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About GEMFOREX Currency pairs and Spread.
It is very common to see the competition in providing low spread, as a matter of fact the competition has been overheating over the past few years. At the first glance, one might think that the lower the spread the more attractive trading condition it is. However, scratch the surface you might find that there is requote and refusal of contracts. What we think is the most important is to provide well balanced and stable service to the clients.
GEMFOREX promises not to participate in nonrealistic low spread competition. We aim to provide well balance service. Please do experience and enjoy.
※※ In zero spread account, although there are some restrictions of the service, it is now available to trade USDJPY with low spread from 0.0 pips. Please check here for more information.
Declaration of non-participation in low spread competition No requotes or Contract refusal No Hidden Markup Fast execution.
And more. GEMFOREX continues to provide a comfortable trading environment for the traders. For beginners and those who are considering forex trading for the first time, our service has made it safer and easier for you.
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Spread is the price difference between the buy price (Bid) and the sell price (Ask) when performing Forex trading.
For example, if the bid/ask rate in USD/JPY is 101.15/101.20, the spread is 5 cents.
This will be the trading cost that the traders have to bear. Please enjoy GEMFOREX’s realistically low spread and service. There is no hidden spread, in other words absolutely no Markup, it is safe even for the beginners to start trading here.
Why is spread different for each currency pair?
Forex spread varies depending on the currency pair, and the magnitude of the spread is mainly determined by the trading volume and the method of trading.
Trading volume.
Spread is determined according to the number of orders at the time of trade buying and selling for each currency pair by the financial institution that provides rates to Forex companies.
Basically, currency of high trading volume = high liquidity and you can trade at a stable price any time. In such a currency, even if the spread is set to small, there are many people who will trade, so it can be judged that there is no problem even if financial institutions offer small spread. Conversely, if you have a pair of currencies with a few trading volumes, spreads are set widely.
Trading method.
Forex is a trade between currencies. For example, if you buy USD/JPY, you will be selling JPY and be buying USD.
Now, if you buy EUR/JPY, you will be selling JPY, be buying USD, then be selling USD and be buying EUR. This is because the market's key currency is against the US dollar and trading through US dollar. Of course, it does not mean this will not change.
The spread is inevitably higher for the latter case when the trade is executed than when it is not. Spreads are determined mainly from the factors mentioned above. Of course the spread will change not only in the currency pair but also in the Forex company, and will fluctuate under the same conditions.
The Spread of GEMFOREX.
Micro account.
※ Although our company has Variable spread, at the end it becomes the average spread value.
Spreads for All-in-One Accounts.
※ Virtual currency trading is only available on MT5 accounts. ※ Although our company has Variable spread, at the end it becomes the average spread value.
Spreads Mirror Trade Accounts.
※ Although our company has Variable spread, at the end it becomes the average spread value.
Low-spread Account.
Minimum Average spread 0.0 0.3.
Minimum Average spread 0.0 0.3.
※ In zero spread account, it is possible to use low spread from 0pips low spreads on USD/JPY. Please check here for more information. ※ Although our company has Variable spread, at the end it becomes the average spread value.
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We tried to compare spreads.
I tried to compare the spread among the major popular overseas Forex companies. Spread refers to the difference between the bid price and the selling price. This will be the cost for you and it will be like the "trading fee" for Forex companies. Spreads have unique settings for each Forex dealer, so there is a difference between each company, although narrow spread is generally considered better, I also encourage you to judge looking at other services and risks such as costs, as well as reliability and philosophy as a Forex broker. I did not only compare the numerical aspect here but also the characteristics of each company. Please do take a look, because I’m sure you can actually feel the fine balance of GEMFOREX total balance.
I compared the separate spread currency pair with overseas Forex company eToro 2022/09/02.
Is it true that overseas Forex traders are high leveraged and narrow spreads too? 2022/07/05.

What is the difference between the spread of overseas Forex and domestic Forex companies? 2022/06/28.

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