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Forex Grid Trading: What is a Grid System and How it Works.

Grid trading is a type of forex trading that involves opening positions in the market at regular intervals. Grid systems are typically used by traders who trade assets with low liquidity, such as stocks, but is equally powerful trading forex, metals and other financial instruments. Let have a look at how a grid system can be implemented for traders of all types and examine what makes it so profitable.

What is a Grid Trading Strategy?

A grid trading strategy, also known as a grid system, is a type of forex trading that involves opening positions at regular intervals or in order to gather more information on the market and boost your returns. The trades may be opened and closed within the hour, within the day, or within some other pre-determined time period.

One of the main reasons traders will use a grid trading strategy is due to the low liquidity that is often found in stocks and other assets. A grid system allows for more opportunities to open and close trades without having to worry about getting cut out of them by high-speed traders who can make decisions faster than you. It also helps avoid the problem of gaps in prices due to infrequent trade periods.

Advantages of Grid Trading.

There are several advantages to doing grid trading. One advantage of grid trading is that there is an opportunity to trade some markets at a higher frequency. This would be possible with the use of different grids on the same currency pair. A second advantage to grid trading is that it is very easy to automate. With the right software, you can easily set up grids using computerized trades and open and close them by setting certain parameters. Grid systems also allow for greater flexibility in regards to the number of orders opened per trade session because they don’t have to all be opened at once, but rather gradually over time if desired.

It’s important to note that some traders also find it difficult to initiate and close all of their positions at the open or close of a trading day, especially when they have a bigger portfolio, which is why many are looking to automate their trading.

Choosing a Grid Bot.

Grid bots are algorithms that help traders automate their grid trading strategies. They allow you to set up your grids and trades according to your preferences and then open and close them automatically without having to worry about it. Grid bots can be used with any type of grid system, and can help you make more profits in the markets.

There are a few things you should look for when choosing a grid bot for forex trading. The first is that the bot should be able to work with several different types of grid systems. The second is that the bot should have a variety of order types that you can use. This will allow you to have more control over your trades. The third is that the bot should have a good track record of profitability.

Things to look out for when choosing your trading bot.

You will want to be able to use it on many different financial instruments. There are many characteristics of a bot that are important to consider when choosing what you want out of your bot. These five key characteristics are scalability, reliability, performance, risk management and profitability.

A realiable Grid system for any trader; configurable for high, medium or low risk.

Here at ForexCove we have developed two different Grid bots our clients can choose from. Our entry-level Grid Blazer, and our flagship Adaptive Grid Blazer algo.

This page focuses on the Grid Blazer. If you are interested in our Adaptive Grid Blazer, please visit this page here.

Is Grid Trading the right choice for me?

Grid systems tend to have a bad reputation among many traders. The reason for this is probably two-fold.

Firstly, and most importantly, most investors who have tried grid trading, did not work with the right kind of risk management, and ended up being taught an expensive lesson. Secondly, for some people out there, grid trading is not as elegant as studying Fibonacci levels, or timing entry points based on vast amounts of theory.

The truth is that any Grid system or Martingale-based strategy, is indeed Russian Roulette, unless a risk management system is in place.

The ForexCove Grid Blazer makes use of a maximum drawdown feature, giving you control of the total risk you wish to undertake, regardless of your account size.

This Forex robot also gives you the ability to control the direction of your trading, allowing it to open both buy and sell trades, or one or the other.

Additionally, you can select pip step, volume exponent, maximum spread and average take profit. This provides you with granular control, making it versatile. Set it to trade with moderate multiplication rates, or be more edgy and go for quick returns with higher risk.

Regardless of your preferred currency pair and timeframe, the Grid Blazer is a powerful tool for the modern investor. Correctly configured, it can yield very high returns!