Forex é piramide 6

Szwajcar USD.

The return of a PAMM account from the time it was created up to the last rollover (rounded down to the nearest tenth) .

PAMM account liquidated.

Trading result.

The trading result on the PAMM account since its creation, equal to the total return of the manager and all the PAMM account’s investors.

862 . 84 USD.

The total amount of funds on the PAMM account.

Manager's capital.

The manager's declared investment in the PAMM account, which is credited to the manager's own investment account, acting as a sort of guarantee that the manager will look after the interests of their investors. The funds put up as the manager's capital can only be withdrawn by liquidating the PAMM account.

Risk level.

Level 1 — from 0 to 1%; Level 2 — from 1 to 3%; Level 3 — from 3 to 5%; Level 4 — from 5 to 7%; Level 5 — from 7% and higher.

Account age.

3 mth 3 days.


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PAMM accounts not found.

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