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AlsaBot My Forex Funds.

Trade risk-free with AlsaBot on the My Forex Funds platform.

No matter your level, whether you have never traded or are already a trader, take advantage of Alsa Bot MFF , the trading robot designed to automate positions and make you earn money effortlessly.

Synchronize AlsaBot on MFF , the platform that gives you capital, covers your losses, pays you up to 85% of the gains and scales your income!

Why not give this profitable and secure investment a try?

0% risk. 100% guaranteed earnings.

Why to choose AlsaBot MFF.

To generate income without having to learn trading.

Not to put your capital at risk.

To cover your risks and losses.

To scale your earnings with MFF funds.

To join the community on Discord, WhatsApp and Telegram.

To enjoy your life and your financial freedom.


I bought Franck's trading robot about 6 months ago. I had no background in the field of trading but his offer appealed to me. I could have income without doing anything, by investing just 1000€ at the start. Franck installed the robot for me which achieved the objectives of the platform without my help. FTMO donates 90% of the earnings generated to me. This is a top experience!

It was a risk taking because it seems too good to be true, but after 3 months I had become profitable and now I make 1500€ every month having been able to scale the capital that FTMO lends me, or rather that it ready for the robot. ��

Franck first taught me trading starting from 0 with his training. I wanted to understand trading but honestly you don't even need the training with AlsaBot since it makes you win trades automatically. As a result, my days are much quieter, I work 4 hours a day and I can devote myself to my real estate activities the rest of the time.

Trade risk-free with AlsaBot on the MFF platform.

What is My Forex Funds?

It is a trading platform that gives you capital to invest, covers your possible losses and allows you to recover up to 85% of your gains. Before allocating you funds, it passes a small challenge. 3 months and 2 stages to achieve objectives in terms of minimum gains, maximum losses and number of trading days. And that’s AlsaBot who takes care of it.

How to earn money without risk with My Forex Funds?

By purchasing a $49 license on MyForexFunds you benefit from our exclusive offer: AlsaBot, our automatic robot, at the price of €797 payable in 2 instalments , first monthly payment on order and the balance once your first payment has been received. The robot will fulfill MFF’s trading objectives on its own.

For who is this offer?

To everyone, whether you are a trader or not, thanks to our robot which automates operations, you do not need any trading knowledge to generate passive income. It is therefore a simple and secure strategy to increase your income without working more.

My Forex Funds and AlsaBot in numbers.

3 mois : is the average time required to pass the 2 stages (challenge and evaluation) before becoming a trader on My Forex Funds. AlsaBot does it for you with your eyes closed. 49€ to 1389€ : the price of the license, in euros, which will allow you to unlock the capital of MFF ($5k to $300k) to trade the robot. 85% : this is the maximum percentage of earnings that the platform pays you.

200 € to 15000 € : This is the sum in euros that you can earn per month thanks to the robot, depending on your choice of license and the capital unlocked. 10% : once the account is funded, AlsaBot will be charged 10% of net profits 0 :the risks involved. You do not trade your capital, the robot takes care of everything and your license pays for itself in two months.

Different licences on My Forex Funds.

Payment in 2 installments with the 2nd monthly payment after your first withdrawal.

Re-opening of only 2 AlsaBot MFF licenses.

499€ AU LIEU DE 1997€


Statistics of My Fx Book.

Votre Réussite Garantie.

La licence My Forex Funds est disponible de 49€ à 1389€(en fonction du capital MFF souhaité). Quant au robot, il est au prix exclusif de 797€ au lieu de 1497€ pour seulement 20 licences disponibles à la vente. Ainsi, votre investissement total est rentabilisé après avoir passé les 2 étapes de la plateforme. Ensuite, soit vous explosez votre ROI, soit Franck vous rembourse la licence et le robot.

300k license available on MFF.

With a license at €1,389 and a capital of $300,000 , our robot aims to make 10% profit thanks to its day trading strategy, i.e. a return gain of $25,000.

Do you also want to generate passive income without risk?

AlsaBot disponible par abonnement.

Pas besoin de VPS, pas besoin d’installer MT5, simple et automatique.

