Robot for forex 4

Welcome to our forex robots store.

Open broker account or use existing. You can use any popular broker with small spreads and any type of account (standart, ECN, micro) .

Make an initial deposit.

Install MT4.

You need have PC, Laptop (online 24/5) or VPS for trading platform Metatrader 4. To ensure the 24-hour operation of the MT 4 we recommend this Forex VPS Provider.

Set up EA.

Download forex trading bot from our site after payment and install it in the Metatrader 4 according to this video tutorial.

We can help with installation EA via Anydesk.

What is forex robot?

Our Forex robot is a special software to the platform mt4, in which the automated trading algorithm is registered. Robot is written in a special programming language that is compatible with the Metatrader 4 platform and installed in the terminal for self-trading.

How forex robot works?

It’s simple! In the work algorithm is included the special trading strategy and forex indicators! Thus, the robot trades as a professional trader would. Although no, the robot is able to trade much better! Since, he does not know fatigue, fear, inattention, inaccuracy and greed. The robot precisely fulfills the conditions of the trading strategy prescribed in it and makes a profit!

How many Forex trading robots earn?

Most often, Forex bots earn at times more than traders. And all because:

– The Advisor trades whole day, that is, uses all the opportunities for trading without exception. – Forex expert works much faster than a person. Therefore, it concludes deals at the most optimal price (without losing profit points). – Auto trader robot , unlike a person, can trade in high-frequency and high-precision strategies, which bring significantly more than classic trading systems. – The robot forex is not afraid of the psychological burden, which, as practice shows, reduces the profitability of trade of an average person. For example, our Best forex EA earn up to 300% profit per month.

About our forex robots.

The Signal2Forex service presents forex robots that really work in the currency market with Metatrader 4 software. Our team have more than 10 years experience in trading, researching and developing automated trading system (advisor, indicators, utilities).

You can find all of them and get more information about our products in our FOREX ROBOTS STORE . There are you’ll find the description of each advisor, history statements, youtube videos, screenshots, profit and drawdown statistics. We provide real screenshots from the strategy tester and other special software, from which you can see the profit, the number of successful deals, possible losses and other. You can free download forex robot for some our expert advisors to see how they are working in your strategy tester with your account settings.

We created best forex EA.

It use Currency pairs correlation strategy, reducing risks by using multi currency trading. Fully automated EA trades on 14 currency pairs with 28 robots on 28 charts with small lots to reduce risks.

Average monthly profit from 50% to 300%

We can help you to join the market with a daily turnover of more than 5 trillion dollars. Forex market is so big, that everyone can find a place in it. We can help you to find your own profit place in forex money flow. You can fully automate your work in the Forex market with our special trading robots .