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Is Moguro reliable? Learn everything before investing.

A moguro it said to offer access solutions to the highest level of financial learning, with a decentralized system for distributing online and face-to-face courses on the Financial Market and Digital Assets.

However, the company also directly sold products from the financial market in its virtual environment. Want to know how Moguro works? Keep reading!

What is Moguro?

Moguro is a company that promises to be a reference in training and consultancy with respect to the financial market. They claim to have full transparency of the teaching and profitability methods used for profit sharing, thus showing the strategies of balance, excellence and safety.

Moguro was officially launched on the market in September 2022, acting in the field of direct sales and e-commerce of courses and signal room in different areas of the financial market such as: Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Binary Options, Sports Trading and others.

The company's marketing says that if the customer buys the training modules from Moguro, they can receive a percentage back as if it were a kind of Cash Back, but that this is only possible if you are an associate of the company.

Thus, the company promises to deliver all the content of the courses from the moment that your account is active in your virtual environment at Moguro.

moguro login.

To create your login, you must access the official website of the company, which is still online.

After creating the login you must choose one of the modules and start your studies, but be very careful and read a lot before starting to invest in these companies.

How Moguro Club worked.

Moguro's platform works with dollars and has a fixed price of U $ 1,00 which is equivalent to R $ 4,00.

Moguro's main product was the sale of cryptocurrency and forex trading courses.

When an investor made the purchase of an online or face-to-face course, he would receive up to 2,5% per day of income until his capital doubled. By purchasing one of the packages, the customer already earned twice the amount invested over the next few months.

Moguro's business model necessarily worked as follows: when you purchased one of the training modules, 70% of the amount invested was allocated to one of the company's operating desks so that profit sharing could be made among the associated customers at platform.

It was also possible to work with signal services where you would have access to the different signal rooms with various types of investments, which could increase your ability to obtain good results with the individual operations.

Examples of simulation of profit sharing in a scenario where the average was 1,5% per day were as follows:

Start: U $ 50,00 value 200% earned = U $ 100,00; Basic: U $ 100,00 value earned 200% = U $ 200,00 and so on, since they had several types of packages.

The existing packages were Start and Basic (which were mentioned above), Professional, Enterprise, Senior, Prime, Titanium, Supra, Ultimate and Millionari. The latter had a value of U $ 50.000,00 and gains of 200%, which was equivalent to U $ 100.000,00.

The company also had a direct referral earning scheme where it was possible to earn 10% off the value of each training package sold directly by you.

The amount received by you would depend on the package that was sold, that is, the more expensive the package the more you would earn, for example: a start package you would earn 10% that would give U $ 5,00; already a basic package you would also earn 10% that would be U $ 10,00. If you managed to sell a Millionari package you would get a value of U $ 5.000,00.

Moguro Invest.

Moguro Invest promised that if you invested in bitcoins you would have a high financial return after choosing a plan to invest. The company sold itself with marketing as the smartest way to make money work for you.

Moguro Invest offers course packages, which vary in price, ranging from $ 50 to $ 1.000.

Moguro Invest has six forms of gain, which are:

Profit sharing: when you buy a product you participate in the profit sharing, where the company can share up to 2,5%. Direct indication: when you manage to sell a package, you earn 10% of the value of the package sold directly by you. Binary bonus: earn 25% on the smallest team. Renewal bonus: for each renewal of packages you earn a certain percentage. Residual team bonus: you can assemble your team and win up to the 10th level. This bonus is paid by discounting the service fee, which is 5%, deducted directly from your earnings. Career: follow a career in the company and win prizes according to the package you have and your score, for example: basic package onwards and 5.000 points win an invicta watch or a Mont blanc classic roller pen; professional package onwards and 15.000 points win an iPhone 8 or a galaxy S9 + and so on up to the Millionari package and 5.000.000 points to win a property worth U $ 400.000,00.

At Reclame Aqui, a total of 10 complaints were made and all of them were related to non-payment. As a result, the site was also almost completely deactivated.

Moguro Club is a financial pyramid?

The company Moguro has a direct relationship with one of the largest financial pyramids ever created in Brazil with Bitcoin, Unick Forex (Academy), and the promises of the two companies are basically the same.

As we have seen countless times, companies that depend on new user registrations to stay active, most of the time are considered as pyramid scheme financial, as they do not have the financial stability to maintain themselves and, at the same time, pay their investors if the number of new subscribers reduces or ends at any given time.

Thus, Moguro's leaders recently stated that they are no longer able to pay customers who believed in the business, and claimed that all the investment that was made in the company is stuck in CristalPay.

Some investors have gone to court to try to recover the amounts that were invested and supposedly lost, but the process is always very time-consuming.

The judge who took care of the cases mentioned above, pointed out that R $ 139 thousand should be sought in the accounts of companies, legal and physical, related to Moguro and that as soon as these values ​​were found, they should be frozen to pay the investors injured by the possible blow.

Is Moguro Invest reliable?

In view of everything we have read so far regarding the company Moguro Invest, we can say that it is not a reliable company, as it fits perfectly into the requirements and characteristics that make up a company suspected of a financial pyramid.

We can also consider it as unreliable due to its reputation on the website complain here, where there are many complaints related to the company.

Moguro Invest Company in Reclame Aqui.

Moguro was classified as not recommended by the website complain here due to the numerous unanswered complaints from the company.

Most complaints refer to the non-transfer of the amounts that were invested and several people claim that they tried to contact the service channels and were not answered.

Some people said that the transfer stopped being made a long time ago and Moguro ended up blaming Cristalpay.

Latest news related to Moguro.

Moguro, which was composed of former Unick Forex leaders, will have blocked accounts with values ​​of approximately R $ 139.693,53 by court order.

In late March, the owners of Moguro launched a social media campaign to raise money with customers in a kind of kitty, to pay investors.

With the money they were able to raise, Moguro's leaders stated that they would be able to make trades to monetize the money, as they claimed to have no more money in their possession, saying that all of it was trapped in Cristalpay.

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