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CopyFX is a copy trading investment platform. It was developed so that Traders and Investors could define particular schemes of cooperation, which are mutually beneficial and most suitable for each party.

What are you?

Before starting working with CopyFX, you have to understand what group of users you belong to.


You have funds and want to invest them into trading, but you’re not ready to trade on your own. You can subscribe to the chosen Trader’s signals and copy his/her transactions to your account even without installing a trading terminal.


You know the Forex market quite well, trade successfully, and would like to receive extra profit for your experience and knowledge. After becoming a CopyFX Trader, you’ll receive a commission or a fixed amount of the Investors’ profit for letting them copy your transactions.

How are you going to work?

If you have finally decided what your role in CopyFX is, it’s time to learn about the platform itself and how it works.

The purpose of the Investor is to copy Traders’ transactions. To start copying transactions, the Investor has to do the following:

Open trading account. Deposit at least 100 USD to the account (read more about the deposited sum in FAQ section). Choose the Trader from the Rating (One of the posts in CopyFX blog will help beginner traders with this). Subscribe to the Trader’s account.

Are you ready to become the Investor? Read additional information and answers to the frequently asked question on "Investors" page of our website.

The purpose of the Trader is to attract Investors and get additional profit due to the commission they pay. To start operating as the Trader, you have to:

Open an account to trade in the CopyFX platform. Deposit at least 100 USD to the account (read more about the deposited sum in FAQ section). Specify the subscription conditions.

After that, your account will be displayed in the Rating and Investors will be able to subscribe to it. If this is the first time you operate as a signal provider, read "Where and how do you find Investors?" post in our blog, where you can find a lot of useful information.

Are you ready to become the Trader? Read additional information and answers to the frequently asked question on "Traders" page of our website.

What account type to choose?

Investors and Traders have an opportunity to choose from several account types.

Cent accounts for Traders and Investors.

If you’re familiar to Forex market , but have no opportunity to trade on standard accounts, you should choose a cent one. The main difference between cent and standard accounts is that you can trade smaller lots, because the base currency is in cents and not in dollars (or other currency). More about cent accounts..

Standard accounts for Traders and Investors.

Experienced traders , у who are quite self-confident and ready to show their skills in CopyFX, can choose standard accounts, which are described on"Account Types".

Trader on profit.

CopyFX is convenient.

Receive % of the commission from the Investor’s total profit.

CopyFX is practical.

Choose a successful Trader and copy trades from his account.

Trader on commission.

CopyFX is transparent.

Receive a fixed commission for each profitable transaction.

Risk Warning: There is a high level of risk involved when trading leveraged products such as Forex/CFDs. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, it is possible that you may lose the entire amount of your account balance. You should not trade or invest unless you fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss. When trading or investing, you must always take into consideration the level of your experience. Copy-trading services imply additional risks to your investment due to nature of such products. If the risks involved seem unclear to you, please apply to an outside specialist for an independent advice.

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