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3 Best Forex Trader YouTube Channels.

Whether you’ve been trading for several years or you’re just starting out, it’s likely you’ll have had some trading questions along the way - and where better to turn than other successful traders?

There are a lot of YouTube trading channels teaching you how to read your charts, effective trading strategies, insider knowledge and trading plan tips. But which ones are the best forex trader YouTube channels? We take a look at some of the most popular - and we’ll let you be the judge!

Please note that these are popular forex traders not affiliated with BluFX, and any trading advice taken from these tutorials is at the trader’s own risk.

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3 Best Forex Trader YouTube Channels.

Best Forex Trader YouTube Channel #1.

Patrick @ No Nonsense Forex.

It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular forex trader YouTube channels: it does what it says on the tin. Patrick at No Nonsense Forex takes a different approach to most trading channels: he is clear, easy to listen to, funny, super personable - AND has some really great forex trading tips.

‘Most Forex channels will lead you down the wrong path,’ Patrick writes in the opening line of the Trading for Beginners description. ‘Trading Forex for beginners shouldn't be taken lightly. Many new traders stick with the first method they learn. Big, big mistake.’

So this channel takes a refreshingly different approach, and is all about turning common trading advice on its head: dispelling common myths about forex, advising on which technical analysis tools to avoid and suggesting the best trading strategies that most traders skip over. This is one of the best forex trader YouTube channels - definitely one to subscribe to.

Best Forex Trader YouTube Channel #2.

Rayner Teo.

Rayner Teo is usually found in the best forex trader YouTube channel lists - and there’s a good reason for that. Teo is an independent trader, and the founder of Trading with Rayner. His YouTube videos are super easy to follow, with detailed tutorials on some of the trickiest elements of trading.

This is one of the best forex trader YouTube channels for learning from the best in the business: Teo has been trading for years, and one of the best things about his strategies is that his advice is always realistic. ‘I’m not a multi-millionaire trader, I don’t drive fancy cars, and I don’t live in a penthouse,’ he writes on his website. He tells his readers that ‘although I've been consistently profitable for a few years now, it took lots of work, frustration, and perseverance to get there’ - but if readers are willing to put the work in, they’ll see great returns.

From 4 Powerful Trading Indicators to learn to How to Avoid False Breakouts , Teo guides you through almost every question you could possibly have about trading, with an honest, hard working and realistic attitude. This is definitely a channel to subscribe to.

Best Forex Trader YouTube Channel #3.

Trading 212.

Trading 212 is underrated, but one of the best forex trader YouTube channels out there. It’s super clear and personable, with useful illustrations and examples in tutorial videos - this is especially good for beginner traders (or even more experienced traders who want to brush up on their skills).

Their playlist on Technical Analysis is super useful, and their videos also shed light on stock investing, interpreting charts, trading and investing strategies, terms, and psychology. There’s a lot to dive into - we’d definitely recommend subscribing!

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