Tutoriais de forex 6

Tutoriais de forex.

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All Levels Advanced Beginner Intermediate.

The Foreign Exchange Market Tutorial.

It’s worth $5 trillion a day, it represents all the cross-border & inter-bank transactions in the world ⭐ Check what it represents for you!

The Advantages of Forex.

Thanks to its immense size, the forex market is very stable, decentralized & active around the clock every day of the working week.

Forex Trading Day - Beginner Video Tutorial.

Your activities are directed by the time of day ⭐ where in the world is your desired asset up for sale or purchase, & are they awake?

What is a Pip? Beginner Video Tutorial.

The smallest used change in value of a currency pair, is an indication of how miniscule changes can generate huge profits and losses.

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