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Start Survey? for Windows.

Start Survey? is a free horror game for Windows PCs. It has been developed by an independent programmer, Pixel Dough. Within a short period of time, the game garnered much attention among gamers interested in the ‘ horror ’ genre . Set in a small and darkroom, Start Survey? requires you to complete a ‘creepy’ survey , which pushes you to question your existence. The lightweight and short game doesn’t last for more than 5 to 10 minutes but gives a thrilling experience.

Start Survey download is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It’s worth mentioning that the game requests your system’s basic information . Thus, if you have confidential files on the PC, it would be better to password-protect them before playing the horror game. In case you’re concerned about such privacy issues, you can play alternative titles like Ranch Simulator, Among Us, and Viva Project.

Stay engaged creepy horror game.

Start Survey? is a free, simple, and lightweight horror game for Windows. This short game focuses on a creepy encounter with a not-so-straightforward survey, which requires you to answer a series of uncomfortable questions . Since the survey is shared with you by a mysterious stranger, it adds to the overall drama and excitement.

The game features an optional grayscale layer, which creates a scary and creepy ambi a nce . The game mechanics are simple and don’t require you to be a hardcore gamer. While the program uses your device information, it doesn’t act like a malware or virus. Thus, you can freely download the title on your Windows PC without worrying about any major security issues.

What’s the game’s objective?

The game’s premise begins with the protagonist sitting in a small, dark room in front of a laptop. At this time, you’ll feel like being in an interrogation room. Before you realize it, you’ll be bombarded with numerous questions about yourself, your morals, and your life . Without knowing who’s giving you these questions, you’ll have to answer them with either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.

In this game, the more questions you answer, the more you’ll end up questioning your existence. When the Windows game begins, you might think that the playthrough is too simple and monotonous. But soon, the game takes a different turn and throws some really interesting questions to answer. The game sends chills down your bones as it makes you rethink all the decisions you’ve made in life, and question some important choices you’ve made in different aspects of your existence.

What’s the game’s length?

As mentioned earlier, Start Survey? is a lightweight game that lasts for only a few minutes . On average, you can finish the game within 5 to 10 minutes. Everything progresses rapidly, and you don’t have to worry about spending too much time answering the questions.

Since the gameplay is linear, there’s limited replayability. Therefore, this is a one-time adventure , which can be downloaded, played, and removed from the PC pretty quickly. As you play, you don’t come across any secret achievements, endings, or battles. You only need to tackle a series of tough and interesting questions.

How to play Start Survey?

While playing this Windows game, you need to manage just a couple of controls. The development team has ensured simple and easy button mapping . The game controls aren't confusing, and even casual gamers can play the title right from the get-go.

In order to look around in the room, you move the mouse. Clicking on the left button will allow you to interact with certain elements in the room, while the right-click lets you zoom in on the screen. With the mouse scroll movement, you can spin different items in the room to check them out. In order to enable the color, press C on the keyboard. However, it’s recommended to play the game in grayscale .

Play Start Survey in color?

If you play the game in grayscale , you’ll instantly notice the ‘creepy’ ambiance. It has been intentionally designed in a manner to take away your focus from the short gameplay. However, some users report that the grayscale theme can strain the eyes , and for this reason, the horror game lets you disable this mode. In order to reactivate grayscale, it takes only a single click of the same button.

It’s worth mentioning that the grayscale theme and the limited view in the room creates a scary atmosphere. While you stare at the survey to answer questions, you’ll feel unsettled as doubts start clouding your judgment. With excellent graphics in Start Survey?, the room feels quite realistic. You can even pick up and explore items.

Is the game fun and engaging?

Since this is a short game, revealing any more details might ruin the gameplay experience. Having said that, it’s important to note that the horror game takes you on a thrilling adventure, even if for a short period of time. While being isolated in a dark, little room, you will feel a very scary vibe . The background score only adds to this experience.

Overall, Start Survey? is a fun simulation game for Windows PCs. The concept is unique and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The only drawback is that the game requests your system information, and is a short gameplay.

A good choice to indulge in a haunting adventure.

If you’ve been looking for a thrilling mini-game, Start Survey? is an excellent choice. While the game is short, you’ll have a great time answering the tough questions. Most importantly, Start Survey? creates the perfect atmosphere to make you feel on your toes , and makes you question the values and beliefs you try to uphold. Since this is a lightweight game, it doesn’t require a lot of system resources and runs smoothly on multiple versions of Windows.