drops a lot if we limit it to pre-established terms.

Set profit cap.

When we trade currency or forex one of the most common strategies on IQ Option or any other investment platform is to set a profit cap. This strategy is used by thousands of traders for more than a decade. This method is popularly known in the investment and trading world as “ Take Profit ” or “ Collect Profit “.

With this strategy what we are marking is to exit the operation in profit with a pre-established limit . The negative is what we have pointed out in the previous strategy. And it is that in too short periods of time it is more difficult to apply. For this reason, we recommend trying it beforehand in the demo account to see how effectively we apply it.

Set stop loss in IQ Option.

Setting a stop loss on IQ Option or any other portal when trading forex or currency exchange is exactly the opposite strategy to the one explained above. It is also used by tens of thousands of small investors, operators and intermediaries and is based on establishing loss caps . When the value reaches the marked limit, we automatically exit the operation with the pre-established loss limit.

In the financial and investment world it is known as “ Stop Loss ” or “ Stop Losses “. It is a really useful measure but it is important to be familiar with it. The recommendation is always the same, first try it in the demo account with not real money.

Is there a tutorial on how to use forex in IQ Option?

In IQ Options, it offers video tutorials to improve the knowledge on the operation and trends of the Forex investment. They are published and English. The level of difficulty of the tutorials is low, medium and high depending on each of them. In them we can see how to improve our way of operating. It should be noted that the FX is a product of high complexity and strong fluctuations that can not be predicted.

We recommend viewing these videos for more information. This is a complex product of value exchange between currencies through CFD trading. With them we will improve the understanding of this investment tool.

Does the robot work on IQ Option forex?

The robot function on IQ Option forex is no longer operational . Years ago we tested it with unprofitable results. On the internet we can find people who offer robots with good success rates but we honestly do not believe in this option. Ads have been found in forums and other pages with infinite prices from $ 50 to $ 2,000 with little or no satisfactory results. The values ​​displayed fluctuate live and not impossible to predict.

The best strategies are those that we can create ourselves. For this we have a demo account where we have the option to test any strategy to follow with non-real money. In it we can improve our results over and over again until we reach the level at which the successes exceed the errors with sufficient margin until it is profitable to trade forex or any other investment instrument offered on the portal. To answer any questions about the operation you can consult at

Is IQ Option safe?

Definitely. IQ Option is a platform for trading forex with total security and guarantee . To be aware of its security level, just take a look at its global figures. The most striking is knowing that it has more than 20 million users in the world spread over more than 150 countries. It is obvious to think that these figures would not be possible if the platform was not totally secure.

One of the most important characteristics of the online investment portal is knowing that it complies with all the regulations in force in each of the countries where it offers its services. In this way we know that when we access after registering on the website, it offers us all the products adapted to the country of residence, complying with the law at all times.

In surveys carried out by specialized portals, we can also endorse that the majority of users and traders who operate in this and the rest of the main operators in the sector find a maximum level of security. In addition, the platform constantly invests in numerous security systems to ensure the highest level of security in all transactions to be carried out on the portal

In which countries can Forex be used on IQ Option?

The IQ Option platform offers the ability to trade currency pairs or forex at pre-established time intervals in most countries in the world. Thanks to this, it has millions of users or traders spread all over the world .

It should be noted that the platform respects the laws, regulations or the lack of them in each and every one of the countries where it remains active and offers its investment products based on CFDs or contracts for difference.

Based on this, it adapts these products to each of the users in relation to their geographical IP. So we can enter with complete peace of mind knowing that if they allow you access or registration it is because it can be done in the country where you have residence.

There are also countries that have regulations that affect the use of this type of high exposure financial products. In those cases, the platform, likewise, offers its products adapted to comply with said regulations or in the event that it is not possible, it directly limits access to its website.

Finally, there are a number of countries in which these types of financial products are not allowed or cannot be offered online. The list of countries in which IQ Option does not currently offer its products is: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Spain, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, North Korea, Palestine, Portugal, United Kingdom , Russia, South Sudan, Syria and the US.

How to practice on IQ Option?

With IQ Option we can practice forex on the demo account with complete freedom and no exposure to losing capital. In our articles we remember it over and over again because we understand that it is the key to success in trading currency pairs (FX) or any other investment tool provided by the portal.

In approximate global numbers there are 20% of traders who manage to be successful and earn money with this platform. It is a low percentage with respect to the total, which means that approximately 20% of all users lose the amounts invested. The clear difference between one and the other can be in the demo account. With it we can try again and again until we have demonstrable success rates in long runs.

To practice forex with the demo account offered by the web, it is not necessary to make any previous deposi t. So we can register with total comfort and check the difficulty of hitting with good percentages.

How to learn to trade in the Forex market?

The first and most important way to learn to operate in the Forex market is to use the demo account, there is no better way to do it than practicing and losing, if necessary, with non-real money.

