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For money managers, our professional desktop environment enables you to manage every aspect of your trading, and now our intuitive and interactive mobile interface means you don't need to miss a beat when you're on the move.

For treasurers, our web and desktop solutions provide online management of your cash and liquidity positions, plus digital access to dedicated services for Deutsche Bank's Trade Finance, Trust & Agency Services and Securities Services divisions.

Customised Workspaces.

Create your own personalised workspace by docking multiple windows into a single layout providing easier and quicker access to frequently accessed functions.

Save the layout and share it with your team to optimise your company’s workflows.

Powerful Search.

Use our powerful contextual search engine to put the information you need at your fingertips. Interoperability between microservices allows you to rapidly switch entire dashboards with a single search command.

Dynamic Dashboards.

Get all the information you need delivered in a customized dashboard – whether that’s real time balances, payables information or foreign exchange prices, our interactive interfaces provide decision makers with total visibility on their business.