AlsaBot MFF par abonnement.


Signal Robot AlsaBot FTMO.

Pas besoin de VPS.

Aucun logiciel à installer.

Possibilité d'ajuster le risque.

Tutoriel vidéo pour la mise en place du Robot.

Même tarif pour toutes les licences.

Money management sur Mesure.

AlsaBot is available for rent for one year with semi-automatic mode to increase earnings.

1 year lease starts when account is funded.

AlsaBot MFF.

1 YEAR LICENSE | off license MFF 5k.

Trading Robot Alsabot My Forex Funds.

Installation and configuration on VPS.

Configuration of the robot on MT5 MFF 5k.

Free Robot Update and Optimization to Increase Earnings.

Access to private WhatsApp with the support 7/7.

Access to our Discord server.

Access to our Telegram Channel.

Acheter le Robot en 1 fois 997€

A prévoir en sus, licence FTMO 10k.

(Autre licence FTMO disponible sur demande)

Acheter le Robot en 3 fois 350€

A prévoir en sus, licence FTMO 10k.

(Autre licence FTMO disponible sur demande)

After purchasing your robot, you have the opportunity to combine licenses and increase your earnings.

Example: if you want a $100,000 MFF license, you have to buy the robot at €797 + the €1,399 supplement and the license on My Forex Funds at $499, i.e. a total investment of €2,695 ($499 on My Forex Funds and 2196€ for the robot)

Configuration licence MFF 10k$

Price: 998€

Licence MFF 20k$

Price: 1296€

Licence MFF 50k$

Price: 1596€

Licence MFF 100k$

Price: 2396€

Licence MFF 200k$

Price: 3396€

Licence MFF 300k$

Price: 5796€

Crypto payment on request.

Secure payment by credit card.

[wti custom payment onetime]

Exemple of AlsaBot results​

My name is Franck.

For more than 5 years, I have been training on financial independence, I have invested in real estate all over the world. Passionate about trading, I created a profitability strategy on P2E games. I developed an automatic robot to do the work for me and generate passive income through cryptocurrencies. Today, this strategy allows me to be financially free.

My goal is simple: to make you financially independent. It’s a win-win relationship, you benefit from my training and in exchange I help you invest intelligently so you no longer have to work like a dog. For 2 years, I have accompanied more than 60 people in the AlsaBot adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions.

To everybody. You do not need to be a trader to increase your income since the automatic trading robot takes care of making you money on its own. If your initial investment is not profitable (license + robot), we guarantee its reimbursement.

Yes, if you have any needs, configuration problems for example, you contact us via our email address or in the support group and we will provide you with all necessary follow-up!

To have a funded account, there are 2 steps to go through, in each step, there are 4 criteria to meet.

It takes between 3 and 6 months to have the account funded.

5 days of trading Maximum 5% drawdown in one day Maximum 12% loss on account 8% Profile Goal.

5 days of trading Maximum 5% drawdown in one day Maximum 12% loss on account 5% Profile Goal.

So the minimum to pass the 2 stages is 10 working days (5 days of trading per stage), knowing that MFF offers a free chance at the end of each challenge if all the criteria are met except the profit target (or 15 additional days if you are at 5% profit), AlsaBot FTMO will not take any risk, even if it means trying again on a new license, but on average, the time to have your return on investment is 6 months.

You will be able to withdraw your winnings every 15 days with a maximum delay of 60 days. You will not be able to keep your winnings in your account any longer.

We accept payment by credit card via Stripe, the most secure platform, bank transfer or in cryptocurrencies.

No, the robot license is valid for one year with free updates throughout the period. The rest is just ROI.

Once your payment has been validated, you will receive an email within 24 hours to start the configuration of the robot (with an installation guide or direct configuration by our teams).

No, you don’t need any capital since the robot trades with MFF’s capital and your losses are covered. Your initial investment is for the robot and license only.

You should be aware that there is an element of risk involved in trading. Only use money you don’t need and apply Strict Money Management.

No, it is forbidden to launch orders manually on the same account as the robot, if you do so, the robot will be automatically deactivated and the guarantee of results canceled.