But there are also other ways to not only learn but improve our experience and success . Some of them can be found within IQ Option and are the news and video tutorials, with them we can improve our knowledge and through it our skills and experience will improve.

We can also learn by expanding our knowledge on the internet. In it we can find countless articles by experts, specialized forums and other platforms where we can improve our knowledge about the movements of the charts of currency pairs. It is also interesting to know the value of the main currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound and others. The more familiar we are with the values, the easier, within the maximum difficulty, it will be to achieve a good percentage of success in our operations.

Can it be operated from mobile with IQ Option?

Of course, at IQ Option you can invest, trade or trade forex (FX) using CFDs from any mobile device with a good connection. It is especially important to have a good internet connection to see the fluctuations of the currency charts in real time.

To trade from any mobile device we have two options. The first and easiest is to enter the platform from any mobile device, when we do we will automatically enter the mobile-enabled version , that simple. The second option to trade forex from mobile phones is to download the app corresponding to your device’s operating system. Depending on each country we have IOS or Android versions, in some cases with both.

Nowadays, it is not really necessary to download the app since the versions designed for mobiles maintain exactly the same characteristics and operational functionalities as the versions for PC or desktop.

Is it easy to make money with the forex in IQ Option?

It is really difficult to make money with the forex. Whether we trade IQ Option through CFDs or any other platform or financial instrument, it is really difficult to make money trading Forex.

The difficulty really lies in the high fluctuation of the values . This is perfectly reflected in its charts, in them we can see a high speed of its values. This is due to the high volume of transactions and capital that operates on the main currencies.

This difficulty increases when, in addition, the operations are carried out in short periods of time in which any prediction is very complicated, leaving it at the mercy of almost pure chance.

It is obvious that there is a percentage of users or small investors who achieve good profits or high returns. But it is also true that they do so at the expense of many others not having the same predictive luck in the trading operations carried out.

In conclusion we can affirm the same thing that we mentioned at the beginning. Earning money in the forex is possible but it is not an easy task, far from it. For this, it is advisable to first use the demo account to see our number of successes or errors in the operations carried out. Only in case of being the majority successes compared to errors, may it be time to switch to the real account.

What commissions are involved in trading on IQ Option?

When we operate or carry out trading with Forex (FX) on IQ Option, we have three types of common commissions applied in this type of investment operations through contracts for difference. The first of the commissions is the “ Spread “, this commission well known by all traders has a single cost and is applied automatically by the platform at the beginning of each operation. This rate is calculated in “pips” when carrying out operations between buying and selling currency pairs.

The second of the commissions that will be applied to us in each operation is the « Swap fee ». This commission has a variable and continuous cost. It is usually around 0.01% and 0.5% in conventional scenarios. For so-called extreme scenarios, the platform reserves the right to apply up to 1.7% to maintain user positions.

Finally, we count as the third of the commissions applied to forex operations we have and to any other carried out on the platform we have the commission per account without activity. For these inactive accounts, after 90 days, a commission of close to $ 10 is applied each month for the maintenance of these accounts without any activity. Use demo account if account activity is triggered.

How much is the minimum to invest in Forex?

To test forex trading on the IQ Option demo account, it is not necessary to make any minimum investment since in this practice account we operate with non-real money. In it you can experiment with all kinds of strategies to increase your success rate in operations without any risk of losing your capital.

In the real account if there is a minimum amount of $ 10 to make deposits . For forex trading operations, the minimum amount to invest is $ 1. In this way, with such a low number, operations are popularized among millions of users. It must be understood that in conventional offline trading operations the minimum required to carry out this type of operation was much higher. This is the explanation for the large number of existing traders on the main platforms throughout the world with tens of millions of operations in real time on

How to withdraw money in IQ Option?

Withdrawing money from IQ Option after trading forex is the transaction that any trader wants. Withdrawing money means that you have accumulated profits that you can withdraw and this is something that not all traders can achieve. To withdraw profits we just have to press the button that appears at the top where it says “withdrawals”.

Once we mark this “withdrawals” option, the functionalities of this transaction are displayed. Depending on the residence of each user, we will have some options or others enabled. In principle, there are specialized platforms such as Skrill or Neteller that are enabled in almost all countries where the portal is operating. We also have others such as Astropay and many more depending on each country.

In addition to the platforms specialized in online collections and payments, we also have bank cards and transfers in some cases as a means of withdrawals. In the case of bank cards, both VISA and Mastercard are accepted .

When the options are displayed, we only have to mark by which way we want to receive the money and mark the amount we want to withdraw, that simple. The time it takes us to have the selected amount in our accounts depends on the option we have selected. In the case of specialist online payment and collection platforms such as Neteller or Skrill, we can have the money in just a few minutes.


The financial services provided by IQ Option carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.