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Stephanie (@letslearnaboutscience) is a mom, scientist, author, and new influencer. She turned to the community on Answers for advice on how to set her rate. Influencer marketing expert Stephanie of @socialcreatesimpact provided her with numerous tips such as defining her ideal rate, acceptable rate, and minimum rate. She’s now leveraging those rates in her communication with brands and has begun to turn influencer marketing into a profitable business.

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Cathy (@thecathydean) created a Creator Community for Foodie Bloggers and influencers so she can share her knowledge and build a community. Scott (@bartlowsbbq) is a new member of the Foodie Blogger community and asked how to promote his YouTube channel using Pinterest. Cathy suggested switching to a business account and creating a 1:2 ratio pin that represents the YouTube video he wants to drive traffic towards. Scott implemented her tips immediately and has already seen an increase in reach of 700.

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